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Tom & Tony -- Who Wears the Biggest Skirt?

3/21/2008 1:08 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They might be pro football players, but off the field Tom Brady and Tony Romo have got to be two of the most p***y-whipped dudes on the planet.

If you're Tom Brady, yesterday you get to play errand boy to Gisele Bundchen, taking out the trash, lugging boxes around, checking your lady's mail. Of course, if you're Tony Romo, you have to tag along while Jessica Simpson goes to Six Flags, prances all over Manhattan, and -- guess who's coming to Los Cabos with you? Jess's dad Papa Joe!

Looks like the only place they wear pants -- tight ones -- is on the field.

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I am so outta here...these stories suck all the time now.

2406 days ago



2406 days ago


Why is a man less of a man if he wants to hang with his smokin hot gf? Jealous much TMZ? Maybe you're the guy who gets cheated on cause you treat ur women like crap. Maybe they just like their company and treat them right, unlike your type that hangs with guys all day long, is addicted to porn and wouldn't know how to treat a woman if the Pick Up Artist spent a year with you....you WISH you could hang with Giselle and Jessica all day long!

2406 days ago


Alright TMZ, enough with the trash talking about Tony Romo. That's my QB you're messing with. However, feel free to say whatever else you want about Brady ;o) He comes off as a smug jerk anyway.

2406 days ago


PW'ed? Tom Brady lives with GB. Seems he is taking out THEIR trash, checking THEIR mail, etc. Tony Romo's current life seems to consist of nothing but fun and travel with his hot blonde girlfriend, occasionally accompanied by her family. Does the commitment-averse, female-phobic dope who wrote this really think these guys are suffering? The general public would beg to differ.

2406 days ago


Somebody needs to hit Jessica Simpson in the face with a baseball bat--maybe that will make her attractive. FUGLY and STUPID are not attractive!

2406 days ago


I predict the Cowboys will be in last place next year if that Talentless Wannabe is still with him!

2406 days ago


For some stupid reason I watched the ENTIRE video and did not see anything on Tony Romo. So, why are you comparing the two? How do you know Tom Brady was picking up Giselle's Mail? He could very well have a PO Box! And one more thing..........why has this website become so damn boring? It is as though you are scratching the bottom for a so called story! I realize it is Good Friday and things are a little slow but this is getting old...............!

Don't mess with the COWBOY's! We aren't real proud of Jessica. Tony...........yes!

2406 days ago


What is wrong with a man being nice enough to help his lady out with some chores and wanting to spend time with her? TMZ is scrapping the bottom of the barrel for stories to print, Find something interesting. Go find Britney

2406 days ago


Isn't it time you stopped using sexist terms like p***y-whipped when refering to men who actually engage in a mutual partnership with women? Have you ever referred to any women as penis-whipped, regardless of how many times it would apply. It's time you stopped living in the dark ages.

2406 days ago

Ding Dang Y'all    

Tom is definitely more whipped than Romo...he deserted his baby for Giselle

2406 days ago


this site is starting to get boring... sorry... it doesn't make any man p-wipped if they do things for a woman, it's called being a gentleman and,oh wait, human.... no wonder you guys don't get la*d over there at TMZ... fresh out of high school dorks that think this is stupid? shows your mentality....

2406 days ago


TMZ...you guys get more pathetic every day...the stories are dumber & dumber each day! These men love their women. Period. Nothing more & you have it posted on your site WHY????????????????

2406 days ago


I think Tom Brady is more whipped for sure. I mean come on he just had a kid and has seen him like what 4 times? Soldiers see their kids more.

2406 days ago

Julie the Jarhead    

Personally, I love the phrase "pu$$y wh!pped" -- it describes brady perfectly. (The only thing perfect about this major league choker.)

2406 days ago
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