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Mel Feels Awful About Man's Suicide

3/20/2008 1:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson feels "terrible" that someone committed suicide on one of his properties -- this according to a rep who spoke with TMZ.

As we first reported, a construction worker's body was found hanging in a structure on the property. We're told it was a suicide. Gibson has never lived on the property and has no current plans to move in. It's located less than a mile from the Holy Family Catholic Church, founded by Mel.

So far, the name of the 48-year-old construction worker has not been id'd. We're told Mel has no idea who the victim is -- we don't know if Mel's ever seen him.


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#23 Paranoid, retarded antisemite I don't think the conspiracy issue is a theory. Did Jews not come out and ask for Mr. Gibson to be shunned? Was his movie then not even mentioned at the Oscars? I don't know about anyone else but I've never heard of most of those honors you mentioned and furthermore I don't see any anti-semitism here just shows you can't defend someone without being called an antisemite ... you seem like you might be anti-non-jews. jews pulling the antisemite card is starting to agrivate me.

2374 days ago


Hahaha, anti-semite card - brilliant. It's unfortunate, but you're right. The more people blindly throw that insult out, the more they discredit people who have really suffered prejudice. The same goes for blacks. If the race card wasn't pulled every time some idiot got himself fired, people would take us seriously when we actually have been discriminated against.

Don't let people aggravate you, though. Just breathe. Oooohhhhmmmmm.

2374 days ago


D'oh! I spelled aggravate wrong sorry! since i have you here i would really like to know what the jdl did to you lol why do you bash them every chance you get. i tried to google them but didn't get much pop up. i hope you don't go to the other post first i meant for it to go here just ignore the other one

2374 days ago


Don't worry about your spelling. Sorry - I wasn't trying to correct you. I think spelling is memorization mostly; it has little to do with intelligence.

The JDL is a long story. When I was a kid, I went to protest at a lot of KKK rallies. My activist group ran into Irv Rubin, and the JDL, a couple times in the 80's. My mom was very much into radicalism, and always praised Irv Rubin's tactics. I don't agree with radicalism; my mom and I have had many fights about it. I think if you look him up on wikipedia, most of what's there is true. He was accused of quite a few bombings, and died a mysterious death while awaiting trial - somewhat recently (this century). When he died, his wife (Shelley Rubin) took over the JDL. I would never bomb anyone, but I can understand Irv Rubin's frustration. I can not, however, understand Shelley Rubin's attitude toward my race, or me personally.

Okay, so when the Will Smith thing came up, I emailed Shelley Rubin haha. I told her I felt she was bashing a somewhat decent black man at a time when black people really didn't need it. I told her I was very proud of how Jewish people have bounced back from what happened to them. I asked her to do what she could to help our struggle, just as people have helped to ease the Jews struggle. That was ALL I said. I was polite, and never bashed Jews. She responded and told me Jews have helped my people by contributing to society, arts, and science, and that we haven't contributed to any of those areas. She said that maybe when blacks could do that they would be respected, and she ended her e-mail with "And Michael Vick doesn't count as a contributor to animal science". She's a bigoted supremacist. She's an angry, bitter woman that has obsessed over her enemy so much that she's become no better. I always knew Irv Rubin was radical, but never would I have thought of him as a racist. I believe he's turning in his grave. - The End lol

2374 days ago


what activist group are you in? sounds like you had a good upbringing.

2374 days ago


Um, no - I wouldn't call my upbringing good, not for that reason any way. I had many good influences in life. My mother did the best she could, with what she knew. By getting me involved in protesting she made me think, and I believe she gave me my conscience, and my lack of tolerance for racists. I still don't agree with her methods, and I am no longer a member of that activist group. If my mom hadn't of given all her spare time to that movement, she may have been paying more attention to what was going on with her children, but I have long forgiven her. My childhood could have been worse, and I feel every event of my life has shaped who I am today ... and I'm content with myself.

The group was/is called InCar (International Committee Against Racism). It's a radical group of commies. "The fight against racism is a central part of the fight for communism, now and in the future." The anti-racist part of their movement was the only part I've ever fully agreed with, so I just ran with that one. My family's involvement in that group pretty much died along with my uncles though.

2374 days ago

Bill Hall    

I new Mike as well and worked with him and his brother on many
Projects, my heart goes out to his family and daughter. He was a
great guy and a heck of a propmaker. He will be missed by many

2374 days ago


Never heard of the Pulitzer prize or other major literary prizes? That's...sad.

Amy Winehouse's religion is not constantly brought up because she isn't perceived as a religious zealot. Mel (and Tom Cruise) is perceived that way, and as an antisemite, because his father made nazi-admiring comments in the 80's and Mel belongs to a church that even other Catholics think is pretty far out there.

For those saying "Dont pull the Antisemite card!" Did you not just read all the Jew bashing, Jews destroyed Mel, Jews control the world, Jews are responsible for a the movie of a Pulitzer winner, and not Mel, getting an Oscar, etc? I'm all for people not harping on being the chosen people, or killing Arabs because God supposedly gave Israel ot only special people, but come on, it's not a stretch to say that in the previous pro Mel posts above, there has been some ridiculous Jew bashing.

2373 days ago


P.S. Cormac McCarthy was raised Catholic TOO (went to Catholic schools and the whole shebang), so the conspiracy that Jews dissed Mel by giving the Oscar to....another Catholic? I'm just not buying it.

2373 days ago


How sad

2359 days ago
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