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Seal to Paps -- You're Scum

3/19/2008 10:27 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Seal went nuclear on the paps last night -- calling them "scum," "cockroaches" and blaming them for "ruining people's lives."

It all started as Seal and Heidi Klum left Madeo restaurant last night, when a pap told Seal he liked his music. Who's out of line? Watch the video and vote. Don't be shy -- we know you won't.


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UM HIS WIFE'S ENTIRE CAREER IS BASED ON BEING PHOTOGRAPHED. AND SHE IS THE BIGGEST CAMERA WHORE EVER AS IS HE! This was probably a stunt to get more press =( Im sure it snot coincedence that they show up at very public place where paps hang out and he goes on his rant.

2377 days ago

s c o r n    

>>>>Seal and Heidi both make the CHOICE to become famous.

2377 days ago

Pogue Mahone    

I feel disillusioned now! I used to think Seal was a gentleman; how he fell in love with Heidi despite carrying another man's child(NOT too many guys would DO that!) and seems so romantic and in love with her,an overall nice guy.....or so I thought; now he seems like a real jerk-off! The paps are just doing their job,and that's the price to pay when famous; it comes with the territory! Why does he have to be so nasty? ALL people deserve to be treated with common courtesy,dignity,and respect.This totally changes my perspective of him,and now I feel disappointed.I THOUGHT he was one of the "good guys".....oh,well....

2377 days ago


Post # 85

Perhaps you should have done a google search on Seal's facial marks, before you called someone an idiot... IDIOT

2377 days ago


Honestly, I see his point, but his whole speech is ruined by Heidi standing next to him posing for the paps again and again. That´s just ridiculous.
But yes, I do think he is right and celebrities should be able to choose if they want to be photographed or not. They have a job and they have a private life. What yould you say if your boss would follow you around in your free time?

2377 days ago


Of course, everything you find on a Google search is true.

No, Seal's facial scarring comes from having the illness Lupus in childhood.

2377 days ago


I think Seal is right on the money. These photographers aren't only concerned with getting a shot and have set no guidelines for themselves. They are often rude and disrespectful

2377 days ago


Good for Seal, let the man go out to eat in peace.

2377 days ago


Okay, I understand that the paps are intrusive to some of these celebrities but in this case, the pap gives Seal a compliment (paps are people and maybe this particular pap is a big Seal fan) and the guy goes postal. With a lot of these celebrities, they love all the attention one minute and not the next. That's why these celebrities have got the big bucks and it's part of the price that they pay to earn that money. If they don't want to see paps all the time they could be more discreet. I'm sure there are plenty of nice dining establishments and vacation spots, etc. that the paps don't hang out at. They also don't have to live in Hollywood or L.A. Look at the celebrities who live in Idaho or New Mexico, etc. We don't have them shoved in our faces on a regular basis.

2377 days ago


white wimmen....what do the folowing 2 peeps have in common? John Holmes and Tommy Lee.

Hint: its 2 things

2377 days ago

Johnny Lawson    

weren't these two idiots posing with their kids at a zoo in full make up a few weeks ago? about biting the hand that feeds you

2377 days ago


seal is the douchebag here. there is so much more to this video that isn't seen, i was there. i live in the area, and walking home from the ralphs that is close by, i saw the paparazzi standing outside. when i was told that seal and his wife were inside, i ran home and grabbed my seal cd. when he came out, i kindly asked him to sign it. he told me to f off. me, a fan. kept asking and he told me to get out of his way and leave him alone. so f him. if he ever has another concert, i'm not going, and none of my friends are as well. he needs to understand that if he wasn't married to her, no one would give two s@#ts about him. he has no career anymore. so, you go paps!!!! hope you guys followed them and kept bothering them. paparazzi rule!!!!

2377 days ago


This guy is a complete AHole. For the pap to give him props about his music, and him to just be a total loser like this tell YOU the fan, to just IGNORE this guy. He is not worth all the pap frenzy anyway, so why give him any publicity at all? Just skip him and go straight to his wife, lets see his reaction then! I would bet my house that he would THEN do anything to have the cameras on him, THIS GUY IS A TOTAL LOSER, AND THIS WAS MOST LIKELY A STUNT TO HAVE SOMETHING ABOUT HIM TO TALK ABOUT. As for his UGLY face... sooner or later she will leave this IGNORANT Caveman for a better looking man, Must get tireing to look at that UGLY mug everyday. F this A-HOLE. Im with the Paps on this one. Just Uncalled for.

2377 days ago


Paps shoulda just jumped this Dckface when the cams were off!

2377 days ago

Huba Huba Queen    

The paparazzi are no different hounding the rich people to make an easy buck off of~ than the credit card companies hounding people to make money off of. They're both parasites.....

2377 days ago
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