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Hobbits for Hillary!

3/26/2008 3:03 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Alert the Shire, Samwise Gamgee is voting for Hillary Clinton -- and Middle-Earth will never be the same!
Sean Astin and Chelsea Clinton
"Lord of the Rings" star Sean Astin joined former (and possibly next) First Daughter Chelsea Clinton in Indiana on Tuesday to campaign for Hillary.

Gollum has yet to announce who he is endorsing.


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Democrats are evil    

Democrats like this bunch are so full of it. From Hillary dodging sniper fire in Bosnia to O'bama denying that he has never heard his pastor of 20 years speak with such hatred towards the US. These people will lie and cheat just to get into power and if they do so, you better hold onto your wallet because they want to save the world and socialism and communism are much more compatible with their beliefs than good old capitalism and the US Constitution. I can hear the chants in the Mideast now for O'Bama now. Democrats are just such fools.

2402 days ago


#44 Are you sure?
I was kidding silly. But thanks for being right on top of that. Ring Worms are much better than Trekies.

2402 days ago


Barack Obama's supporters want Hillary to drop out to because she is about to win very big in Pennsylvania and she has gained in the delagates dept. and with new supporters. They fear this lead Obama has will dwindle to none and maybe even go down in the delagate count. I will not vote for Obama on any ticket either. I will vote republican if Obama wins the nomination, and millions of Americans do agree with me. Obama is not a winner , he is a racist.

2402 days ago

Allred Tree    

Barbara Streisand and the rest of the limosine liberal Hollywood crowd has been awfully quiet about Hillary Clinton. Does Peter v. Paul have anything to do with this?

Chelsea was as rude and arrogant to the student as she was to the little girl. She has an awfully deep voice, too. Actually, I was shocked.

2402 days ago


Sean who? Talk about a never-was.

2402 days ago


REMEBER NOT TO VOTE FOR HILLARY!!! her daughter is even rude. when asked about how her mother felt about the AFFAIRS Bill had. she said none of your business!!! WELL LITTLE GIRL, WHAT YOU DO & YOUR PARENTS DO IS "THE PEOPLE OF THE USA BUSINESS, AFTER ALL, BILL WAS PRESIDENT, & YOUR MOTHER WANTS TO BE PRESIDENT!!!

2402 days ago

Lenn K.    

Hope there isn't any snipers lurking around. This woman is just a terrible LIAR.

2402 days ago

Just my opinion    


2402 days ago

Just my opinion    

Chelsea IS NOT rude. She is the sweetest girl. I met her in Texas and she is very classy.
It ISN'T anyones business anymore what her dad did/did not do. Get pass that and think..
Obama has NO RESPECT for the American people. H refuses to give up his membership at that damn church that has the freaky reverend. That's SCARY!!!!!!!
A little BJ never hurt anybody...a BIGOT does!

2402 days ago


Let Mikey from Goonies tell us what we need.....Celebrities don't even help.. In fact, they hurt more than anything else.

2402 days ago


Chelsea has a giant face cause of that crap plastic surgery job which makes her look like Ziggy. Yes it is our business cause he was in office working on tax payer dollars. Instead of getting blown he could've stopped Bin Laden.

2402 days ago

Allred Tree    

Hillary reminds me of Shirley Jones, the singer and mother of David Cassidy. Sorry Shirley, but I have been thinking of this for a long time and seeing this picture of Sean Astin reminded me of it.

I hope someone asked Chelsea why her mother lied about her whereabouts during 911 and what she thought about it.

2402 days ago

Allred Tree    

Chelsea has a giant face cause of that crap plastic surgery job which makes her look like Ziggy. Yes it is our business cause he was in office working on tax payer dollars. Instead of getting blown he could've stopped Bin Laden.

Posted at 10:58PM on Mar 26th 2008 by Leroy Smith the 5th

Google Chelsea Clinton WEB HUBBELL! What say you?

2402 days ago


Hillary said when Bill cheated on her she didn't about it. She was in the east wing of the White House when he was having his fun with Monika. Now my question is : how can she be president and run the nation if she doesn't even know whats going in her own marriage ?. There was also Paula Jones and Jennifer Flowers, thats a lot of cheatin for one guy in a high profile position, and she didn't know ? Oh, I know, she was too busy dodging sniper bullets.
She'll never get my vote.

2402 days ago



2401 days ago
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