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Hey LC! Try Not To Bite the Hand That Feeds You!

3/21/2008 8:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lauren Conrad doesn't know when to shut up. In this week's Us Magazine, poor Lauren goes off about betrayal and how she was stabbed in the back by BFFs Brody and Audrina. Then she goes off on her blog, claiming that her words were twisted. Uh, not quite.

We'll explain.

A source at Us Weekly tells us MTV execs loved the cover- and the storyline matched exactly what they're promoting for the "Hills" season opener on March 24. Then, we're told, Audrina freaked. She was having a "very emotional week" (naked pictures and all) and we hear "went into a rage" when she read the article.

Our source says Lauren, scared to lose her BF, posted the blog as an olive branch to Audrina. Problem is, Us Weekly is probably the only mag that cares enough to put LC et al on the cover. Lauren's even admitted publicly that Us is responsible for the ratings success of the show. Talking a bunch of smack on her blog about the mag is probably not exactly the best idea.

So, trying to put the toothpaste back into the tube, LC has just issued the following statement, to backpedal clarify: "It was never my intention to criticize Us Weekly as I have a great relationship with them. My statement was only meant to support and stand by my friends." We hear that LC will also be in attendance at an office cocktail party next week in NY.

LC, suffering from foot in mouth disease.

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im with lc on this one

Brody seems like an ahole, and definetly does not know how to treat a women

to me he acts like some stud, and he probably hurt her

2406 days ago

Mr Poop Scoop    

I wish they would CANCEL the Hills, That would take care of all the want a be's at once, that'll be the day!

2406 days ago


its tiring hearing about all the people that have done her wrong
audrina can be friends with whomever she wants LC will have to deal with it and as for Brody please their was no connection there at all and you know brody loves attention...

2406 days ago


lc shut up about how your friends betrayed you cause its getting old and i think that you NEED to move on

2406 days ago


Lauren is boring to watch. I wont ever watch the Hills again. Brody, Audrina, all of them are spoiled and they are idiots. Soooo sick of hearing about them.

2406 days ago


I love her she great but needs a boob job

2406 days ago


She Hott LOve her better then Audrina any day

2406 days ago


She might want to invest her "reality" money in a REAL manager that will explain where her bread is really buttered. Sorry LC it's time to grow up and cut the purse strings your 5 mins is about up! We can only watch so much of a California Girl trying to figure out things without the silver spoon in her mouth....

2406 days ago


"6. first off, its ho, not hoe, which be a tool used in a garden...

Posted at 7:26PM on Mar 21st 2008 by hunter"

Hoe v. ho, their v. there, to v. too, and the one that seems to confound 90% of you -- your v. you're. I'm curious, do they still
teach basic English in school? How can some of you be so blindingly dumb when it comes to basic spelling and grammar that you require a tutorial on the words ho and hoe? What happens when you are required to write a memo for work? Isn't there any expectation that you can write at least as well as a nine-year-old? And Harvey, that question is also addressed to the staff of juveniles you laughably call "writers." Is it any wonder Third World nations are surpassing us at lightning speed? There is nothing cool about being stupid.

2406 days ago


Lauren needs to grow up alittle but still love her

2406 days ago


She needs to get a boob job and act alittle more sexy

2406 days ago


Big focking YAWNNNNN!! Here's a girl who has completely bought her way into a "fashion design career" with less credentials and talent than a first year student, whose show is as fake as her "nemesis" Heidi's nose, lips and boobs and she's STILL getting press from tabs with such a high readership as US Weekly? Glad to see they are making such wise choices over there as they continue to repel their subscribers and readers. LC gets a full cover while Spitzer's ho and Halle Berry's birth were relegated to tiny stories in the corner of the page. There was, by far, way more substance to those two stories (even in the one-page birth announcement they alloted Halle), yet readers had to endure at least four pages of some junior high-esque beef of some very fake and, well, FAKE, people. Everything about that show is stupid and aimed at the naive tween set but for anyone who's actually graduated college, interned and slaved like a dog for no pay and who actually earned a place in their chosen career, it's an absolute slap in the face and a terrible message to send to young people. No, you can't launch your own fashion line after a failed stint in junior college UNLESS your parents are rich and are willing to pay MTV, US Weekly and several blogs to put your name out there - talent and experience be damned!

2406 days ago


I'D like to bite her hand.

2406 days ago


These celebutards make me sick. Brody is a clueless manwhore, Heidi is a talentless airheaded shank. Spencer is a sneaky jerkoff who'd sell his own mother for a coverstory...and LC is a BIG WHINER! Always crying about being betrayed! Boo hoo. Maybe it's something wrong with You, LC, if this keeps happening, hm?

2406 days ago

Bama Girl 24    

I think Lauren is telling the truth. She doesnt seem the type to bad mouth anyone it is just the entertainment business and the media blowing it up to be something bigger to sell the magizine.

2406 days ago
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