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Movies, Sushi, and A**holes - Coming Soon!

3/26/2008 5:34 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Rich life at the movie theaterA few smarties have gotten together and figured out a way to get those teenaged chatterboxes out of your movie theater. It'll only cost you $35 - and that won't include popcorn!

Variety is reporting that over the next five years, 50 luxury movie theaters will pop up in affluent areas all over the country.

The fancy theaters will boast 40 reclining seats with footrests, a full bar, concierge service, and valet parking. And they'll have gourmet theater-friendly food, like sushi, delivered right to your reclining seat. So now instead of getting wasted and passing out watching a movie at home, you can get wasted and pass out in a comfortable chair not at home.

The first two venues are set to open in South Barrington, a suburb of Chicago, and the Seattle suburb of Redmond in October.

No word on whether your cell phone going off during the movie will get you ejected to the poor people's movie theater down the street.

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Connecticut had a "Poor Richard's Pub and Cinema" over 20 years ago and it was fantastic! We look forward to this type of movie "theater" coming back!

2409 days ago

Jared ATX    

Come to Austin its called Alamo Drafthouse its already here and we have like 12 of them. whats better then drinking and eating food anytime you see a bad movie you can just order some more beer! Seriously though this is not news worthy at all maybe about three years ago when these franchises first started popping up.

2409 days ago


It sounds reasonable, but I'm not going to pay $35 just to see a movie.

2409 days ago

Jared ATX    

and another thing in texas the tickets only cost 8 bucks! They make all there money off the food drink ect. On 4/20 the tickets are only going to cost $4.20 and they will be playing stoner movies all day and serving twinkies. Yeah I know Texas is better and I know your already jealous reading this!!!!

2409 days ago


Will there also be futons for all the back row freaks that practically have sex during the movie? Note To Self: No matter how late you are to a movie, don't get stuck on the back row with your kids. They'll learn about the birds and the bees way before it's time.

2409 days ago


Hey Lorri, lay off the caffeine...

2409 days ago


We already have one of these in Vancouver, WA called Cinetopia- they have the "Living Room" theaters with all the amenities and you have be over 21... and then they have the all ages theaters that have the leather chairs but no footrests or waiters. It is awesome, and they only charge $10 admittance. So why do these new theaters have to charge so much???

2409 days ago


Here in Texas in a small town called Schulenburg there is an old haunted hotel that has a theater and a pizza kitchen. You can order your pizza before the movie starts and they will bring it to you whenever you want it and the tickets to the theater only cost $4.00 for adults. Its some of the best pizza I've had in a long time. Oh, and the theater is haunted too!

2409 days ago

Patti from Lawn Guyland    

None here on Lawn Guyland????

2409 days ago


They already have these in South Florida and they are great. Movico has a theater with valet, sprate entranc and a great restaurant that can deliver food to your seat - and the popcorn is free. It is a great experience with luxury seating including love seats. Advance ticketing, guarnteed seating - we loved it and went a couple of times a week before relocating to the midwest. Expensive - about the cost of a good dinner out for two. But worth it.

2409 days ago


Okay. First, I think that these theaters are a great idea. I am so tired of going to late showings of R-rated movies and having loud babies, young children, and middle schoolers in the theatre (i.e. the 9:45 showing of The Bourne Ultimatum or the 9:30 showing of Superbad). These can give people the choice of what kind of movie viewing experience they want. Of course there will still be plenty of $9 theaters, nobody is forcing you to pay $35 to see a movie (the theaters aren't that prevalent anyways). Plus, I would pay more if I could eat fresh sushi and drink beer while at the theater.

2408 days ago



2408 days ago


Not all the noise comes from yackity-yak teenagers...senior citizens who can't hear and are constantly asking their friend "What did they say" is also annyoying. Not to mention the kicking of the seats, people constantly getting out of their seats for that refreshment they forgot or going to the bathroom from the refreshment they just had.

Movies theaters suck.

2408 days ago

Jessica Nyquist    

I wouldn't pay 35 dollars to go to a movie theater no matter how nice it is. I don't even go to the movie theater now when it costs nine dollars. I guess if you want to pay that much, go right on ahead, but it is definately not for me. Although I guess their are some people who are willing to pay that because they don't like all the noise coming from the loud kids who sit in the back row. Who came up with this idea anyway?

2402 days ago

Shawn A    

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