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PETA to Aretha: Lose the Fur, Keep Your House

3/26/2008 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PETA is trying to help out Aretha Franklin with that whole foreclosure mess she's in. The animal rights group has written a letter to the fur-ocious Queen of Soul offering to pay her $19,000 tax bill if she promises to never wear fur again and donate her unwanted furs to PETA - like Mariah Carey and Kim Cattrall have done.
Peta to Aretha - forget about those furs
Aretha should know, fur is definitely out of fashion. Hasn't she seen all those shots of Paris and Britney getting out of cars?


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Did you know that God made garments from animal skin for Adam and Eve in Genesis 3:21??

2402 days ago


PETA is totally AWESOME!!! Aretha Franklin has such low self-esteem about her morbidly obese body that she must hide it behind families of tortured and skinned alive animals, now that takes a pretty sick and twisted person to wear fur!

Check out the amazing work PETA does for animals!

And this is an awesome site for teens who are animal lovers and interisted in PETA!


2402 days ago


Aretha is pathetic. How many years has it been since she has had any success? Only someone with no self esteem needs to parade around in the skins of dozens of animals [up to 60 per coat; much of the animal's hide is not usable] to get people to pay attention to them. The truth is, people don't admire others who wear fur--they pity them. I hope she loses her house. When she is homeless, those furs might help keep her fat ass warm.

2402 days ago


WTF??? Peta will toss her 19K to get rid of a few ALREADY dead squirrels, but can't think of a better thing to do with 19K. They must get there financial advise from Pam Anderson.

2402 days ago


I cant say I agree with PETA paying someone to stop wearing fur. I think it minimizing the real issues that need attention and funding such as local animal shelters who struggle to keep the electricity on and food in the bowls for the animals.

I do agree that in this day and age there is no need to wear fur. NONE at all. I understand that in primitive times there was a need people used the bones for tools, skin for clothing, meat for food, etc... however now its just an pompus act of showing ones wealth or covering up for low self worth. It seems to me those who defend it and get quite upset are the ones with low self worth and lack of compassion. I would love to see these people skinning the animals themselves....well not really of course but as they say ignorance is bliss. From what I have read most of you are blissful.

Anyways Aretha pay your taxes like the rest of us, lay off the fur wearing its disgusting. Also vegan diet wouldnt hurt her looks and health.

2402 days ago


Aretha has a 1962 of what rich people wear, furs. That's the problem. She wants to say "I'm a star" with her furs. Well, they are out. There are faux furs she could wear if she wanted to that look real.

2402 days ago

not cool peta.    

As a vegan, a friend bought me a membership to peta for my birthday, and I thought it was cool for awhile. But now I am sick of this crap. I excepted the money from a membership to go towards, oh, you know, helping animals, not bribing one person who NOBODY looks to for fashion advice anyways.
Besides peta, what's up with focusing on fur? isn't leather dead animals too, just not so cuddly?

2402 days ago


This woman is SOOOOOOOOOO overated!!! I don't care what she is the queen of. As famous as she is she is still so ghetto!! Altough she has an exceptional voice, there are so many singers out there that are equally talented. How hard is it to stand in front of an audience (all 500 pounds of her), and wear tacky clothes and just rely on your voice to deliever your classics, and not bother to budge an inch!?!?! It would be different if she was a genuinely nice person but believe me, in person she is not!! If your 150 pounds or 500 pounds, its time to get with the times, lose the fur, and lose the "diva-like" persona.....some celebrities can get away with that attitude, she definately cannot!!!!

2402 days ago

Lenn K.    

First thought is PETA sucks, but I guess I never thought of how many animals it takes to make a coat. Second thought, PETA still sucks.

2402 days ago

Go Sarah!    

Dont' do it, Aretha. Don't sell your soul to the devil for $19,000.

2402 days ago


Typical PETA eco-nazi BS. Exploiting poor black women to FURther their warped causes.

2402 days ago


Who is the idiot that said Adam and Eve made their clothes out of animal skins? Genesis 3:21, yeah doorknob. The problem with that is the garments were not made for fashion using little furry animals who are factory farmed and skinned alive (after living in deplorable conditions) so that some fat smelly cow can wear them. It looks cheap, grossly passe and showy. What it says is "I'm so insecure that I have to wear 150 brutally murdered animals so you can see I made a few bucks." Pathetic. I'm not a PETA member and don't always agree with their methods, but they are right to fight for the lives of these poor LIVING, breathing, FEELING animals. Karma is a bitch Aretha.

2402 days ago


Hey "Don't Support Terrorists" Aretha already sold her soul to the devil. She is soul less, she should be called the queen of soul less. Plus that coat makes her look larger than she already is.

2402 days ago


Take p.i.t.a.'s $$ and then wear fur anyway. It's just some gullible cowhuggers donation anyway...

2401 days ago


THIS IS WHAT PETA DOES WITH DONATIONS???????????????????????DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2401 days ago
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