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Does the World Need Another Jonas Brother?!

3/25/2008 3:37 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Like the Beatles before them, chaste, panty-dropping boy band the Jonas Brothers now have four members -- the trio unveiling their new addition at a DC airport.

Their mom must be real old because this guy is pushing 40!


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Who is that girl that was walking with them.... not thier mom but like the 12 year girl.

2339 days ago


The Jonas Brothers are great role models. You guys make fun of people like Britney and those other people because they're bad role models, leave em alone theyre just trying to make a living.

2339 days ago


whatever all you haters problem is, get over it.
you are just jealpus of the jons brothers.
dont lie, you know its true.
they are amazing.
and they have talent!
they are three of the many celebrities that dont let fame go to their head.
they are good people, and you know that.
so get over your hating self and go find someone else to diss on.
how about my chemical romance..they are GAY (literally) and they are rude
and do nothing but get high and drunk.
or what about lindsay and paris?
yeah, they for sure arent good rolemodels.
but the jonas brothers are AMAZING role models.

2339 days ago


THATS THERE DAD STUPIDS!!!! Wow TMZ, you didnt really investigate and get enough info about the Jonas Brothers or you would have well known that by now!

2339 days ago


Man, this is annoying! Leave them alone you annoying loser. They're just trying to walk through an airport.
AND their parentssss

2339 days ago


everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but don't judge them until you know more about them. they aren't just 3 really good looking guys who happen to be extremely musically talented. they are also amazing people, who are all really grounded. nick has a diabetes charity, their next album has gone green, they endorse eating breakfast in the morning as a healthy way to start the day, and they are true Christians. that is hugely admirable especially when they have to deal with the harsh side of fame every single day. they are who they were when they started and they are so loyal to their true fans. "live like you're at the bottom even if you're at the top." they understand that music is more than just lyrics and a melody, it is about making a positive impact and they even said if that's not why they're doing it then they're in it for the wrong reasons. well, i know they're in it for the right reasons and they're an amazing influence.

so next time before you judge them take the time to learn more about them, they really are amazing and that is undeniable.

2339 days ago


does anyone know who the girl is in the backround?(in the green hoodie) she was like walking with them and i wonder if its like demi lovata or someone!??? ILOVEJBS!

2339 days ago


That was really rude, bothering them like that. I know it's probably your job or whatever, but they have been touring non-stop for almost a year. I'm sure they are exhausted, and they don't need people stalking them around the airport. A simple hello would have been nice, you didn't need to go bothering their poor family.

And to all those people who say they don't like the Jonas Brothers. It's your opinion, I understand that. But don't insult the people who do like them, because if they have as many fans as they do, they must be doing something right don't you think?

2339 days ago


isnt that like there dad??
and whose the girl walking behind them,next to their mom?
does anybody know?

2339 days ago

susan norton    

The Jonas Brothers ARE : talented,sweet,unique,christians, and are very nice, we have met them and their family 4 times and been all over the states to see their concerts Lawrenceville ga, indianapolis in. louisville ky., portland maine, and Mass. Boston, and we live in TENNESSE...They are AMAZING !!!!!!!!!! we love them so much and their family too., and of course Big Rob, jack, garbo, and john taylor ))
We have stood out in the freezing weather and raIN OVER 10 HOURS FOR MEET AND GREET PASSES ) WITHOUTS COMPLAINTS AND THEY ARE NOT A PRODUCT OF dISNEY) THEY WERE SUCCESSFUL BEFORE just helped them because of a greater range of people watching their shows..
If anyone cared to find out about them , they would learn how great of people they are not just ( gorgeous ) ...they founded the CHANGE THE CHILDREN FOUNDATION TOO )) AND MY DAUGHTER HAS DIABETES LIKE NICK AND HES A GREAT INSPIRATION TO ALL !!!!!!

2338 days ago


Everyone's entilted to his/her own opinion BUT "trash talking" the Jonas Brothers is kind of IMMATURE is it that JB haters have NOTHING better to do with their lives that they have to go OUT OF THEIR WAY to show the world that they hate the Jo Bros. It's kind of SAD!!!!

2338 days ago


the jonas brothers are amazing!!! by the way the girl in the green is nicks best friend maya from years ago!!!

2338 days ago

Janie Luvs The Jonas Brothers    

all you haters just SHUT UP!you know nothg about them!and whoever was asking them five million different questions in that video..give the boys a break!they are busy and probably tired!i love the Jonas Brothers with all my heart!They have awesome music and I agree with Gabbie LOVES JB leave the boys alone!gawd!they are also good role models thanks melissa!They have purtity rings cuz they are very serious about dating and everything!just plz haters SHUT UP!!!!!!!Jonaslover50 your comment rocks my sox!Jonas Brothers rock and all you "haters" stop being simon from American Idol...NOW.

2338 days ago


the Jonas Brothers are amazing and super cute and they have awesome fashion sense. they are amazingly talented and are awesome role models. i love what their all about. what's so bad with wanting to wait till marriage to have sex, i think it's a wonderful idea, especially now in a world full of people who are having kids out of wedlock. do we really need another Jamie Lynn Spears? maybe they can knock some sense into the other over hyped party obsessed young hollywood stars nowadays.

2338 days ago


you know what. the JoBros are Christians. As well as me, not being via religion, but you know what guys, people who curse other people doesn't get anything. It'll just make your life worst. I don't want to say any bad things to those who curse them since I know that cursing them doesn't help my life. I'll just pray that your gonna be blessed even you're like that. To those who're grateful for the Jonas Brothers, don't mind them, what's important are these brothers.n_n peace out.

2337 days ago
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