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It's Britney, Beach!

3/24/2008 12:32 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So we're thinkin', better for Britney to get sand in her toes than Adnan in her hose.

We're told Brit's dad/conservator Jamie felt Brit was making such good progress, he gave her permission to spend the weekend in Malibu with her assistant and security.

Hangin' in the 'bu ... where's Mel?


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There is a lot of topics tonight on here. So I guess I will just make a comment and move on. comment, there.

2343 days ago


she sucks

2343 days ago


she looks like a freaked out phylis diller with elvis glasses on. this is what losing your kids,money and cars makes you look like?

2343 days ago


All you haters! Don't you have anything better to do with your time than to attack Britney? She is beautiful, wonderful, and so so so so soooooooooo very good, and all of you are naughty-no-no baddies for trying to drag her down.

Britney is so talented, so sweet, and so smart, and you haters are so icky-poo-poo. In fact, Britney has an I.Q. of 972 and she has just now invented a whole new branch of physics in which she has unified String Theory with Loop Quantum Gravity. She's in the process of applying this theory to the problems of World Peace and Unlimited Energy.

Britney has also singlehandedly defeated an invasion of our galaxy by the Slox, a race of hyper-dimensional beings whose sole reason for existing was to destroy everything that is good and wonderful and American.

Tomorrow, Britney is going to adopt every orphan in the world and personally love and care for each of them even better than their own mothers could have done, after which she will give all of them 25 years of higher education in 15 minutes using the Recombinant RNA techniques of Knowledge Infusion that she has invented. Then, she will install them in all of the positions of power and influence in the world, and within a week, they will guide the world to a million years of peace and health and joy and paradise, without any death.

So leave Britney alone, all of you haters!

2343 days ago

Area 51    

Phyllis Diller is hot.

2343 days ago


I live near Manhattan Beach. My sister lives there. It is an affluent but crowded beach town with small lots, and a terrible place for Britney to settle down or even visit. She'd cause endless traffic tie-ups. She also looked at neighboring Hermosa Beach. They shot beach scenes for Beverly Hills 90210 back in the day, and the people of Hermosa forced the city to send the production company packing. We really don't want celebrity madness in this part of town. That's what Malibu is for.

2343 days ago

frogs and gravel    

The picture to the right looks like a blurry version
of the Coppertone girl. Maybe TMZ is trying to
be Freudian and show subliminal pictures.

2343 days ago


Author of #48 comment;

Obviously you have never been to Louisiana because it is absolutely beautiful! I been many places and it ranks in the top 3! I guess you have to know what you are looking at to appreciate it!

2343 days ago

Party 'till you die!    

I feel for all you M.B.ers who might have to put up with what all of her and her playthings, the paps, are known to pull! Whoever she moves near will not have a quiet life and will lose value in property! Now that is a shame. I hope for you that Brit keeps her black cloud of negativity from your area!

2343 days ago

idiots at TMZ    

Surely you think editing is lame? Spelling not important?
You smoke weed and you have a job where you bother other people
I bet you ride around assaulting them with bad music too
in your gas guzzler SUV booming RAp with the windows down
Now, how accurate is that assessment?
Just curious!
And yes, retaining propriety in the language is important as communication is KEY to life.

2343 days ago


No matter where, or which beach, she's still a mess. Trailer trash whore should pack her bags and move back to the Louisiana swamp where she came from.

Baldney is a swamp monster!

2343 days ago


# 67

Methadon, much?

2343 days ago


At least she has lightened her hair, or changed wigs. That black greasy mop she usually has is the worst.

2343 days ago

Me in DC    

I guess because things er really slow out thar in Hollywood, that y'all have to be so mean again! Get of yer high horse and find some real news! Or, at least, report what's going on without your stupid comments!

2343 days ago


LSD? She's already been on a mindbender or two. Enough.

2343 days ago
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