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Miley Cyrus One Step Closer to Being Miley Cyrus

3/24/2008 8:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley CyrusDestiny Hope Cyrus has taken another step towards legally changing her name to the one we all know her by anyway -- Miley.

As TMZ first reported, Miley's parents, Leticia and Billy Ray, filed name change papers on March 14. Part of the process is that the Cyrus fam needs to make four public notices referring to the name change in order for it to become legal.

Today, a notice was put in the Los Angeles Daily Journal, announcing that a hearing making the name change official will take place on May 1.


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angel of fire    

I agree with comment 14......she is doing way better than jamie lynn who is knocked up already.

2374 days ago


Old man was a one hit wonder of a crappy song. Ugly daughter doesn't even have the one hit.
Somehow that goober was the first to forever link an IQ to a hairstyle.

2374 days ago

Potato Head    


As long as we can have some meaningfull conversation

2374 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Aside from the fact that this young girl, may well log in to read all the abusive, and inane comments posted about her, I find it puzzling that for people so certain of the fact that Miley has no talent, is not attractive, has no fans, or any of the other baseless nonsense posted here today, mostly by supposed adults, makes me wonder why you hate a child so much, and why if she has no future you would spend the entire afternoon on a thread attacking her and her father.

Christ said turn the other cheek, Billy Ray is an adult and he does that until it comes to his child. And, Miley is just that a child, yes she is beautiful, talented, a millionaire, with millions of fans of all ages world wide (just check Billboard Magazine for the demographics), and she is a great Christian educated American role model for all young women around the world.

I think sadly, the people that hate Miley and Billy Ray, are jealous of their success, talent, faith, and love for eachother, Christ, and all people.

Love and Peace.

2374 days ago


OK I want to know, where you have been, One hit wonder? Come on get your head out of your behind and If you think real hard I know it hurts.... SOME GAVE ALL which is the number one requested songs for veterans day BUSY MAN, HEART OF A WOMAN, STORM IN THE HEART LAND, THE FACE OF GOD AND ON AND ON. IM SO SICK OF THIS ONE HIT WONDER CRAP. Billy is one of the sweetest most caring misunderstood singer song writter since Elvis. Try going to one of his concerts I know you'll love it! He rocks!!!
And as far as Miley goes just leave her alone she is a REAL SWEET HEART!! She will never be Brit or Lindsey. SORRY GUYS God's watching over her!

2374 days ago

Potato Head    

Get a life people...........

Get over yourself, your double wide, your 2 bird dogs, and your five ex-wives.

2374 days ago


# 14, you must live in the same trailer park.....

2374 days ago


this little girl scares me! she has a deep voice and she can't sing

2374 days ago


You people really take these hillbilly's serious. I mean we are talking about Billy Ray Mullethead and his pimped out daughter.

2374 days ago


Potato Head, I was going to stop because I thought you were pretty kind to me considering. Why can't get a life express it's opinion without it always going back to living in a trailor? Besides, that's a mean thing to say to people that actually do, it's also mean to put someone down that was being sincere and talking very nice. We all have the right to express ourselves. Get a Life is turning the other cheek. I just think it's wrong to be so harsh. What made you think it was a man by the way? I couldn't tell? Get A Life, I enjoyed your post.

2374 days ago

Billy Ray Cyrus's Mullet    

this little "whore' i mean "slut" i mean "freak" i mean this "wild" girl is headed down a britneyesque path.....just because she is a gazillionaire does not help her situation.. . . . .

2374 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Thank you Lara, these peole are just full of hate and jealousy, it would be funny if it were not so sad. On the bright side, each time I have seen Billy Ray in concert, there are thousands of fans, and there are only five or six mentally challenged individuals posting their ignorance here this evening.

2374 days ago


Don't listen to FlBiker potato, I know there is a nice side to ya! :)

2374 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Potato Head, personal attack without reason is the province of a week intellect or a disturbed mind. Let me disabuse you of the notion that anyone who is knowledgable of the busines of the entertainment industry and a Christian is inherently the protypical "country bumpkin", quite the contrary, the overwhelming majority of us are Ivy League educated multi-ligual and have deep roots in music from jazz to house music, and as for your inane assumption about marital status, I dare say, our principled statistics are far superior to the secular population, and in my case happily so - enjoy your ignorance, hate, and intolerance of others. As Christ taught us we even love those that hate us.

Peace and Love.

2374 days ago

OC Get A Life    

I mean obviously FIBiker has his little trailer decorated with Miley Cyrus photos and is jerking off every chance he gets to the Sears catalogue and any other photos of children he and "No One You Know" can download off the internet or get from their weekly N.A.M.B.L.A. meetings, but now we get a new pedophile on the thread, "Billy Ray Cyrus' Mullet". Man I need to take a shower in acid. To bad there is no such thing as retroactive birth control for these kinds of guys, but then again, they are probably 130 pound weaklings who would piss their pants if the fathers of any of the girls or boys they fantasize about came after them - Billy Ray Cyrus would pound them to dust.

2374 days ago
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