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Sambora Could Be Charged with Endangering Kid

3/26/2008 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richie Sambora could be criminally charged with child endangerment.

Richie Sambora was busted for DUI with his 10-year-old daughter Ava in the car, along with another juvenile and another adult -- a woman. If Sambora was driving drunk, he could be charged with endangering the two kids.

Police sources tell us Sambora has not been charged with endangerment but the Laguna Beach P.D. is "actively investigating."

And, police sources say, after Sambora was busted, the cops called Heather Locklear, Ava's mom. We're told Heather authorized the woman in the car to drive her daughter home.


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No where have I seen that's he's been charged with the actual crime. Innocent until proven guilty, right? If it is true, then the courts will deal with it, and he will have to live with it. Seems to me everyone on this page is sanctimonious, and hypocritical. This Tmz $%^ should be brought to it's knees! Let them know all of your addresses' and faults, and let you be stalked and judged 24-7.

2367 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

I don't know whether I'm more appalled by Richie driving drunk or by Heather being to lazy (and apparently unconcerned) about her daughter's well-being. If that were my child, I would have been pissed enough to haul my azz down there and rip Richie a new A-hole!

2367 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

Perhaps the reason Heather wasnt pissed is because this kind of s**t happens all the time in Hollyweird where doing drugs, drinking, and driving are apparently the norm. Heather's first thought was probably, "He was drunk? Oh well, at least he wasn't high too."

2367 days ago

Something smells fishy...    

Heather's too busy being suicidal to give a damn about her daughter. Poor Ava. Heather = Britney, Richie = Kfed?

2367 days ago

Case Should Be Solved In No Time    

Quote: "136. C'mon people! This is like when James Brown got popped for a DUI...give Richie a break! The man is a musical genius! For Christ's sake, the man wrote "You Give Love a Bad Name". Seesh!!

Posted at 7:53PM on Mar 26th 2008 by Stevo"

Yup You Give Love A Bad Name will certainly go down and history and be played 200 years from now by kids taking classical music lesson. Dayem, he belongs in the hall of fame along with Beethovan and Mozart, and let's not forget Eddie Van Halen. Hey weren't all the above substance abusers, LOLOL.

2367 days ago


Is that Mickey Rourke or Richie Sambora??!! Geez Louise!! Put the bottle and the plastic surgeon's number down!!

2367 days ago


I guess innocent until proven guilty means nothing to you people! Sheesh!! Give the guy a break! Yeah he's an idiot for drinking and driving....but to insinuate he intended to put his daughter in danger.....crazy! He could simply have been a miniscule amount over limit (if he even was over the limit as nothing is proven yet) and completely of sound mind to drive.....the media overinflate everything to get readers and cause uproar like're all being sucked into their game! If it's all true and he was totally over the limit then fine, he deserves all he gets, but I'll wait until we have the answer to the extent of this before I judge him!

2367 days ago


Tico has the clothing line not Richie...

2367 days ago


"If there is one among you who is without sin - let him cast the first stone."

2367 days ago


The one thing everyone should remember is that "driving drunk" is a term up for interpretation. We have laws in this country that are ridiculously strict. If someone has just TWO BEERS, then they are considered "drunk". That's right over the legal limit. And we all know that having two beers, or even three, doesn't impair you to drive. There's more people out there on prescription medications that shouldn't be driving than on a couple of beers. I don't know if that's what happened here to Richie Sambora, but it's possible. The laws are too strict and people are getting DUIs for something they shouldn't.

2367 days ago

Mary Jane    

Biggest Tard Board on the web...they LOVE trolls....w w w dot w e b e g t o d i f f e r dot c o m

2367 days ago

jovi chic    

Dont judge until you know the facts. Maybe Richie could have been out to dinner and had a drink or two it really doesnt take that much to register for DUI. I can not see him putting his child in harms way. We the public are so quick to judge. None of us where a halo and those that think they do well, to put it simple you are proping it up on your horns.
I wish the best for Richie, lets remember he is human and mistakes are made. There are people doing a lot worse you just dont hear about it because these people arent famous.

So th next time you drink a couple of beers or have a glass of wine then decide you need to drive up town maybe to pick up your child. Remember you were the one that pointed your finger at Richie and said bad boy, you have been the judge and jury this could be you one day you just wont make the news

2367 days ago


Don't BASH Heather, I'm SURE Heather talked at length to the police to see if they thought the "woman" was impaired... bash Ritchie, not Heather !!

2367 days ago

Marilyn Meyer    

I have finished reading some of the posts about Richie. Richie has a disease called alchol dependency.

What he needs to do is go into rehab at least for 6 months and start hanging with a new crowd. If he

can not tour with the group so be it. He has to get his life back on track before he can do anything else.

Wish you well, Richie Enjoyed the concert at the United Center on February 26th.

2367 days ago


Re; Whatever's comment: It is a figure of speech moron! Sorry you couldn't understand that.

2367 days ago
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