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Archuleta Gets DUI -- Daddy Under the Influence

3/26/2008 1:19 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Last night, Simon Cowell lashed out at someone after David Archuleta's performance, and we know who.

A well-placed TMZ spy tells us Simon went after David's dad, Jeff, for the kid's song, "You're the Voice" by John Farnham. Simon said, "I don't think that is you at all and I'd be amazed if you chose the song yourself." Our spy says Simon was blaming the fiasco on daddy dearest, adding, "It's exactly where the gun was being aimed."

As TMZ first reported, Jeff Archuleta is the ultimate nightmare stage dad who was so bad when David was a contestant on "Star Search," he got banned from the lot.

Almost no one even heard of the song David sang. Simon said it sounded like David was singing something at a theme park -- which would make Daddy Jeff a real Dumbo.


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Poor kid.....just in the picture shown here...The Dad's creepy smirk and the kid's blank stare pretty much says it all.

2366 days ago


I agree with TMZ, that this was a dig at dad. Why? Because the song isnt so bad! It has intelligent lyrics and a catchy tune. (Go to YouTube and search for "Farnham- You're the Voice" to hear the original!) Not David's best, but Simon obviously had an axe to grind....Maybe he did finally see negative Dad effect (last week he was quoted as saying Dad was fine)...on other hand he may have just been holding David up to his own higher standards. David is capable of more, as everyone has seen. But really, this song is a lot better than the Queen drivel that Michael Johns sings (that the critics raved over last night. "We are the Champions" is one of the most vacuous songs of all time---have any idea what Johns thought it "meant"? No (maybe his own desire to win AI?), but you know that David had an idea of what this song meant, and for most viewers (and Randy and Paula!) it was at least substantive and engaging.

2366 days ago


David Cook is NOT brillant! He has stolen cover versions other bands have already done-last night it was Chris Cornell's version he did of Billie Jean!!!

David Archuletta belongs on the Mickey Mouse club anyways!

2366 days ago


Yea get em Simon, its too bad that this kid is going to have to suffer and everyone's gonna start hating him because his fathers a real duech bag. We wouldnt mind making the kid rich but obviously the fathers a golddigger. Joe Simpson anyone?

2366 days ago


The song was huuuuuuge in Australia about 20 years ago, as was the artist who performed it, John Farnham. It's practically an Aussie anthem, but if the Americans didn't know it (and perhaps don't like it??), then maybe he could have made a more popular choice to please the audience.

2366 days ago


"DAVID COOK BRILLIANT"??? I LOVE the way Randy, et al, suggested he is so "original" once again. Ryan was barely heard saying Cook was perfoming CHRIS CORNELL's version of 'Billie Jean'. IT WAS NOTE FOR NOTE, INFLECTION FOR INFLECTION Cornell's version....I don't call that BRILLIANT or ORIGINAL!!!

2366 days ago


You can tell how much of a control freak the dad is also by his wife. LUPE. You know his ass went right down to Mexico promised her a green card and took her from her family with promises of the American dream. Too bad its been more like a nightmare, im sure he beats her to keep her in line.

2366 days ago


This kids was so much better during his original audition and then during Hollywood week when he wasn't having to sing for his father, He no longer even has the twinkle in his eyes.

2366 days ago


it actually breaks my heart when I look at David, he is a scared puppy.

2366 days ago

Oz rock    

2366 days ago




2366 days ago


The kid has to go, yes he's talented but I cannot see him going all the way. There are other contestants who are so much more talented then he is, and what's with the face he puts on after every performance. It looks like a feel sorry for me face and or a sad puppy dog face. His father probably told him to make that kind of face. I don't care, he has to go.

2366 days ago


Did you notice that he mouthed the word sorry after this performance?
And also after the "We can work it out" performance?
Why does he do that?
You shouldn't show your mistakes.

2366 days ago


If anyone wants to hear the ultimate performance of this song, just listen to a young Scott Grimes who was produced by Richard Carpenter of the Carpenters. The version is flawless and awesome.

2366 days ago


Man, some of you people have got some SERIOUS issues with hate and/or jealousy! Ryan Seacrest announced that David (Cook) would be singing CHRIS CORNELL's version of the song, so what more do you people want David to do--kiss Chris Cornell's ass every second of the performance? It's not David's fault the JUDGES said he was original. Maybe Simon, Paula, and Randy weren't paying attention when Ryan announced that it was Cornell's version of the song, but Cornell WAS credited and you CAN'T claim that he wasn't!

I'm sorry, but David did NOT steal anyone's song! He sings the versions of songs that he prefers (and does so VERY well), and it's not a crime to do that! At NO time did HE ever state that the song was HIS, and he doesn't have ANY control over what the judges say about it. If anyone had any say over what comments the judges make, Simon would have been gagged LONG ago! But as we all know, the judges say whatever they want, whenever they want, to whoever they want, so if they want to say that David is being "original" when he's only doing someone else's cover of a song, then fault the JUDGES, not David!

2366 days ago
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