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Sambora Could Be Charged with Endangering Kid

3/26/2008 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richie Sambora could be criminally charged with child endangerment.

Richie Sambora was busted for DUI with his 10-year-old daughter Ava in the car, along with another juvenile and another adult -- a woman. If Sambora was driving drunk, he could be charged with endangering the two kids.

Police sources tell us Sambora has not been charged with endangerment but the Laguna Beach P.D. is "actively investigating."

And, police sources say, after Sambora was busted, the cops called Heather Locklear, Ava's mom. We're told Heather authorized the woman in the car to drive her daughter home.


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What happened to his face........he looks like Mickey Rourke!

2345 days ago


184. Jon Bon Jovi, will you please finally do the right thing and kick this man out of the band until he has one year of proven, drug tested sobriety? he's been fooling everyone with this phoney "treatment" nonsense for half a lifetime, while you stand idly by, acting like Mr Clean, Mr All American---you are an enabler, and I hope it isnt driven by your love of money and fame. Save your so called friend will you please, with some tough love, or let him go forever.

Right now he looks like a loser who cant shake the drugs or the booze because he loves that apparently even more than the safety of his child.

Posted at 12:27AM on Mar 27th 2008 by About Had it

I have to ask WHY would Jon kick him out of the band??? I've seen them multiple times over the past 5 years and Richie gives a top-notch performance every single show!!!! And with the "phony treatment" comment, I wonder, do you know the band personally??? Do you hang out with them regularly??? I seriously doubt it!!! Richie is a 48-year-old man who doesn't need to be taking orders from his 46-year-old friend Jon Bon Jovi. What a great idea you have though.....kick your life-long best friend to the curb because he has a problem and needs help. I certainly hope this is not how YOU would treat a friend in your life who needed help with a serious disorder. You are shallow and ignorant at best. You speak from tabloid info only and know nothing of these men personally. They are all human and deserve to be treated as such. Or are you the kind of person who believes they are God-like creatures and *should* be above making any mistakes??? These replies to this breaking news are sad, inconsiderate, and heartless.

I whole-heartedly pray that Richie and the band can pull through this. I don't personally know anybody who could deal with a divorce after 12 years of marriage and then the loss of a parent to cancer. Not everybody is willing to throw this man into the fire & be done with him. Some people do care and want the best for all involved. He made a mistake, we ALL make mistakes, the rest of us just don't have our mistakes aired out to the entire world in the tabloids. Such a shame though cause I bet most of the people being disrespectful in these comments have way more skeletons in their own closets than Richie Sambora, and have made way bigger mistakes, they just weren't crusified for it by the entire world!!!!!

2345 days ago


HOLLYWOOD REHAB.. No such thing no one ever stays sober after rehab Too bad it didnt happen to Denise Richards too.. Big Skank These 2 should have stayed together perfect for eachother both SELFISH!

2345 days ago


So many of you are such hypocrites. Have you ever had more than one drink and driven with your child in the car?? So quick to embellish the story to something you want to believe then judge. Maybe instead of using your energy thinking up your own "facts," you should be taking a good look at yourself in the mirror.

2345 days ago



2345 days ago


REALITY......I just looked in the mirror and asked myself that question and my answer is NO I NEVER DROVE WITH MY SON IN THE CARE WITH EVEN A SIP OF ALCOHOL IN ME!!!!! SO I am not a hypocrite! You obvioulsy have I feel so bad for YOUR kid/kids You should be locked up too!

2345 days ago



2345 days ago


what is going on here, first heather now him...geez. get your acts together already!
#219..i was thinking the same thing LOL!

2345 days ago


I see the judge & jury act is still happening here! NOT ONE of you hasn't made a mistake in your life, so quit throwing the man under the bus geez!!

2345 days ago


Never made a mistake by endangering my child in ANY way Defending him just shows that you need some parenting classes!!!

2345 days ago

no one is perfect    

Those of you without sin, cast the first stone, you will be judged as you judge others.

2344 days ago

enough are hilarious! Obviously you are carrying some baggage and/or guilt around if you are becoming this defensive. Relax, You can sit there and type whatever lies you want to...maybe that makes you feel better about yourself. But when it is all said and done, you still are a hypocrite.

2344 days ago


yeah defensive people usually are the ones harboring the most guilt!

2344 days ago


REALITY.. Not everyone is a loser like you some of us are good caring parents.. What makes me a hypocrite? LMAO!!

2344 days ago


I get defensive when people say stupid things like you do about it not being a big deal driving kids around after drinking alcohol.. Too bad you didnt get that upset over important issues...

2344 days ago
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