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Sambora Could Be Charged with Endangering Kid

3/26/2008 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richie Sambora could be criminally charged with child endangerment.

Richie Sambora was busted for DUI with his 10-year-old daughter Ava in the car, along with another juvenile and another adult -- a woman. If Sambora was driving drunk, he could be charged with endangering the two kids.

Police sources tell us Sambora has not been charged with endangerment but the Laguna Beach P.D. is "actively investigating."

And, police sources say, after Sambora was busted, the cops called Heather Locklear, Ava's mom. We're told Heather authorized the woman in the car to drive her daughter home.


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Star Cry to someone who cares. Dont be a victim and say that everyone is rude to you because you dont drink and drive. Neither do I but I dont go around acting superior and preach parenting. I dont think anyone is claiming that they drive while drunk. Should people start preaching to you because you are on TMZ all day? They could be calling you neglectful to your kids and your kids needs. Being neglectful is not considered being a good parent.

2339 days ago


If you read what I said, you would know that I responded to someones remarks and that is what started it all.

Let them preach away.. My kids are not in danger of any type so say what you will I could use a couple more good laughs from little kiddies like you

2339 days ago


I never said EVERYONE was being rude to me just the ones like you that obviously have drove while intoxicated with your kids otherwise you would be agreeing with me. Dont put words in peoples mouths

2339 days ago


Star From the look of it and reading the past posts, the laugh is on you.

By the way, kids are in danger when they are neglected.

2339 days ago


I just don't understand why ANYBODY drives drunk, let alone people who can afford a damn cab! Sure, drinking makes you think and act wrong (why do you think I'm here?), but still!

2339 days ago

Granny Pants    


2339 days ago


HAHA>. Really I had no idea what neglected means thanks for filling me in!

2339 days ago


deff not a smart thing to do hope he dont have his license for at least a few years
as much as i love richie i fully want him jaild and getting compulsory treatment for alcohol addiction

heather doesnt care i think she does but why wasnt the woman driving if she was sober and authorized to drive ava home

thats what i cant understand

i hope he sorts himself outt for everyones sake before he kills himself and or someone else

2339 days ago


I feel so bad for richie. He has obviously made a huge mistake, and I do not excuse his poor judgement or behavior. That being said, Richie would NEVER intentionally put Ava in harms way. He loves his daughter. I am praying for you Richie, and I hope this was the wake up call you needed to get yourself some therapy.

2339 days ago

Little Mo    

Thanks to the officers who get Sambora and others like him off the road . They don't get the appreciation they deserve for all the lives they save.

2339 days ago


After stabbiing Heather in the back with Denise he deserves jailtime.. Karma baby! Too bad it had to involve a child

2339 days ago


I feel sorry for his kid. So far family life has been a real b*tch. First all the drama with the marriage and divorce, then her mom's ordeal with the suicide thoughts then the dad driving her around drunk. Wow...nothing like a solid Hollywood upbringing to raise a stable kid.

2339 days ago

have a nice day    

I am in no way defending what Richie did but a lot of people's comments on here are ridiculous. It's as if they're perfect. Maybe they would never drink and drive but I'm sure have made other stupid decisions sometime in their life that they wish they could take back, nobody's perfect! He just happens to be famous and every move he makes is plastered every where. If you were to do this maybe it would make it in your local paper and would soon be forgotten about by everyone because you are an unknown. People make mistakes, and even though this one could have turned out very tragic maybe this is what it'll take to fully wake Richie up and get ALL the help he needs to stay sober (if he was under the influence). It's not fair to judge someone when you haven't walked in their shoes and especially if you don't even know them...Get real people!

2339 days ago


I'm a huge Bon Jovi fan and I'm very dissappointed and pissed off at Ritchie!!!!!!!!!! Shame on you!!!! Won't learn your lesson till your dead. Sorry just how I feel.

2339 days ago


HAVE A NICE DAY.... We are talking about THIS SUBJECT Some of us do not drink and drive and we are proud of it. I dont care if he is famous or not I would say the same thing about anyone. Some of us have morals and values maybe you need to not live so free spirited and have an opinion about something so horrible.

2339 days ago
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