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Vegas to K-Fed: Happy B-Day, Now Shut Up!

3/22/2008 1:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If Kevin Federline's atrocious rap album wasn't reason enough to never give him a microphone -- this video from his birthday party at PURE in Las Vegas should close the case.

Good thing his lawyer, Marc Vincent Kaplan, was there. K-Fed should always just let him do the talking.


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2372 days ago


Get over yourself K Fed...You screwed up Britney and you are toxic. Go back to Shar!

2372 days ago


It was his birthday, he was having fun. Leave the guy alone. Sheesh. Everyone judges him (including this site) but you have no idea who he really is. I hope he had a good birthday. He deserves the break.

2372 days ago


I wonder if they billed Britney for their expenses? What a pathetic guy wanting attention

2372 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I have no idea what the hell that was about, but I still feel he may not be perfect, but he was married to a crazy, nasty, narcissistic psycho who begged HIM to get married and is now a rotting albatross around his neck! I feel bad for anyone having to deal with that nasty, smelly nut house escapee Twitstain Smears!

2372 days ago


I love how that guy with KF has to practically force the mic out of KF's hand and then apologize to the DJ. ROFL!!! KF is such an attention whore.

2372 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

Sorry idiots, but mental illness is not like a cold! She has something that is not contagious and is a part of her make up! Not to mention a drug usage and dependency that has been around from about the age 14 and on! But go ahead and blame Kevin for all the horrible things that happened to this idiot, including all the stuff that happened before they ever even met! Do you go around and blame people for every single problem in your life? It sounds like many of you do! Yeah, that's right, your life is rotten because of all the things everyone else conspired to do against you! People like you make me ill!

2372 days ago


So.......if K-feds lawyer was with him was it so Brit would end up paying for it? or was it because Kevin needed a babysitter? Well I guess either way it will come out of Brits allowance....
And who had the kids???

2372 days ago


I realize Kevin is the father of Shar's two children, but it seems so wrong that after cheating on her with Brit and ditching her (while she was pregnant, no less) to be with Brit that Shar is kissing up to him the way that she has been. She goes on about what a great guy and great father he is but he's not a great boyfriend/fiance/husband. Shar obviously wants to get back with him. WHY? Does she think his payday from Britney is going to be that good that she wants to be in on it? I admire it when people break up and can be civilized or even cordial, but this is ridiculous and not entirely believable given how their relationship ended.

2372 days ago


it seems like Kevin finds these women that just let him use them. Think about it he is a loser but he is being taken care of now. nothing to worry about. Brittney has everyone trying to marry her for her money. why would she think he would be so different to her. char was pregnant and he walked out the door. Britney thinks she can have any one but she just soesent' have it. it seems like after Justin Timberlake she just turned in to trash.

2372 days ago

brenda rogers    

Now Brits family can use the video in court to show him acting like he really is, A LOOSER! Think he was drinking? I thought he was a stay at home dad taking care of his kids! Yeah Right. He was just staying in the backlight but he couldnt hang from not being the real him. I hope Brits family uses the video to show him being a drunk.

2372 days ago


He is a LOSER of epic proportions.

2372 days ago


You forgot to mention his $175,000 appearance fee for his b-day. :-)

- JC

2372 days ago



Knock-knock. Who's there? Kevin. Kevin who? Stoopit Kevin, that's who. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


2372 days ago


Pure paid him 1 million to have his birthday there. Kaplan probably couldnt believe it and went to see how kfed earns his cash. Dont forget he got 250k from WWE for a fight with john cena new years day 2007 and nationwide commercial for superbowl paid him half a million in 2007. Looks like his wages went up.

2372 days ago
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