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Sambora Could Be Charged with Endangering Kid

3/26/2008 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Richie Sambora could be criminally charged with child endangerment.

Richie Sambora was busted for DUI with his 10-year-old daughter Ava in the car, along with another juvenile and another adult -- a woman. If Sambora was driving drunk, he could be charged with endangering the two kids.

Police sources tell us Sambora has not been charged with endangerment but the Laguna Beach P.D. is "actively investigating."

And, police sources say, after Sambora was busted, the cops called Heather Locklear, Ava's mom. We're told Heather authorized the woman in the car to drive her daughter home.


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Joy 2 D World    

How can this be endangerment? He was driving a Hummer! Surely, he assessed his inebriation before he picked out his car for the night. What could possibly be more safe than driving your daughter....while an unnecessarily oversized piece of machinery based on military specs? The only ones endangered were people and cars outside his "car". Geez...

2365 days ago


This isnt such a shock Hes a jerk for getting with his ex wifes best friend. HE doesnt have morals or values anyway. Hope they lock his sorry a$$ up!

2365 days ago


It was probably the nanny. poor kid.

2365 days ago


IDIOT! I am so disappointed with him. To put his daughter and another child at risk is terrible. Not to mention, putting everyone else in danger by him being on the road driving and drinking. Why didn't this woman stop this? Was she drunk too? Stupidity. These celebrities are straight up losers. They can afford to hire drivers or rent a frickin' cab for a ride home. Call a buddy. But to drive with children in the car? Endangering yourself, the kids, the passengers, and ALL OF US THE DRIVE BESIDE YOU COMPLETE IDIOTS AND OUR CHILDREN WHO DRIVE AND WALK AND BIKE THE ROADWAYS? Ugghh...I'm exhausted from these idiots....I hope they punish him properly. No posh rehab this time.

2365 days ago

Ben's getting taken to the cleaners    

National Conference of State Legislatures
Drunk Driving Child Endangerment Laws
as of December 2003

CA - Veh Code §23572

For non: injury offenses where a minor under 14 years old was a passenger, the following mandatory jail sanctions are imposed: 1st offense: 48 continuous hours; 2nd offense: 10 days; 3rd offense: 30 days; 4th offense: 90 days. (these sanctions are not imposed if the driver has been convicted of endangering the life or health of a child under Penal Code §273a)

2365 days ago


I see nothing wrong with what he did. Plenty of you self-righteous people drink and drive, and you know some people drive fine while drunk. Drama, drama, drama. You live for the drama and to see your dramatic comments on screen. You fools crack me up.

2365 days ago


Mr Gee Whiz, I for one, have NEVER driven drunk, and never will. I lost my best friend to a drunk driver. I am not being self righteous or any of that other CRAP you are spewing forth. I can't believe you are defending this punk!

2365 days ago


Driving drunk with 10 year olds....wait a minute, is he a Republican?


2365 days ago


this walking turd belongs behind the checkout counter of a 7-11 somewhere in Bakersfield

2365 days ago


It's not Heather's responsibility to babysit Richie when he has his daughter, don't be stupid people. Whomever the other adult was in the car should have been smart enough not to get in the car with him and taken a cab or taken his keys. This isn't Heather's fault at all.

2365 days ago

Joy 2 D World    

Mr./Ms. Gee Whiz: I grew up with a constantly drunk father. I remember his drunk driving vividly. I do not drink, nor have I ever driven myself or my children while drinking. I believe I can be as self-righteous as I want to be on this topic and I am.

2365 days ago


GEE WHIZ... People like you kill other people

2365 days ago


#37. Sorry again.

2365 days ago

Annie D.    

He looks like Mickey Rourke

2365 days ago


What does that have to do with the republican scandals? The democrats drive while drunk and party with hookers. The repugs just have gay sex.

2365 days ago
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