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Paris Skanks It Up in South Africa

3/23/2008 4:29 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ever the diplomat, Paris Hilton and BF-of-the-moment Benji Madden partied like Africans at a hastily thrown together publicity event in South Africa on Friday.

Making good on her "promise" to do charity all over the world, Marie Antionette Paris visited a school in Pretoria on Thursday, and then decided to throw herself a soiree the next day at a club in Johannesburg.

People reports Penji (get it?) hung out in the VIP balcony section all night while her fans partied below. At one point, the heirmess announced that she "loved South Africa, the accent and everyone." Charming.

A person in the club says every time Hilton leaned over the balcony, the crowd went nuts.

Let them eat cake.


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To #67 - Cora;

Excuse me; "quietly"? You obviously missed all fo the photo-op shots that were taken with Hilton playing to the cameras. I know many Catholics and those from other faiths that give far more of their and resoures to wonderful causes; Hilton is not considered to be one of note in any of these circles; not by any stretch of the imagination.

2407 days ago


Her shirt was tacky and tasteless, her "charitly" trip is a farce and she throws herself parties in poor countries just so everyone knows that she thinks she is better than them. She has got to have the dumbest assistants and PR people ever because someone should have told her not to wear that ; don't throw YOURSELF a party in a poor country; don't "party" with the natives but stand above them as they look UP to you and swoon....she needs to get knocked off her high horse for sure...come back to Miami Paris I got two fists that want ta meet ya...self centered biotch!
The first person to slap the crap out of Paris, Britney or Lindsey on camera will be an instant star and a hero to America!

2407 days ago

I call bullshit    

One only needs to look at the faces of Paris and Benji in this photo to see they are both miserable.
Benji is already sick to death of her and she knows it......

2407 days ago

Ivan Booth    

I was also a bit annoyed by the 'party like Africans' bit....what the heck does that mean??
By the way, alot of people are posting comments implying that Paris is a bit thick and then the same people say South Africa is a third world country that has been plagued by famine and internal strife?? Actually, we EXPORT food and there has never been a FAMINE in South Africa. And strife?! Give it a break. How many soldiers have you lost in Iraq - 4 000? Yup. I think strife was what happened in New Orleans after Katrina when Americans went ape and started raping and killing each other in stadiums meant to house refugees. Then there was the comment about the cost of the 'soiree' being enough to feed loads of people! Come on, guys! South Africa has one of the biggest stock exchanges in the world, we're the world's third largest market for Aston Martins, I could go on but its like banging your head against a brick wall trying to educate you clowns. At least Paris came here and learnt a few things (like there are several different races in South Africa and I doubt any of us wear loin cloths) - you guys assume alot about a country you've never been to.

2407 days ago

I call bullshit    

More than ever before, don't you feel like asking yourself, "what was the purpose of mom and dad in her life?"
Posted at 6:01PM on Mar 23rd 2008 by An


I can answer that one: Paris was raised to be a money grubber by a mother who was also raised to be a money grubber- her grandmother was a champion money grubber.
Father is a dolt who has no say in anything.

2407 days ago

I call bullshit    

rant much Ivan?

2407 days ago


#4....hey, don't be DUMB. The joke was not racist, moron. If they had been in France, it would have read "partied like the French", get it ???

My comment to TMZ...........YOU CAN'T SPELL. IT'S "MARIE ANTOINETTE". Look at the way you f-up the spelling !

2407 days ago


any thought of doing good work comes from her being with Benji Madden, for those who do not know Benji is a really good
guy. I can not understand what he is doing with her, but one can assume what she wants with Benji, "the same life Nicole has". But it will not last as Paris is void of any true value system where Benji is grounded in good family morals. Do not think
because of his "tats", that Benji is less, he is the driving force behind GC, and is a talented song writer. Any girl that hooks any of the Madden guys is lucky, so Paris you better hang on if you can, as I am sure Benji is already yawning....

2407 days ago

Fan Since 2007!!!    

Paris is retarded.

2407 days ago


Hey Ivan --- 78

Obviously, not all of the posters here think that South Africa is a "third world country." Why don't you read the posts, and then climb down off your soap box. While you're at it, you might want to chat with your fellow "South African," Lee (comment 64) who wants everyone to believe that Johannesburg is such a dangerous place to visit. To suggest that people have to visit South Africa to learn anything about it just lame. The only thing Paris probably learned at her visit is how to throw another party, and the location of the Hilton Sandton.

2407 days ago


Figures, she's there for yet another "publicity event". She's LAME!

2406 days ago


It's Paris and Cory Feldman back in the day. cool

2406 days ago
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