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Suicide at Mel Gibson's Place

3/20/2008 2:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A construction worker who worked in the movie business committed suicide at one of Mel Gibson's homes.

It happened at Mel's Agoura Hills home -- near Malibu. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, 48-year-old Michael John Van Dyke hanged himself on one of the structures under construction on the property. He was discovered early yesterday morning by the job site foreman.

A rep for Mel tells TMZ the actor feels "terrible" that someone committed suicide on his property. Mel has never lived in the house and has no current plans to move in. The home is less than a mile from The Holy family Catholic Church, founded by Mel. It's where his daughter was married back in 2006.

We're told Mel did not know Van Dyke, although Van Dyke has worked on a number of movies as a set construction foreman, including "The Matrix Reloaded," "Dr. Dolittle 2," "Star Trek: Nemesis," and "Karate Kid."

Sources say Van Dyke was on the ropes after a messy, prolonged divorce a few years ago. He was having intense financial problems.

How Low Can LiLo's Ex Go? Sex Tape Scandal

So there's a couple o' still pics zooming around the Internet today....purportedly from a sex tape featuring Lindsay Lohan and ex-ex-ex-ex-boyfriend Calum Best. ...aka scumbag.

But no one would be surprised if Best, renowned on more than one continent for douchebaggery, were responsible for a hawking a tape. What do you think?

BTW, It's a felony in California to surreptitiously record someone where there's a reasonable expectation of privacy.

No Homicide in Death of Anna Nicole's Son

Big news in the Daniel Smith inquest -- the magistrate in the case will not be giving the jury the option to rule his death a homicide.

In a Bahamian court today, the parties discussed four possible options as the cause of death -- accident, Tragic Blondes -- click to launch"misadventure," non-dependent drug use and an "open verdict."

We're told the magistrate will instruct the jury on those options on March 31.

No one, including Virgie Arthur's lawyer, suggested that homicide was an option.

As for the options, "misadventure" is defined as "a hazardous course of action which ended fatally." An open verdict means the jury can't decide the specific cause of death.

Who Nose About Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale is a busy girl. It's hard to imagine that she has any free time with all the work she's had done doing.
Ashley Tisdale -- Click to launch
And yet Tisdale and her mommy spent Wednesday at Chris McMillan's salon in Beverly Hills. Chris happens to be the same guy that created the "Rachel" for Jennifer Aniston -- who's also believed to have had a nose job.

Coincidence? Probably! We're just sayin' ...

Hannah Montana's Bag Pumped With Lead?

You may think that Miley Cyrus makes you ill for your own reasons, but one environmental-health watchdog says that some gear bearing her likeness and her Hannah Montana brand might pose a real health risk to kids.

According to a new report by the Center for Environment Health -- not a government agency, but a non-profit in Oakland -- five Chinese-made products in the Hannah Montana line were tested to have lead content in their paint, as much as 14 times the federal standard. Excessive lead content, leading to lead poisoning, has been known to cause irreversible neurological damage and kidney and heart disease -- much like Miley's music!

TMZ called the Consumer Product Safety Commission to ask if any of the products had been recalled, but haven't heard back yet. Nor have we heard from Miley's rep. Disney says, "We require all licensed producers of products using Disney characters to test their products and to comply with all applicable product safety laws and standards."

"Bachelor" Pumps Up!

Andy Baldwin"Bachelor" stud Lt. Andy Baldwin shocked and awed motorists in Hawaii on Wednesday -- by filling up his tank shirtless.

It should be illegal to flash your guns like this!


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So sad people committ suicide. They get blinded by their problems without giving it a chance to wait and see that things gets better. They think they only way out is ending thers lives and they dont know its just the beggining of eternal suffering.

2409 days ago

hello there    

Thats what I call YUMMY
You can shoot those guns over here anytime

2409 days ago

some one in nebraska    

Ok first of all I want to know why people want all these little insights into the lives of famous people. Yeah like every one else I like to watch movies and think the peole in them are great. BUT thats it. I don't want to know what they eat for dinner or how many times they hit the bathroom a day or who they are sleeping with. Yeah ok they put their lives out there by making the movies and tv shows and singing. But I think that is where it should end. They have their own lives and kids that need to be left alone, I know alot of people would love to be rich and famous, not me. I think it is great when people find some one they love but it never works for stars because the "FANS" screw it up. Like the fanatics who throw themselves half naked at some one just because they want to be able to say they had sex with so and so. To end this rant I just want to say enjoy the movies, tv shows and the songs but when the end credits roll leave the fantasy there and go home and have fun in the real world.

2409 days ago


This is all such garbage. Where does TMZ get this moronic content and even more moronic writers?

2409 days ago


Why are you people on "LilLo's" side when she was caught with drugs, drove drunk and mannyy other things Ashely Tisdale is a great rolemodel for young girls but you insist on making fun of her for getting a nose job which was to help her deveated septum what would it be better if she got a boob job like Lindsey?? But what ev you EVIL people should give GOOD stars a break

2409 days ago



2409 days ago


Umm let's see solve 2 problems at once...1. all the toys and things with the lead and 2. the unemployment rate....QUIT sending all the work over seas and bring it back here. Do away with the tax break if u send your business elsewhere. For once worry about #1 US!!!

2409 days ago

Raymond O'Donnell    

Come on, give Mel a break. The headline should read "Another Divorcee With Finance Trouble Commits Suicide at Mel Gibson's Estranged House." There, how's that for not screwing with a good persons name?
I could write the Truths for you but I think your readers would be bored.

2409 days ago


On Miley Cyrus..TMZ, you're part of the problem with hollywood,,the proliferation of bad bad..bad..about anybody you can find...It seems..miley has stayed relatively grounded and "Clean" to your standards..Leave it alone..I'm sure miley went to china and inspected the bags personally OR maybe left it to some of her people who relied on manufacturers reps to negotiate the deal for the production of the items.......This girl is a refreshing addition to the glitz and glomour of celebrities in the far..she's a great role model...back off!!

2409 days ago


wow.. i will forever regret the day I actually clicked on the link that brought me here.. TMZ sux.

2409 days ago


hey tmz where's my previous comment? What is this censorship and only publish what you want?

2409 days ago



2409 days ago

Screamin' Nini    

The Mel Gibson story: if you were going to kill yourself, wouldn't you rather do it at home than at work? And how bad would that suck to wake up, walk out into your backyard an find a hanged man in your backyard? Ugh!

YES IT'S LOHAN! That girl's gonna end up as a cheap crack whore and die before she's 30.

2409 days ago


we should see more half naked men all the tabloids show are half naked woman don't you think us woman are sick of looking at woman i wanna see more half naked men geezzzzzzzzzzzzz

2409 days ago


Good looking men usually have zero attention spans....too bad.

2409 days ago
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