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Heath Worth a Helluva Lot More Than $145K

3/25/2008 5:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

There have been news reports that Heath Ledger left a grand total of $145,000 in his estate, and, as a result, his daughter might not be taken care of properly -- BOGUS!

True, we know the will lists $145,000 in assets. But here's the deal. The will was drafted in 2003. Since then, sources say, Heath accumulated lots of jack, from movies like "Lords of Dogtown," "The Brothers Grimm," "Brokeback Mountain," "Casanova," "Candy," "I'm Not There" and "The Dark Knight."

We're told Heath has considerably more assets than the $145k. On top of that, sources say he lived all over the world and was smart enough to know all of his money shouldn't sit in the U.S., where taxes are a bitch.

On the other hand, one of Heath's uncles has said the late actor's estate is valued at $60 mil. We're told that's absurd as well (on the high side), and the uncle doesn't know jack since he's been estranged from the family as well.

Bottom line -- Matilda will be fine, and there's a lot of $$$ on the line.

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Matilda may need a lawyer to sue the estate - and FAST before the grandfather hides or steals it all. Never expect anyone to do the "right thing" when it comes to money - NEVER.

2314 days ago


What is sad is that people are feuding over money and people are disrespecting the child and heath who i am sure would give any thing to just see eachother again. I really think everyone should just let this all go. Let heath rest in piece and stop judging. It is sad that everyone can judge funny when the shoe is on the other foot. Michelle shouldn't have kept his daughter away for so long, he was tired had insomnia and was doing nothing but thinking of her still. He missed her so much and now the only time he had left he missed out on. How could she do that to Heath?
Its sad that he lost his life so young, and its sad that now no one can stop speaking about his earnings and what he had.His daughter was the best gift because she will live on through him!
God bless Matilda! i know heath is her angel watching over her and protecting her .............
Heath - RIP and I love you and will forever and always!

2313 days ago


Why is this even in the news yet again? The poor guy died two months ago and he's still in the news every week. I wish everyone would let it die down until The Dark Knight comes out because its going to be brought up again. Seems to me his family just wants their 15 minutes to keep going. The only person I feel bad for is Matilda because her family is money hungry. Poor little girl

RIP Heath

2313 days ago


you said who cares about the drugged putz Mr. Richard Pierce, obviously 60 comments and funny thing is obviously you cared enought to enter and waste your time to enter a comment. You are the looser with nothing better to do that be jealous and envy the ones that are so very loved as Heath was. Sounds like you are Pathetic! Why don't you cry me a river and then see if anyone cares.

2313 days ago


uhhhhhh....didn't he die ?

2313 days ago


TMZ, you only have part of the story right. Assets held in NY will be probated there. Assets held in various other places will be probated in their respective jurisdictions. I suspect the Ledger estate will have multiple probates around the world. The same will is used in all places. Updating your will does not necessarily involve updating your assets in your will. Also, I do hope the US has legislation similar to Canada where a person unnamed in a will, but dependent upon the deceased, can apply to the court to have the court order an appropriate sum from the estate for the maintenance of that person.

2313 days ago


Hey number two um thats what it says! 2. Hmmm...noooooooo...I THINK you mean "The Dark Knight." Funny, how English spells things differently and stuff.

2312 days ago


What should happen ... Michelle should contest the will since he now has an heir and an independent executor should be appointed to make sure that no one else can take the money that belongs to his child.

2312 days ago


That is messed up to call Michelle a gold digger. Shut the EFF up, it's obvious she loved him and always will. She and her daughter deserve that money NO MATTER IF SHE IS A GOOD ACTRESS AND MAKES A DIME OR NOT! Pshh.. Matilda , oh how i hope your grandfather is not a big A HOLE.

2312 days ago

Van Zant Rocks    

Heath Ledger's personal resources far exceed $145,000.00 Heath's father may have made that claim for tax purposes, or to squirrel money away for himself (which Heath's father has done in the past). With the Vast body of work Heath participated in, including commissions to agents, managers, attorneys etc. including 50% Ownership of a Brownstone in New York he co-owned with Michelle Williams. Heath Ledger should conservatively had a personal wealth in the area
of a "MinimuM of 20 Million Dollars," at the Very Least...You don't work with major studios & end up with the equivilent of a Condo in Detroit... Get Real, Heath deserved better accounting for his successes than $145K...! "God Bless Heath."

2286 days ago
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