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Brad and Angie: Globalicious

3/22/2008 11:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

BrangelinaWe can now put a number on exactly how much better Brad Pitt and Angelina are than the rest of us -- $8 million.

That's how much the do-gooding twosome donated to charity in 2006, according to their tax records. Through their foundation alone, they gave $2.4 mil away -- including a cool million to Doctors Without Borders and the Global AIDS Alliance.

Jolie, who played the wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl in a film last year, gave $100,000 to a foundation in his honor. The movie itself only made $9 mil.


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Amazing couple! While old bitches like Madonna are dropping $12 million to buy the building next door to covert into a gym, Brad and Angie are donating millions to help fight AIDS. I adore them. Let their generosity be an example to creeps like Madonna and Britney Spears.

2372 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Good for them! He's so much better off without that boring Yenta Jennifer Aniston.

2372 days ago



2372 days ago


They are not better than us, they just have more means, talent, and opportunities to make more money. Rather than to drug it up, drink it up and throw million dollar parties, like some celebrities do they choose to help people. As far as being addicted to children. I can remember years ago going to a Roy Rogers restaurant and they had Roy Rogers there and Dale Evans. they adopted about 10 or 18 kids, I can't remember, some people are just meant to do that. I would love for The Pitt/Jolies to come to my area and set up some foundations I would donate my time. I just don't have the money. We all could go donate an hour a week to habitat and if everyone did that sits on a computer well, it would be a good thing. I have one child that I adopted at age 10. It isn't easy. But it is rewarding to know that we with very little money can make a difference too. Happy Easter.

2372 days ago

Bob. My name is the same forwards and backwards    

Kanyne West is a WHINEY LITTLE B!TCH!

And Carson Daly is a TOOL!

Have a great day!

2372 days ago


What color/brand of baby did they buy now?

2372 days ago


My favorite in Hollywood.
They make the world a better place.

2372 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

btw, whoever has a boatload of $$ isn't requred to give it away. but it is nice of them. nice tax deduction too.

2372 days ago


(Light humor for this contentious Political Season- Submitted by
fanboy I am presuming)
10 Reasons Angelina Jolie should be our first Woman President
Something extra for those wanting to escape the primary season:
1. Angelina understands Iraq better than any current candidate,
President Bush, and everybody else except General Petraeus who ought
to listen to her.
2. Brad Pitt, and their contributions to rebuilding New Orleans after
3. Her ability to work with the United Nations in Africa.
4. Demonstrating how to ditch a bad partner (Billy Bob) and get a
better one (Brad).
5. An ardent supporter of Second Amendment Rights (Mr. and Mrs.
6. A right to live decently policy for kids that isn’t anti or pro
anything else.
7. An ability to wrestle monsters (Beowulf).
8. Making videogames seem like real life, sort of (I Heart U, Lara
9. International experience with the pesky French from living large
in France.
10. Looks better in pant suits than the current woman candidate for
President, and way better in


2372 days ago

ME TOO    

Aren't there laws about the money they made from shiloh's baby pics? Isn't that money legally hers and they have to invest it in a trust for her until she is eighteen? Are they using money shiloh earned to support the other ones and donate to charities? Now there will be two more babies they can use this way to make money to support their causes and hoard orphans. They should just hoard cats like normal crazy people.

2372 days ago

ike Warren    

While I think it is admirable that they give so much to charity and are involved in so many good works, I don't think I could sit in a room with either of them for 20 minutes without throwing up.

2372 days ago



2372 days ago


Give me Mia Farrow and Audrey Hepburn any day over these two media maniacs! Their tax man tells them how much TO THE PENNY ($4,367,289.46) they need to donate to offset their ridiculous incomes. She's a self prcclaimed slut and a homewrecker (twice) and I will be happy the day the headlines read that they have gotten divorced, oh wait, they never got married....

2372 days ago


Everyday I admire them more and more.They're an ispiration for us.

2372 days ago


They are not BETTER than ME, they are just richer than me! The 2 Homewreakers can give all the m oney they want, but I am a BETTER person!

2372 days ago
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