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Bette Midler and Daughter

Do a Double Take

3/24/2008 2:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Looks like the wind beneath Midler's wings blows pretty strong. The Divine Miss M showed off her strong genes in NYC on Saturday.

The fierce 60-something gay icon hails a cab for her and Steffi Graf her 21-year-old look-alike daughter, Sophie. MILF alert!


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He's Boring now    

Yea, Gay aint Yay to everyone outside of the large metro areas. Its not always a badge of honor, or something to aspire to become.

You ask me and 100 people I know, Gay kinda sucks. Midler isnt Gay, just like Cher someone Gays look to for "guidance".

Her daughter is not an attractive woman to look at...maybe to be with, but at first glance, please, lets do like Obama asks and start dialouging honestly about how we see people ok?

2372 days ago


Her daughter looks 40+!

2372 days ago

Shut up already    

"Gay icon" means she is iconic in gay circles. What a bunch of nimrods getting upset thinking TMZ is calling her gay.

Side note--Bette Midler IS indeed beautiful.

2372 days ago


It's the way you've worded it. It sounds like you're saying Bette is GAY. Not that there's anything wrong with being gay. Come on, you do that deliberately to stir things up. After all, it is what you do, isn't it....say mean things about nice people to get a reaction.

2372 days ago


"Sara" and "Shut up already", are we the ONLY people here who have a clue??? I can't believe these people are so up in arms about calling Bette Midler a gay icon. TMX is NOT saying that Bette herself is gay, although I'm sure even Bette would probably find that quite amusing. To be an icon to a group of people is to have them idolize you, worship you, and Bette is one of those celebs who, like Cher, Diana Ross, and Barbara Streisand, appeal very much to the gay community. SO....BACK OFF, YOU SILLY PEOPLE, AND LEARN THE VERNACULAR!!!!

2372 days ago


AAAAYYYYYY ! I'm not surprised someone thought TMZ meant that Bette was gay ! Some of the nimrods who write in here get everything all screwed up and go off on rants ! They are so idiotic ! Many times I have been yelled at because some dummy misunderstood or was not aware of what I meant ! THINK, before you go nuts ! Oh, wait... I think I just went nuts myself over this stupid stuff !!!! hahahaha ! LOL ! (The Judge in the Detroit mayor scandal thought LOL meant LOTS of LOVE !)

2372 days ago

Ms. X    

Hey TMZ, why don't you show recent pictures of both 'Streisand and Midler'. Make sure you post this at around lunch time for your readers. This is how to get America thin!

2372 days ago


Looks more like Babs than Bette

2372 days ago


I asked my Dad how come so many handsome guys are married to plain looking women, once. (We were at church.) He replied that it was because the girl that gets your heart is the one that makes you feel like a real man, and that makes you feel very loved. I never forgot it. My husband agrees. You see, when I was a teen-ager, I thought that to be pretty was enough, and just a nice person.

2372 days ago


It's a good thing that mini-Bette is loaded because she couldn't get a drunk sailor to f**k her. Sophia is just as hidious as her mother.

2371 days ago

Right back at ya    

Google Bette's Husband; I think that Sophie looks like a mixture of both.

2371 days ago


Bette has always been one of my heroes (Lucy being the other). I think the Divine Miss M can act just about any way she wants. It's a matter of respect, and if you don't know how to show it, you don't receive it.

2371 days ago


Yikes... Hopefully, she got Mom's jugs, too- will help... A LOT

2371 days ago


These negative comments are completely uncalled for. Doesn't anyone have feelings or a heart anymore?

Bette and her daughter look fine and they are real people. They are on the street not on stage. You posters need to get a life and learn some damn manners. Your bad karma is going to come right back at you one of these days. Bette is a hard working generous celebrity and her daughter is a very intelligent young lady so stop the hate people and get a heart and soul people.

As for being Gay, Jewish, Straight, trans gendered, Irish or female it does NOT matter an ounce. What matters is what people say and do. Your actions are what count. A good heart and a good soul is what is important. So to the haters and name callers GROW UP and put your time and efforts to a much better cause

2371 days ago

IQ is showing    

Christopher -- Gee, maybe mini-Bette doesn't want to get laid by a drunk sailor. That might be your fantasy, but I doubt it's hers. She'd probably much rather have a solid relationship with an intelligent, sensitive, kind and loving individual that respects and adores her. Guess she won't be knocking on your door, so you can keep hanging out with the airhead, self-centered, artificial and selfish bimbos...or the drunk sailors.

2371 days ago
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