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Hobbits for Hillary!

3/26/2008 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alert the Shire, Samwise Gamgee is voting for Hillary Clinton -- and Middle-Earth will never be the same!
Sean Astin and Chelsea Clinton
"Lord of the Rings" star Sean Astin joined former (and possibly next) First Daughter Chelsea Clinton in Indiana on Tuesday to campaign for Hillary.

Gollum has yet to announce who he is endorsing.


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I only have one question...why are all of these white people so concerned about Obama's policy on racism?...not one of you speaks out against all of the racist comments left on here...most of you either get deaf and dumb or give kudos to the cleverness of the ignorant ass poster...could it possibly be because..."HUNTING AIN'T NO FUN WHEN BAMBI HAS THE GUN???? What's the matter, scared maybe you will have to put up with some of the BS that black people have to deal with every single day?...500 plus years of oppression isn't enough for you?...yeah, yeah I know...feel free to hate me now...losers

2366 days ago


Sean's grandma Lucille Ball was a liberal too.

2366 days ago


to #19 likdafreak or whatever.... uuummm 500 years?? We weren't even a country yet so back off. And its HIS reverand thats racist , not everyone else. Get the facts or shut your whole.

2366 days ago

Ooooo Noooo!    

So who is she going to trot out next to endorce her? Steve-O? Looks likes she scraping the bottom of the Hollyweird barrel. Give it up honey, the country wants to move on from the 1990s. Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Bush, Bush, Clinton is not change.

2366 days ago


Why is everyone else racist but the black folks?? Races all over the world at one time or another have been oppressed by another race. The difference, other races get over it. Its been 150 years since slavery was alive, why should we keep hearing about this. After all these years ,isn't it time for black folks to be responsible for their actions?? I don't hold hard feelings against Britian for the oppression they put on us here in America. And that was the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812! Get over it , I'm not paying for someone elses sins or actions over 150 years ago.African Americans do as well as they let themselves do. No other race has a problem thriving in America. Why aren't black folks blaiming the traders who made lots of money bringing them here to be sold. Those traders were not Americans, and they sold slaves to lots of countries, not just America...

2366 days ago



2366 days ago


Nobama first i was responding directly to this comment left on this page..."Good for him! She's the best choice for President!

Obama is a hypocrit... he hates crakkas!

Posted at 3:07PM on Mar 26th 2008 by Crakka's hole.. not whole...two completely different meanings if you know what I mean...and third like I can hate me now...

2366 days ago


I sick of hearing about Obamanation of Islam!

2366 days ago


Sean Astin I like. The Clintons, I despise. Everyone has their own choice on who to vote for. I will Hobble my hobbit butt over to the polls in Nov. pushing VOTE for McCain.

2366 days ago


i was there!!!!!!!

2366 days ago



Just read your post

so laughable

I am a racist. Am White. Am voting for McCain. Despise the thought of a black president, or a gay female president.
You are too stupid to KNOW that your beloved Obama is of white descent? What do you think he will do for your black self? Think he loves you personally? Do you really think The Rev. Jesse Jackson loves you? Abe Lincoln didn't love you. They loved money and power and the entity of politics and buying your black butts is what their game is all about. You are the racist. You are too ignorant to even make civil comments about all races being treated equal. It has to be the blacks..or the whites....ignorant ignorant...

But I love to read dumb ignorant comments from blacks. Shows why they are made fun of. Not because of color, or your descent....because of your LACK OF INTELLIGENCE. You just repeat things you heard off BET comedy and think that is correct.



2366 days ago


Cracker is a racial slur toward white people. I am offended by this slang. I am not a cracker and never will be a cracker. Do you have any idea what a cracker is?? You could be charged with a hate crime likdafreak. Its a big deal.

2366 days ago


Connie...I am the ignorant one?!?....ooooookaaaay...Like I can hate me now...loser...PS I am not black...loser...

2366 days ago

800 pound gorilla fart    

Love all these Obamaniacs who comment on the looks of Hillary and Sean . Dlckhead. Sure, Let's judged Obama by the content of his soul while everyone else's looks is fair game .Change ? Sounds like the same ol' sheet . Dlckhead .

2366 days ago


Don't call us to "crakka you"...the one who left the original comment on page one that I responded to using the word crakka...

2366 days ago
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