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Kimora and Russell Divorcing ... Again?

3/26/2008 8:07 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained new divorce papers in the blingiest divorce in the biz -- Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons. Baby phat say wha'? Didn't they do that already?

The papers, filed today in Los Angeles County Superior Court by Kimora, cite irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split. She is asking for legal and physical custody of the couple's two daughters Ming Lee and Aoki Lee. In this petition she is not seeking spousal support.

If this feels like deja vu, it is. Russell reportedly filed for divorce in March 2006, but in August of '07 Kimora told OK! Magazine that they were not divorced yet, and "who knows" what will happen. Life in the fab lane!

Kimora asks that "reasonable child visitation" be granted to Russell, but that the girls be "accompanied at all times by the children's nanny and security personnel."

Russell released a statement to TMZ, through his rep, saying "Although I haven't read the papers, I'm excited for closure on this issue. I love her to def and I will always wish her happiness and success."

A call to Kimora's rep was not immediately returned.

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Lenn K.    

Lexus, takes an ass to know ass!

2345 days ago



2345 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Lenn I'm glad you admit it. God, you're a woman's worst nightmare.

2345 days ago


YAY for you Simmons--now you dont have to listen that conceited, annoying biotch anymore. Yay!!!!

2345 days ago


Lexus: Its one thing to a strong, independent successful woman and its another thing to be a conceited, selfish and a goddy bitch. I hope you are dislike KLS in the latter description because that is what KLS is. I too, although never married nor with children, am a strong, independent and successful woman. However the difference between you and I is that I dont waste my money on cars and jewelry (as you hinted you do) Instead I've created an excellent retirement fund for myself, paid off my parents house as thanks for all they have done for me and also donated over $50,000 to a local womans shelter which helps homeless/abused/troubled woman turn their lives around by getting into housing and a career.

Money isnt everything. KLS thinks it is and that is why she has been hated (rightfully so!) on in this room. In a world where middle class people cant afford their mortgages or healthcare its beyond rude, selfish and demoralizing for celebrities to flaunt their status around by purchasing multi-thousand dollar purses and other luxury items.

2345 days ago


I want to say you hit the nail on the head when it comes to Kimora
.Also thank you for the donation,at one time I had to go to a woman's
shelter for the safety of my kids and myself...God bless.

2345 days ago


Val*** that post was to you...

2345 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Hey Val and Anon - oh, I see - you are BFFs with Russell? You live in the Lee/Simmons household? Ahhhh....just as I thought. You know NOTHING about KLS. You only know what you've seen on her Style show and come to conclusions that you KNOW are accurate. If you choose to interpret confidence as conceit, that is your option. You don't like Kimora; fine. Too bad, b/c Russell still likes her honey and he knows her a hell of a lot better than you do.

Call me a conceited bitch if you will - I honestly don't lose sleep over your opinion of me. Like KLS (well, not quite on her level financially, but I do very well, thanks for asking!) I know what I want, I am not easily intimidated (in fact, I don't think I've ever been intimidated), I am a very good business woman, and I enjoy my life. I travel, I have a small condo in South Beach, I have 2 cars (in Manhattan) and my kids are GREAT. So life is good. Sorry yours apparently isn't and that's what bugs you the most about KLS.

Kimora - go baby go! Congrats on your pregnancy and keep on being your fabulous self. Ignore the racists and misogynists out there honey - they only wish they could be a part of you!

2345 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

I like Kimora Lee Simmons too!

2345 days ago


I think KLS is FABulous. If she and her husband are on good terms why are any of us trying to judge? As for the security detail and the nanny, I think that's just to ensure the safety of the little girls, no more, no less. It's like that when both parents are in the business and some crazy person tries to harm them for kicks. It's not like any of them are homebodies.

2345 days ago


Who are you all to judge their lives??? Sounds like a lot of losers on here that have nothing to do but bad-mouth others. It is sad they are divorcing. I don't know anything about these 2 so I won't JUDGE and unless you are personally acquainted or perhaps - GOD - then maybe you shouldn't either! BTW - he married her for looks as much as she may have married him for money. Look at society - past and present - it's survival of the fittest baby!

2344 days ago


Upgrade indeed!! Whoa!! That Kimora looks...well. I won't type what I'm thinking, but she looks "common," to say the least, talks like she has no education (does she?), and I think it's hilarious that her current boyfriend talked about their relationship in...Bazaar was if she is just a date! I love it. She is so full of herself...and the new woman in her ex-husband's life is GORGEOUS! Eat your heart out, Imelda Marcos!

2344 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Andrea you are a smart girl.

2344 days ago


Please..........when you have as much money as are 'garbage' baby.....not trash!

2344 days ago


Give me a break, the fact the she is asking for supervised visitation is stupid. i don't know russell personally, but i know damn well he would never do anything to put his children in any type of danger. and after all he has done for her, she should have left the brotha with a lil' more dignity than that. I also hope that Djimon is the strong brotha that he portrays in his excellent films. because she is indeed a piece of work . an arrogant person. (out of respect for russell and Djimon) i won't call her the names that she trully represent. (i support you russell and i don't think that you need supervised visitation. shes trying to drag your name through the mud. you have done too much and have given too much to your artist and to the world. she would not have a career if it were not for you.

2333 days ago
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