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No Hasidic Jews in Arizona?!

3/26/2008 10:11 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Calling a Hasidic Jew a "Pilgrim" to his face is a major faux pas, so TMZ asked David Hernandez how the heck he could make such a blunder. Gevalt!

He also said who'd be the next voted off "Idol" -- you won't be happy with the answer.


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Strippers are not known for their brains. So long loser!

2380 days ago


This guy looks like a gayer version of Matthew Eldridge.

2380 days ago


I don't want to defend his blunder.........but I've lived in AZ
(Phoenix) my whole life 37 years and counting and honestly there
really aren't too many Hasidic Jewish folks that I've ever seen here.
But any reasonably intellegent person who has watched the movies or
TV would probably be aware that they exist.

2380 days ago


Who cares if he called someone who happened to be jewish a "pilgrim"? He didn't even know he was jewish. Again TMZ are being idiots.

And it's interesting to see that he isn't really gay, he was just doing the stripping at gay bars for money.

2380 days ago

eva Levy    

As A chassidic jew, i can say this is not a big deal. we are used to this in areas where we are not often seen. it amuses us. i briefly dated chassidic man who's father works at a company in rural pennsylvania. every day he is stopped by tourists who ask to take pictures with him because they think he's amish. he laughs and poses for the picture and gets back to work. david is forgiven. we are amused.

2380 days ago


I live in an area of North Scottsdale, AZ that just so happens to be a Hasidic Jew neighborhood. I see them all the time walking around or at the grocery store. This guy must have been too busy strippin' in school to pay attention to the fact that pilgrims were here around 1600 not 2008. If you don't know then keep your mouth shut dumba**!

2380 days ago


I still cannot understand why TMZ insists on following this guy around. He was voted off the show, you covered that, and yet you still continue to create stories about him. I would guess that maybe 25% of us who visit this site even care at all. I know I dont, and I really wish you would drop him and move on. Show''s over. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along now.

2380 days ago


Keep covering David, TMZ. He is my favorite Idol this year and I miss him on the show. You guys keep my David hunger fed.

2380 days ago


OMG! COuld that stupid car video game ad at the beginning be ANY LOUDER?

2380 days ago


I love David. Keep us updated TMZ. The rumors of him being gay seem to be incorrect. I also saw an interview with his ex girlfriend from high school. GO DAVID - YOUR FANS LOVE YOU!!!

2379 days ago

brazen weep    


2379 days ago


Because he's an idiot, that's how!!!! See ya, loser!!!!!!!!

2379 days ago


LMAO! Way to tell em Hernandez! Stupid pap smears! I love that name for the papparazi's because its SO fitting!

2379 days ago


If you rub you testicles on Men for money or not, you can no longer be considered a straight man. I find the video to be hillarious regardless of his level of fame. Just the thought of someone running into a person and asking them if they are a pilgrim is so stupid that it is funny.

2373 days ago

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