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Hey LC! Try Not To Bite the Hand That Feeds You!

3/21/2008 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Conrad doesn't know when to shut up. In this week's Us Magazine, poor Lauren goes off about betrayal and how she was stabbed in the back by BFFs Brody and Audrina. Then she goes off on her blog, claiming that her words were twisted. Uh, not quite.

We'll explain.

A source at Us Weekly tells us MTV execs loved the cover- and the storyline matched exactly what they're promoting for the "Hills" season opener on March 24. Then, we're told, Audrina freaked. She was having a "very emotional week" (naked pictures and all) and we hear "went into a rage" when she read the article.

Our source says Lauren, scared to lose her BF, posted the blog as an olive branch to Audrina. Problem is, Us Weekly is probably the only mag that cares enough to put LC et al on the cover. Lauren's even admitted publicly that Us is responsible for the ratings success of the show. Talking a bunch of smack on her blog about the mag is probably not exactly the best idea.

So, trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube, LC has just issued the following statement, to backpedal clarify: "It was never my intention to criticize Us Weekly as I have a great relationship with them. My statement was only meant to support and stand by my friends." We hear that LC will also be in attendance at an office cocktail party next week in NY.

LC, suffering from foot in mouth disease.

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who are these untalented people-famous 4 nothing-and why do we care?????

2386 days ago


who......and who????????

2386 days ago


Oh for crying out loud isn't this girls 15 minutes up yet!?!??! She needs to seriously GET OVER HERSELF!!! All these girls need a wake up call. The show was cute in the first season but now it's just ridiculous so.

2385 days ago


oh. i didn't realize she was celebrity enough to think about...ever. She's chubby anyway

2385 days ago


yeah, plus she never deserved a job at Teen Vogue. What a barfy waste

2385 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Hey Guys and Gals at TMZ,

Although we all are laughing ourselves silly thinking about LC using her limited intellect to full capacity in a failed attempt to save her friendship, career, and relationship with the media and all the while trying not to unplug the computer before she hits the enter she will be a contestant on MENSA lets in GED grads.

But , seriously how about doing a story about that lying, self-promoting, hypocrite, Heather Mills who is heading for the US, to be a judge in Donald Trumps beauty pagent, and after taking Sir Paul for $40+ million dollars and being called a liar by the judge - she has the nerve to book herself a first class ticket and put her and Paul's daughter in coach.

People you want comments, put up that article!

2385 days ago


I feel like this is some whole publicity stunt just to get the show some ratings, Honestly, its all FAKE. They will all be friends and LC will find some other boy to play the game. Since basically this is one big publicity stunt to get the show better ratings. Believe me I'm a fan of this drama but it is so predictable....kinds like real life except we don't get paid for ours.

2385 days ago


will this skank please go away

2385 days ago


So...then...USweekly is actually writing for MTV, not for the public or just for journalistic integrity??? USweekly doesn't care too much about the accuracy of their resports, or for that matter how their spins would affect Lauren Conrad. They'll use her to get an interview (or else there wouldn't be an USweekly this week...seeing as how NOONE freakin else is giving them interviews, not even Tori Spelling!!) so that they have SOmething to put on their cover - but they'll then tailor their story to fit their own agenda (to make sensationalist news to keep their head above water) and to the agenda of MTV apparently (how dumb of them to even point that out!) & they'll throw poor Lauren to the curb like a used twinkie wrapper....Well, I suppose Angelina and Brad really know what they've been doing by denying USweekly any interviews....

Well, it only makes them look and more like the sinking enterpirse that they are.

2385 days ago


Okay, LC is a no-talent spoiled brat that got lucky and scored a show with MTV when tv pilots were obviously scarce. She needs to realize that nobody owes her no-talent ass anything and she needs to get over herself! As for the rest of the cast, they all suck too... although Heidi and Spencer's disturbing thirst for the spotlight is often good for a laugh. I avoid the US Weekly issues that feature The Hills cast as they are so absolutely dull and repeatative... it amazes me that they always seem to come out with a new tale of woe just when people seem to have moved on. The psoblem is that this happened so often that they can't come up with any new things to cry about. It's tme to throw in the towel.

2385 days ago


I love the Hills personaly, all of you with negative comments on how the show may be scripted and so on.. There are many shows (Real Housewifes, Big Brother, Survivor, Rock of Love, just to name a few not to mention what sexy and classy girl would ever want to be FLAVOR F-L-A-V-E 's lover, ewww!) that have the flaws for people to talk about. But it somehow draws everyone to the story to make a comment - and this is why the shows are the top rated right now. While we are all entited to our own opinion, if you dont like LC or THE HILLS period then when its in the headline or big picture next to the story dont waste your time reading or commenting on it :) I cant wait until the show starts Monday...

2385 days ago


Good for her setting the record straight. I'm so sick of all the tabloid lies! She didn't even name US Weekly in her blog. US should be the one "clarifing" because Lauren never said she was betrayed or stabbed.

2385 days ago

smarter than most    

I know people in the biz who have worked with LC - they told me she is not bright , always hung over , and boring -
She is really not very bright to think gossip reporters for her friends!!!
Why does she think they take her to dinner ? Hello!!! Reporters are always on the job trying to get the dirt.
She LC wakes up from her hung over bored out haze -- she'll figure it out.
She needs to put her head in a bag of money and cry

2385 days ago

smarter than most    

BTY - there really is a TAPE of LC and Jason
I know for a fact
Plus she really said there was not a tape
she was just mad that Hed leaked it

2385 days ago


For a bunch of people who claim not to care about this show, you all spend a lot of time writing stupid comments on here.

2385 days ago
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