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Cedars Fined Over Quaid Twin Screw-Up

3/20/2008 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the state of California has fined Cedars-Sinai Medical Center $25,000 for giving overdoses of a blood thinner to three infants, including the newborn twins of actor Dennis Quaid.

After investigating, the California Department of Public Health found that hospital personnel failed to follow their own procedures for safe medication use, and that resulted in what they called "preventable medication errors."

As TMZ first reported in November, the Quaids' then-10-day-old twin newborns, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, were given an overdose of the drug Heparin. According to Cedars, a total of three babies were given doses of 10,000 units per milliliter of the drug, instead of the normal dosage of 10 units. Hospital officials said the children affected were all treated and did not show any lasting ill effects from the overdose.

In December, Quaid and his wife Kimberly Buffington sued Baxter Healthcare claiming the drug company failed to change the medication's labels to prevent confusion over dosages.

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James Clark    

The problem that the Quaid's experienced is only a very small example of medical errors in all hospitals. Although very large to Dennis and his wife as well as many others. My daughter recently required additional surgeries and an extended hospital stay due to a medical error. She was mistakenly taken off of her antibiotic and her wound dressings were neglated and not changed as doctor ordered. Fortunately through additional surgeries they were able to remove the infection and save her foot and ankle. The infection did not get into the bone. Everyone can tell a similar story.
Medical errors kill around 200,000 patients each year while causing prolonged stays and additional problems to an aditional hundreds of thousands patients each year. Medical errors are now the 5th or 6th leading cause of death costing Americans around $50 billion each year. The continuation of this pandemic is due to the hospitals unwillingness to expose and address the problem. In other industries such as Aviation, Chemical, Nuclear, Mining and Petrolium they use the "Aviation Safety Model" to prevent errors. This same technology is now available to the highest risk industry, hospitals. eAppliedData, which is engineered around the same technology is currently available to the healthcare industry. MedErr DataApplication
( ) is the company that developed eAppliedData. Again, the number one problem is that hospitals continue to not admit that the problem is to the degree that it really is. All current attempts to solve medical errors are only surface for political reasons and history shows that the current way of dealing with medical errors has not work, does not work and will never work. They must get serious about the problem if anything is ever to change. The public needs to be made aware and only than will this issue be addressed properly.

2374 days ago


Re #45: You are absolutely right! The entire medical profession and industry closes ranks to protect themselves and their own. I'm sorry for your daughter, but glad it ended well.

As far as the comments about "nurses are human and make mistakes" ... that is no excuse. They hold the health and lives of people and loved ones in their hands. This is not an auto repair shop we're discussing here. One mistake can kill, as well as deprive families of their loved ones.

2374 days ago


I think that the medical institution should have been fined way more money that they were. I work in a special care nursery, and I think that it is so horrible that a nurse can't follow a protocol. She should lose her liscence!

2374 days ago


Why do people find it neccesary to correct others spelling and gramatical errors on sites like these? I mean, Good Lord, we are not writing term papers here. Just typing in quick comments. Under those instances there are bound to be typos and grammer errors. Even the brightest of people can and will do it.

2374 days ago

Trooper Tom    

Actually the hospital is getting off cheap considering they screwed up, if he's going to sue the drug company he should sue the hospital also they made the mistake

2374 days ago


Before everyone condemns this nurse, remember there is an extreme nursing shortage all over this country, especially in hospitals

Agreed. And that goes for the doctors too. Actucally the nurses almost all of the work most people think a doctor does, so they deserve most of the credit. Hey people, ever worked on the ICU or in the emergeny room? Even in a "medium" sized city like Tampa, we see several people in the emergency room a week who have every bone in their face crushed from a car accident, or whatever. And then they have to be pieced back together again. Heaven forbid you make a mistake while you are trying your hardest. LAWSUIT!!!! The alcoholics and drug addicts are the worst. We get so many people in very bad alcohol withdrawal. They are going crazy: puking, sweating, shaking. One minute they are steaming hot, the other minute they are freezing cold. They have to be treated immediately or else there can be very serious out-comings. But hey, we are all humans. The human race has been trying to treat peoples aliments for longer than I want to quote. There will be a lot of mistakes made in the health care industy. You have to remember we live in a very large country with a whole lot of people. Just because you heard of a doctor who operated on the wrong leg, doesn't mean there are not 10 million other succsesful operations by our US docs.

2374 days ago


Interesting that no one has asked why Quaid's trophy wife did not give birth to these twins? She is clearly young enough, but perhaps she chose to use a surrogate to avoid damaging her perfect Hollywood figure?

2374 days ago


I'm really hoping the amount is a misprint. Only $25,000? For the hospital? Maybe for the individual responsible, but for the entire hospital? I'm sorry; I'm in total shock.

2374 days ago


I can't believe that is all they get fined!!! What the news keeps forgetting to say is that Heparin is usually a double-check drug...........TWO nurses are supposed to sign and make sure that everything about the medication is correct (because mistakes with drugs like these can be detrimental) Sometimes rules were made to be followed!

2374 days ago

Me in DC    

Only $25,000? It should have been higher!

2374 days ago


You know this is a low fine and a horrible thing that happened to those babies. How I see it we all make mistakes. That is why there are erasers on the end of pencils. It is a shame but the packaging manufacturing company should also share in the problems. They are not packaged properly.

2374 days ago


Cedars is one of the top ranked hospitals in the country. I know several who have had liver transplants at this hospital. They lead in the country as far as survival rates after transplantation go. Mistakes happen at every hospital, you just don't hear about all of them. We have negligence and then we have gross misconduct. This mistake was not intentional.

In 2007, Cedars-Sinai was ranked by U.S. News & World Report as the 17th-best hospital out of 5,462 medical centers in the United States.[5] It received high rankings in ten of the sixteen specialties, ranking in the top 10 for digestive disorders and in the top 25 for eight other specialties as listed below

Specialty Ranking
Digestive Disorders 8
Heart 14
Endocrinology 15
Neurology and Neurosurgery 16
Respiratory Disorders 23
Geriatrics 23
Gynecology 23
Kidney Disease 23
Orthopedics 25
Urology 39

2374 days ago


Everyone makes mistakes, including health care prefessionals. If all health care professionals lost their license due to an error there would be no health care professionals.
So...all steps that can be taken to prevent med errors should be taken, such as labeling different heparin concentration different colors. It is an easy solution that will most definitely cut down on errors.

2374 days ago


We just found out my healthy 51 year old aunt died from a combination of medicines that her doctor gave her for a illness she didn't have.She has a son who will be graduating high school this year who has lost his mother because of a doctors poor choice.Enough is enough of this.

2374 days ago


"43. for all you losers who don't know how to spell, just shut up and don't write a comment. i cannot stand to see such incompetent idiots all the time. you ought to be ashamed of yourselves..."

I'll correct your grammer, then.: 'For all you losers who don't know how to spell, just shut up and don't write a comment. I cannot stand to see such incompetent idiots all of the time. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. :0)

2374 days ago
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