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Dupre and GGW: A Match Made in "Wild" Heaven

3/22/2008 2:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alexandra DupreJoe Francis is giving away a DVD of "Hookers Gone Wild" -- featuring America's favorite working girl, Ashley Dupre. Wouldn't "Call Girls Gone Wild" have been a better title?

The DVD will come free with the premiere issue of his new mag. Francis tells E!'s Chelsea Handler, "We could release it on the internet. The problem with the internet, the minute we put it up there, even if we're charging, it's out." You mean like this?

The video in question was shot in 2003 when Dupre spent her 18th birthday partying with the GGW bus crew. The fact that she went on from there to become a high-priced call girl is just shocking.


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I know you believe you guys are current and hip, but you're actually promoting porn and contributing to our moral decay. Nice going. I'm starting to wonder where the line will be drawn on the filth that is slowly becoming daily news and decency. Between the overly sexual, and superfical shows on cable tv and stuff like this, I believe it's just a matter of time that we just see stripper shows and I hate to imagine what, I click through the channels and can't believe that I'm actually paying for the crap that's on TV. My only salvation in TV Land. Does anyone else see where are society is headed? I'm upset. At the same time, I'm happy that things like this politician and hooker thing has been revealed because I can't stand hyprocrisy. These wealthy people think they are above the law and then try to make laws and place constrictions on us while they're doing whatever they please...and we're paying them!! We are like a herd of cattle-paying people and we are all contributing to the downfall of our society. We are prepetuating the very thing we hate, and there are plenty to take advantage of us and gain from it. This site is one way,

2382 days ago


47. What's she gonna do when she's 40? They're gonna throw her in the $1 bin at Walmart and she'll be wondering WTF happened to her exciting hooker career.

Posted at 11:39PM on Mar 22nd 2008 by Anti-Society

She's probably going to be doing the same thing many hookers do when there time is up. Work the truck stops for $20.00 a trick, Live on Welfare in a forlorn trailer park. Talking about the good old days when they looked good, and talking about the medical treatment programs they are on to help keep them alive with Hepatitis, VD, Clamidia, Gonnorhea, HIV, Aids, Etc.
Yeah its a glamorous life, and that is for the ones that actually live.

2382 days ago


Can somebody please send the IRS in to audit this nasty assed bit*h.

2382 days ago

Dave the pig    

Her real name is not Ashley Dupre. Expose her for who she really is.

AND, I still wish for Joe F. to go back to jail.

2382 days ago


So many haters.

Have any of you ever heard of "freedom of choice?"

Get a life. Stop judging others.

2382 days ago


Actually, it IS shocking she went from this to high priced call girl. I'd have guessed she was now working at one of those nasty bars near the airport. She's gross.

2382 days ago


Nice one E!
Not only employing pimps, but also 'subtly' (hah!) morphing into the misogynist channel. As if the Daily 10 Valley Girls were'nt demeaning enough to all women.

2382 days ago


God everytime i see her picture i want her more and more.

2382 days ago


I'm so sick of hearing about this whore. Why is she all over CNN and MSNBC? Is this what our country is boiling down to? She is a PROSTITUTE people! Why does it look like we are idolizing her. Is it really a surprise that she was on GGW? I mean apparently everyone these days has been on one of their videos. I guess its a new right of the American teenager. How sad. No wonder 1 out of 4 girls has an STD! Atleast I could feel sorry for a hooker with say a drug problem. But not her. Shes just a plain old dirty whore who happened to be screwing a gov. Who gives a crap. Stop putting her story on here TMZ.

2382 days ago


Can somebody explain to me why this skank is not being prosecuted for prostitution??? This is disgraceful. No wonder we Americans are viewed as a bunch of ass clowns.

2382 days ago


Props to Joe for calling the skank's lawyer's bluff. They were obviously BSing on her birth date, and this is Joe's way of saying "up yours." As a still recovering nice guy, pardon me if I have more respect for Joe than all the drunken whores out there combined. No matter what haters say, the guy still started a legitimate business that makes a legitimate profit. The same cannot be said for skanks like Dupre who use their T&A to coast through life without lifting a finger.

2382 days ago

The Erudite Quagmire    

I feel bad for her ex-boyfriend. That guy is the REAL victim.

2382 days ago


omG. She looks just like Kathy Najimy in the "US" whore-of-the-week picture spread...TMZ, you need to do side-by-side pics of both under "we're just sayin'

she IS fugly. She will never be 1/10 as beautiful and gracious as Silda..Leave the bastard Silda, you deserve better.

2382 days ago


WHO WOULD WANT A USED THING LIKE THAT.SHE'S A pig................................................................

2381 days ago
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