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Dupre and GGW: A Match Made in "Wild" Heaven

3/22/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alexandra DupreJoe Francis is giving away a DVD of "Hookers Gone Wild" -- featuring America's favorite working girl, Ashley Dupre. Wouldn't "Call Girls Gone Wild" have been a better title?

The DVD will come free with the premiere issue of his new mag. Francis tells E!'s Chelsea Handler, "We could release it on the internet. The problem with the internet, the minute we put it up there, even if we're charging, it's out." You mean like this?

The video in question was shot in 2003 when Dupre spent her 18th birthday partying with the GGW bus crew. The fact that she went on from there to become a high-priced call girl is just shocking.


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I bet her parents are very proud that their little girl grew up to be the most talked about whore in the world.....
Please, stop giving her any kind of recognition, and let her fade back into the ugly life she so desires......

2383 days ago


Make the big money now Ms. Whore since you're enjoying the spotlight.
It will be over real, real soon.
Mom and dad must be so very proud.

2383 days ago


Let's all give it up for the jewel who said "I'll just say 'Dude, do you want sex or not?'" Dude? Dude?? The governor of New York .... coward extrordinaire, who couldn't man-up and stand by himself without making his shell shocked Stepford wife stand up with him ... Dude? Lots of respect there huh?

This paid whore should team up with Heather Mills and tag team their next rich and famous one.

Oh, and by the way, this bitch doesn't have a clue about "kinky," trust me

2383 days ago


this bit*h is fugly............for real she looks like a dirty bird.......after being stuck in an oil spill for quite some time...

2383 days ago


2383 days ago


Thank You Joe Francis!!

You make the world a better place, kudos.

2383 days ago


22. Damn, EDUMA wha?????

CELEBRITY JUSTICE???????????????

TV networks don't pay for lies.


Why oh why do only 50 year olds blog here??????????????

Posted at 3:58PM on Mar 22nd 2008 by 29 mile ho"

My Dear Ms. Ho (classy sobriquet):

The day "Celebrity Justice" qualifies as JOURNALISM is the day "The Hills" will qualify as UNSCRIPTED television. You can't possibly be dumb enough to think CELEBRITY JUSTICE is journalism (have you even a clue as to what the word means?). Then again, if you are a product of our failing school system, you most certainly can be that myopic, so the requisite amount of pity shall be applied to you. And dear heart, do not assume that one is 50 merely because one is capable of constructing a grammatically correct sentence. One need only be properly educated. Perhaps you will be able to do the same if you
ever manage to receive that GED. I repeat -- Harvey is under no construction of the term, a JOURNALIST. He is a smarmy little gossip peddler who pays annoying cameramen to hound the semi-famous with moronic questions in the hope they will say something stupid in response. When they do, we are entertained. Such is the way of the world in the 21st century. Harvey is only about two rungs above Joe Francis on the societal-sleaze totem pole. Like Joe, he will exploit anyone and everyone if he thinks there is a dollar to be made. I speak the truth.

2383 days ago


Wasn't she a minor at the time of the taping?

There IS sexual contact on the other tapes made during that week, so this would also be part of that filming, so the whole thing is not kosher.

I would not buy or view this material just in case, don't want to be called a pedo.

Joe is surely headed to court and may be prison again.

I really feel bad for the girl. Based on what I've seen, she was most likely abused by a relative, while her mom looked the other way.

She's the victim here.

2383 days ago


mom and dad must be proud! oh and grandma too!

2383 days ago


why are people still talking about this skank? she is a spoiled attention whore.
it is ridiculous that she has gotten celebrity status just because she was a politician's hooker.
mom and dad must be so proud..

2383 days ago


How did she get so famous?? 100 'clinets" a day yeah right. I don't think so!! That is so ridiculous. You know I am wondering truly how one girl makes it so big not your typical girl, standing on a corner with her skirt hiked up. She must have come in contact with the right people, and have the right "look." I am thinking this girl must just love sex. Crazy life, but she is lazy!! They are to lazy to go out and make a living like a self respecting person. Very sad.

2383 days ago


If this is what Dupre wants, then more power to her. Hopefully, she earns quite a bit of money off of this scandal and all that it entails. She is certainly a very pretty girl. She looks like a younger version of Mrs. Spitzer. Mrs. Spitzer is also a very beautiful lady.

2383 days ago

Ya Think    

Ashley Dupre or whatever her name is this week is just another whore. A whore by any other name is still a whore. She's too lazy, stupid and unmotivated to go to school, get a job and work to earn all the things she wants in life, so she just lets men plug her body cavities for money. Like Bill Mahar said on "Politically Incorrect" -- she's one of those lazy girls who wants it all and decided that she'd never work a 40 hour week at KFC when she can make more in 10 minutes bl0wing Colonel Sanders. Sad, but true. This tramp has nothing going for her but her body. Just wait till it starts to rebel against her. And yeah, her parents must be SO proud. But my guess is those redneck bumpkins are probably cashing in on her new fame and enjoying every moment of the spotlight.

2383 days ago


What's she gonna do when she's 40? They're gonna throw her in the $1 bin at Walmart and she'll be wondering WTF happened to her exciting hooker career.

2383 days ago


this skank is FUGLY

Anything over a $1 is too much to pay for her grand canyon sized hole

seems the only one interested is TMZ

2383 days ago
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