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PETA to Aretha: Lose the Fur, Keep Your House

3/26/2008 2:50 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

PETA is trying to help out Aretha Franklin with that whole foreclosure mess she's in. The animal rights group has written a letter to the fur-ocious Queen of Soul offering to pay her $19,000 tax bill if she promises to never wear fur again and donate her unwanted furs to PETA - like Mariah Carey and Kim Cattrall have done.
Peta to Aretha - forget about those furs
Aretha should know, fur is definitely out of fashion. Hasn't she seen all those shots of Paris and Britney getting out of cars?


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1. does not use donations to actually help animals in need. They use them for fruitless crap like this, and to pay millions of dollars to stars like Pamela Anderson to be a spokesperson for their cause.

2. People are technically animals yet they don't see anything wrong with harming them to further their cause. Do unto others obviously doesn't apply to peta.

your money is better spent at the ASPCA or your local non-kill shelter where you know the majority of the money goes to making sure the animals get medical care they need instead of automatic euthanasia due to lack of food, space and ability to properly treat illnesses.

2406 days ago


people who are saying not to do it are idiots! they are offering her a chance to keep her home! how is fur more important than that?! and not all fur comes from animal farms, a lot of companies use traps to catch coyotes. and either way they are tortured! when fur was first used, it was cause people had no other way of keeping warm!!! having a fur trim on your coat DOES NOT KEEP YOU WARM! human civilazation has evolved and we dont need fur to be warm anymore.wether you are for or against peta is almost relevent, you dont have to support them to aknowledge that treating animals this way IS WRONG! just because they cant tell you it hurts them, doesnt mean they dont suffer. how would YOU Like to be skinned alive?! ghandi said you can judge a country by the way its people treat animals.if we treat them barbericly and torture them, how good do we really look?!

952 days ago
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