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Heather Wants More -- $50 Million Not Enough!

3/26/2008 8:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Heather MillsAnd you wonder why everyone thinks she's a gold-digger?

Heather Mills, who was just awarded almost $50 million by a UK judge in her divorce settlement from Paul McCartney, is now looking for even more, says a report in the Daily Mail. She had reportedly told pals that she's getting forensic accountants to pore over Paul's finances, to prove that he's worth more than the court determined he was.

She's also been claiming that she can't support her 3-year-old daughter Beatrice on the nearly $70,000 that she was given just for her care.

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Usher's manager says that Keri was fine with Tameka's styling choices and that the shoot went "brilliantly."

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heather mills is a one legged WHORE,who took advantage of paul. you know that man had to be in love to marry that slut (with one leg)... she know from the very start that she was in it for the money and when she gave birth to that little cash register ,she knew she had it in the i hope you go back to court and the judge gives you NOTHING raggedy,leather face bitch.
i got it... since she is into so many charities why doesnt she give that money us that you are human crab ..

2215 days ago


58. If Heather can't raise her daughter on $70,000 per month, then I'll take it! I could raise her daughter and quite a few other children on that much per month! Per year actually!

Posted at 11:34AM on Mar 26th 2008 by Me in DC

EXACTLY!!! there is absolutely no reason for her to whine. 8.4 Mil a yr is more then enough, (70,000 a month) she makes more a month then me a year) and my 2 kids are very well fed, clothed and spoiled!!!! Bea will see all this when shes older and realize who should have gotten FULL custody and not just joint.

Posted at 11:55AM on Mar 26th 2008 by what a b****

Oh hell lets all meet up and have a damn block party...send the kids to family/friends for the weekend...

2215 days ago



2215 days ago


I wish she would go away

2215 days ago


What a stupid wench. $70,000 a year is not enough to raise a child, whatever. God forbid she should have to cough up some of her own $50 mil to raise the kid. Oh wait she's probably gonna give most of it to charity. YEAH The charity of Heather Mills. I bet Linda is rolling over in her grave. Hopefully next time Paul will get an airtight prenup to protect him from golddigging bitches like stumpy. She obviously thinks to highly of herself. For 4 years of marriage she made $34,246 a DAY. I want a job where I can make that kind of money. WHAT A STUPID BITCH. Maybe she'll take him back to court, and piss off the judge and he'll give her even less money or maybe nothing at all.

2215 days ago


Is she kidding?????????????I couldn't believe he married the skank. Then she wonders why she is the most hated person in the UK. (and the U.S.) We love our Sir Paul and when golddigging whores like her try to screw him, his fans react. I assume she has a body guard because after this she better have someone watching her back because there are a lot of deranged people out there. Poor thing can't manage of $70,000 a month. She is a pathetic joke. I agree that the judge should take the money and Beatrice away from her and throw her a bone cause she sure is a dog. Paul, you keep going down that long and winding road you will find your hearts desire.

2215 days ago


Miss Mills has told friends she cannot look after Beatrice on £35,000 a year, the sum awarded at the High Court.

One said: "Heather says she can prove the amount of money that is being given to look after Bea will not last over the year. She is putting it to the test.

"Even with Bea travelling in economy Heather says it's not enough. She is keeping every receipt - including her invoice to her security team - to show that £35,000 is just not sufficient.

"Heather's thinking is that Bea should not be seen to have a different lifestyle when she is with Heather compared to Paul - and she is going about proving that is not possible.

"Heather is hoping Paul will discretely make a payment to her annually rather than want to go back to court and rake all this up again."


2215 days ago


Carolyn (Abernathy),

Maybe you need to look at that again, it says WIFE first then Baby's mama! I have a husband and we have a child and he constantly calls me his baby's mama and we laugh about it! And no we are not black!!!

Grow up!

2215 days ago


"I'm a professional writer and looking at people's comments cracks me up but also is appalling." - Gloria the Grammar Nazi

Then buzz off? You won't be missed. You're just a nasty bitch with too much time on her hands.

2215 days ago


LARRY KING SHOULD RESHOW THE EPISODE WHEN PAUL & Mucca first appeared on his show. In this-- King asked her point blank-- if it's true what the UK press says about her-- she's a gold digger?! Paul then was even defending her-- HOW NAIVE & SILLY HE LOOKS NOW. How, vehemently she denied- she's in it for the money.

all told-- she can hop around like a banshee on speed-- won't do her any good. that ruling is pretty air-tight-- that Judge made sure of it.

she was asking over 100,000 pounds for Bea's support,by the way-- plus a trust fund of 1 mil pounds. Mucca writing in her demands stated-- to continuue their lifestyle as the 'wife'(notice she didn't say EX?) & daughter of an 'econ'.. etc.

Mucca also threatened Paul's lawyer in court by giving her the 'sign of 2 fingers in jugular' before doucing her-- NOT WITH A GLASS BUT A CARAFE OF WATER. AFTER THIS GESTURE.

you know, Mucca is totally nuts! anyway, I have no doubt-- McCartney has his will all sorted out-.

2215 days ago


So, during her tirade after the trial, Heather said that "everyone's known he's worth more that $800mil, for the last 15 years. Does any remember that when she first met Paul, she claimed that she didn't even know who the Beatles were (that should've been his first clue!). Now, that was alot less that 15 years ago. Sounds like she new exactly who Paul was, and what her plan was! She needs to shut up and go away!

2215 days ago


I don't think Paul owes her a dime in alimony. Child support yes. She wasn't there from the begining. He made that money!!! Anyone could live extremely well off of the Child Support alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2215 days ago


"I'm a professional writer and looking at people's comments cracks me up but also is appalling." - Gloria the Grammar Nazi

That's a rather pore, er pour, er poor sentence for a grammar nazi.

As for Heather, has she had a psychological evaluation?

2215 days ago


In her impromptu press conference after the divorce hearing at the High Court, Miss Mills said: "We all know he's worth £800million. He's been worth £800million for the last 15 years."

She claims to have recordings of her ex-husband telling her he is worth at least £800million.

Dr Philip Beresford, who compiles the Sunday Times Rich List, said: "All I would say is that we were surprised that the valuation of the music rights and business assets were so low.

"Also we wonder what has happened to Linda McCartney's money - she was worth some £150million when she died.

"Obviously it is in the interest of his accountants and himself to keep the figure as low as possible."

She's an idiot! Um, wouldn't you think Linda McCarthy's money would go to HER children?! Not her husbands crazy second wife! (I know that sounds weird!)

cookie your right, she knew exactly what she was getting herself into. She just thought he was more of a pushover and it would have been easier to get more money when she finally decided to leave!

She didn't deserve half of what she got. She should be thankful for what they gave her and get over it! The money she is getting for Bea is combined with her money to raise her! Paul is not the only person that should have to support Bea and Heather needs to understand that if Bea is riding in coach when she's with her it's just because she is a selfish mother that isn't willing to upgrade for her only child! She is hoarding all of that money for herself.

Besides what does she need all of that money for?! It has been proven that you can buy class, and I don't think that would even be enough for this woman!

2215 days ago


Heather Mills is such a heartless Bitch!! She got too much in my opinion to begin with.

2215 days ago
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