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Cedars Fined Over Quaid Twin Screw-Up

3/20/2008 7:52 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned the state of California has fined Cedars-Sinai Medical Center $25,000 for giving overdoses of a blood thinner to three infants, including the newborn twins of actor Dennis Quaid.

After investigating, the California Department of Public Health found that hospital personnel failed to follow their own procedures for safe medication use, and that resulted in what they called "preventable medication errors."

As TMZ first reported in November, the Quaids' then-10-day-old twin newborns, Thomas Boone and Zoe Grace, were given an overdose of the drug Heparin. According to Cedars, a total of three babies were given doses of 10,000 units per milliliter of the drug, instead of the normal dosage of 10 units. Hospital officials said the children affected were all treated and did not show any lasting ill effects from the overdose.

In December, Quaid and his wife Kimberly Buffington sued Baxter Healthcare claiming the drug company failed to change the medication's labels to prevent confusion over dosages.

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I am a nurse evaluator for the State of California. I wanted to clarify that $25,000 is the most the law allows the California Department of Public Health to fine a general acuate care hospital. It has only been recently with some new regulations that they were even fined for something like this.

2409 days ago


The hospital will just make up for the $25,000 fine by passing it along to it's customers.

2409 days ago



A curious fact about white people is that to them, spelling and grammatical correctness can often outweigh subject matter in terms of importance to a white person.
They have an instant allergic reaction when they notice a type-o or punctuation error. As if they have been tranquilized by, the error, the white person
begins to lose focus on whatever it is they are reading and their brains hone in on the type-o.
In extreme cases they will completely dismiss a perfectly good article/sign or piece of writing if there is even the slightest error.
It disgusts them often to the point that they feel they must inform the author of their terrible error and punish and ridicule them for their incompetence.
It makes the white people very sad to know that there are people out there who just “overlook” the fact that a semi colon is not be used in place of a bullet point, or that the correct australasian spelling of the word “center” is actually “centre”.
It is very important when writing to a white person that one takes a lot of care to check and re-check all spelling and punctuation before sending it to them.
Even the slightest little error can be very dangerous when dealing with white people.
Not only is it harmful to their delicate sensitivities but you will instantly be labelled as uneducated and anything you have ever said or will say in the future will be disregarded as meaningless and irrelevant.

It may be a genetic thing but some scientists believe spelling bee competitions are the first way in which white people learn to hate bad spelling and grammar.

2409 days ago

just wondering    

....#62.....that is a PRICLESS post !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! funny, funny, funny!!...

2409 days ago

John in San Diego    

Can't they sue the hospital as well?

2409 days ago



A curious fact about white people is that to them, spelling and grammatical correctness can often outweigh subject matter in terms of importance to a white person.

You are obviously very highly intellegent. I am not judging this by your spelling or grammer, but the way to string your thoughts together and convey your point. But leave race out of it. This is not a race issue.

2408 days ago


Supposedly Quaid's wife suffered 5 miscarriages before they turned to a gestational carrier to have a baby for them. With the first try even the carrier miscarried using Quaid's sperm and his wife's egg. Apparently, the second try took since they now have the twins.
However, no one will ever convince me a Dr would use a woman's eggs who has miscarried 5 times and a gestational carrier once using same woman's (Quaid's wife) eggs.

2408 days ago


Working in a hospital pharmacy for 6 years, I've often felt more like a babysitter than a pharmacy tech. I think this problem is even scarier than represented by the heparin screw-up. A shortage of nurses seems to have caused an unwillingness to take responsibility here, (I'm sure we're not alone) & I wonder how bad it has to get before hospital administrators hold them accountable for their actions. Many medications have different color caps for different strengths-bad idea. Some nurses seem to think this color coding eliminates the need to actually read labels & double check themselves; to be blunt, they've become lazy as h*ll. All the safety measures in the world by drug manufacturers & pharmacies don't matter if nursing staff/ a doctor is too lazy, arrogant, dependent on others to think for them, & entirely too convinced they're so good they can't possibly make mistakes. It's very easy to point fingers elsewhere when administration is so afraid of losing nurses they're rarely held accountable personally-much more convenient to blame pharmacy or the drug manufacturer. To anyone in health care: Thinking & reading do not cause cancer, blindness, or hairy palms, people. You are not infallible, no matter where you earned your degree or how many you hold. Double check yourself-if you don't have some pride in what you do & a sense of responsibility for your actions, what the F@^K are you doing in this profession???

2408 days ago


Like a baby sitter??? And from a Pharmacy Tech... You may load the pxyis, and even mix Tpn, but don't think you know what a nurse has to consider as he/she works. I work in an Emergency room, and we have so much information to process, especially during a code situation, that mistakes sometimes happen. Not often, and there are multiple checks for high alert medications that require second signatures, which is an important and necessary checkpoint. I am not condoning this nurses actions, because we always do independent checks and calculations on heparin. We even require a signature on the chart by the second nurse. However, we calculate the dose on the heparin ourselves, since lives are at stake. I am referring to cardiac problems, especially heart attacks. The pharmacy has 15 minutes to respond to a stat order, but it is usually faster, and I appreciate our pharmacists and pharmacy techs, but by the time you saunter on down, the bolus is in and the pt usually in the cath lab. Unless you have done CPR on a child, tried to stop bleeding on a severed arm, have your hand on bleeding bullet wounds, set up assist for all the procedures that are done in the ER.... including cracking chests, etc..... You don't know squat!

2408 days ago


there's multiple fault here, but harried, overworked nurses combined with the med tech who placed the drugs in the wrong shelf plus bad packaging is a very ugly recipe. my friend has been an rn for 20 years and says she was trained to always read the label on medicine 3 times before administering it, but the new nurses she has working under her always have to be retrained to do so......i guess nurse training isnt what is used to be, either.

2408 days ago


I'd rather die at the scene than be transported to Cedars!!!!

2408 days ago


this is crazy. i hope these bastards get what they deserve. they do not need to be practicing medicine at all. poor babies! how can some idiot doctors give 10,000 of ANYTHING to 10-day-old babies?? i hope they are fired and their license is revoked.

2408 days ago


in response to #62..
um.. as a white person myself i must say in times like this i personally could care less if grammar or spelling is correct. the only thing that matters is the people who screwed up the medications in this lawsuit need to get what they deserve. these poor babies are the true crisis here, not grammar or spelling errors.. and i agree with 65, this is definitely not a race issue

2408 days ago



2394 days ago
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