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Miley Cyrus One Step Closer to Being Miley Cyrus

3/24/2008 8:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Miley CyrusDestiny Hope Cyrus has taken another step towards legally changing her name to the one we all know her by anyway -- Miley.

As TMZ first reported, Miley's parents, Leticia and Billy Ray, filed name change papers on March 14. Part of the process is that the Cyrus fam needs to make four public notices referring to the name change in order for it to become legal.

Today, a notice was put in the Los Angeles Daily Journal, announcing that a hearing making the name change official will take place on May 1.


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hold on...............why in the hell would u choose ur name to be miley over destiny????????????????????

2374 days ago

smells like Britney Spears    

I didn't know that wasn't the girl's real name. Destiny is a very pretty and strong name, why the hell would you wanna change it to "Miley"???

2374 days ago


No idea why people hate the Cyrus family so much. I used to think Billy was dumb cause he made so dang much money on one ach breaky hit, but I've seen him interviewed several times, and he's always been polite, respectful, and given thoughtful input, Its gotta count for something. Don't know much about Miley, but I think she'll be alright if she keeps God and family first and remembers who her real friends are. Hey all that fame is a lot when you're 15-16.

2374 days ago


Looks like we struck a nerve with somebodys hillbilly hero. Take it easy, they are gonna put Dog the Bountyhunter back on the air someday so you can masturbate to your favorite fella again soon.

2374 days ago


just sayin>>>> are u living under a rock in Kentucky?

2374 days ago


Why can't she just leave it as a nick name? Why does she have to legally change it?

2374 days ago


No Soliz. Work in the child care industry. Ever child I have named that is black. Are you living under a rock?

2374 days ago

OC Get A Life    

Sorry, FIBiker we were just sitting here watchig the news, yes the news, no not Fox, the real news, and we were laughing ourselves silly at your inane attempts to incite some form of reprisal, the sad fact is that you are an uneducated, bigoted, self-loathing, individual with cleary pedophilic predilictions, and I would hope that you would turn to your faith or some form of mental health counselling treatment centre for help - but like many of your ilk - you will confine yourself to a lifetime of being a tax burden on American society - and that is part of the price we as principled adherents to the democratic ideal are willing to pay for our freedoms.

Continue your tirade, I am going to take a walk with my wife and you are quite correct I think of Billy Ray Cyrus as an American artist, just like John Mellencamp, John Stewart, Leonard Cohen, Bruce Springsteen, BB King, Kurt Cobain, and the list is endless - your very limited education and bigotry closes off too much of the world to you but there is always hope.

Now, continue your attack, that is a good soldier, and remember what the doctors told you the last time, take your lithium and don't listen to the voices, it is not right to have those thoughts about children or say those nasty things in public.

Peace and Love

2374 days ago


lol...funny just saying....i guess if uve got ur proof right? I hope its good data...iscientifically proven n all.........I know a few girls named destiny...theyre not black, but hey i guess were under much different rocks.......................................

2374 days ago


Maybe she can follow in Ashley Dupre's footsteps. I wonder how long before she is begging to be in a Joe Francis video.

2374 days ago


Why do you need a hearing for this? I thought you could just go to social security and do it??

2374 days ago


Why bring Joe into this? She is 15. WHAT? lol

2374 days ago


nah biker i bet it will be crack !

2374 days ago


Plus, Miley actually has a meaning to her... it was her nickname when she was a little kid who couldn't pronounce Smiley. Miley is a cute name too, my best friend is naming her daughter Miley Lorraine! Miley Cyrus is actually a great role model for girls! My niece loves Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus and wants to pursue her own dream of being an artist or a singer... and my niece is 8!

2374 days ago


#36 Hahahahahaha

2374 days ago
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