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Cedars Fined Over Quaid Twin Screw-Up

3/20/2008 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the state of California has fined Cedars-Sinai Medical Center $25,000 for giving overdoses of a blood thinner to three infants, including the newborn twins of actor Dennis Quaid.

After investigating, the California Department of Public Health found that hospital personnel failed to follow their own procedures for safe medication use, and that resulted in what they called "preventable medication errors."

As TMZ first reported in November, the Quaids' then-10-day-old twin newborns, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, were given an overdose of the drug Heparin. According to Cedars, a total of three babies were given doses of 10,000 units per milliliter of the drug, instead of the normal dosage of 10 units. Hospital officials said the children affected were all treated and did not show any lasting ill effects from the overdose.

In December, Quaid and his wife Kimberly Buffington sued Baxter Healthcare claiming the drug company failed to change the medication's labels to prevent confusion over dosages.

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No Avatar

She looks great    

This is a ridiculously low fine. This is why hospitals keep making heinous errors - there's little repercussion for them. In this instance, their negligence happened to a celebrity so the incident got publicity. But most errors stay off the public radar. The state allows it with meaningless fines like this.

2408 days ago


by I dislike spelling, grammatical, punctuation, etc. errors, too!

Is noone even a word?

2408 days ago

Kristi Shimmin    

Even if they did use spell check it wouldn't have caught it anyway because they lose and loose are both valid words in the dictionary; at least the last time I checked. Don't you have anything better to do then to rip on someone for making a typo. We have all done it and we will all probably all do it again. Maybe you should crawl back in the hole you came from!

2408 days ago

just wondering    

#24..calm down, I was totally being sarcastic and u took me literally!! HAHA that's funny.

2408 days ago

Trump Bully    

TMZ... What's the status of his lawsuit against the makers of Heparin? It should be thrown away. The label clearly states 10,000 units.

Dennis Quaid... If you're going to sue, sue Cedars Sinai.

Yes, the nurse should lose her license.

2408 days ago


#31, I wouldn't take someone like you seriously ... I just wanted to respond, even though it WAS garbage ... Yeah, I'm guilty of some things ... like resonding to garbage, at times ... ha ha ... I think it's kinda funny, too because you're getting such a charge out of this ... being ... in the undereducated side of the nation's population ... That's sad, not really funny, but I'm not devoting anymore of my precious time to this nonsense ... I have to study for the Bar Exam ...

2408 days ago


I wish people would stop sueing others. Really. People are humans and they make mistakes. And sometimes very grave ones. If you have to sue, do it to cover medical bills and lost wages only. People should only sue for more than that if there is gross intentional neglect involved. My baby died because my doctor, a very, very, good doctor, accidentally misused his forceps. Did we sue? No. It was settled out of court for hospital and burial fees only. I'm not going to take from a good person what was a very honest accident.

2408 days ago


I read the U.S. needs to import nurses from other countries - can only wonder how skilled they are, to what level they've been trained. I'm sure they need to pass some tests, but given the nursing shortage - I'll bet the tests are not overly stringent. Just like the driving tests these days. They're skewed to a pretty low common denominator because everyone needs to drive. Hospitals need nurses - same concept.

2408 days ago

just wondering    

..good luck with the Bar Exam !!! HAHA

2408 days ago

Oscar in Miami Beach    

It's the hospital's error not the drug manufacturer. If the hospital's personnel would be more interested in what they do instead of with whom they are going to spend the night these errors will not occur.Dennis Quaid is looking for publicity since his latest movie is a flop.One-time actors in the twilight of their careers would do anything to be in the tabloids.Shamefulthat this man uses his twins and their tragedy for his own aggrandisement.Hollywood at its lowest.

2408 days ago


The children seem ok now..........but what about 10 years from now....something will creep up.....and they will always wonder if it is associated........sue the hospital cover the future of those babies.....because you really dont know what is in the future.........................and I think Mr. Quaid will not be able to sue after a certain amount of time...........

2408 days ago

no one special    

Before everyone condemns this nurse, remember there is an extreme nursing shortage all over this country, especially in hospitals. They all work with more patients than they legally should cover and for far more hours than what is generally considered acceptable. When was the last time you were overworked that you made an error? This was an extreme error and disciplinary action was definitely appropriate, but think about this nurse as a human being before making judgements based on what you read on a gossip site.

2408 days ago


I wish Dennis & his Wife and children all the BEST. These hospitals should be sued for MORE and the Nurses and Doctors responsible should ALL be FIRED!!! Bunch of jerks!

2408 days ago

SC's wife    

for all you losers who don't know how to spell, just shut up and don't write a comment. i cannot stand to see such incompetent idiots all the time. you ought to be ashamed of yourselves...

2408 days ago

not me    

#39: good grief, why on earth would you think Dennis Quaid is looking for publicity? I'm a total nobody and I would sue if my babies were endangered needlessly, publicity or not.

2408 days ago
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