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Gloria Allred Fights the Good (Nipple) Fight

3/27/2008 1:31 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Gloria AllredGloria Allred is going to put a nipple ring on a mannequin, all in the name of Lady Justice

Gloria's gonna demo what happened to a woman who had to remove her nipple rings with a pair of pliers in order to pass through airport security. Of course, G-L-O-R-I-A reps her.

Allred (who now represents Heather Mills -- who's famous for displaying another body part) will hold a news conference at 12:30 PM Pacific time today, where she'll "display two nipple rings on a mannequin, and explain what she and the woman will do in order to ensure that no other person is forced to suffer what the woman did in order to board a plane."

Of course, we'll be live streaming the news conference. Wouldn't miss it for the world.


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Ive had my nipple ring for 13.5 yrs and have never had a problem at the airport.

2366 days ago


Gloria preys on those with money, she is such a fake. Why does she have a license? Seems like women would get wise to her, but so far, no such luck

2366 days ago


I've never had any problems with my nipple rings going through security checkpoints at the airport.

2366 days ago

Ow! Can you say, "How painful emotionally and physically?"    

It wasn't when she passed through the metal detector, it was when she was singled out, like TSA is known to do, and wanded that the wand went off. At that point the TSA person was supposed to just pat her down, but they didn't do that. TSA's ruling on this is that the passenger has the choice to take them out or be patted down but she was not given that choice and her rights were violated. If you don't ever take your rings out, it can be very difficult to remove and painful. She should have never had to endure this. Just because someone has nipple rings or elsewhere, does not mean that they want to show them to everyone! Some people are actually modest and only allow their significant other, and their doctor, to see them. This was very emotionally traumatizing enough that this woman wants to make a change. I think she is very courageous to risk even more humiliation by trying to do something about it. Thank you Gloria for wanting to stand up and make sure that this kind of humiliation doesn't happen again.

2366 days ago

Sick of it    

Are those big nipple rings on Gloria's jacket? HAHA!!!!

2366 days ago


I admire this woman for pursuing this issue. I know the the TSA is nescessary but they have guidelines for a reason. It's a shame the idiots in Lubbock chose not to follow them. Ask yourself...why is it they can view your belly ring..and your earings...but NOT a nipple ring? Could it be that little mr Tsa found his 10 minutes to get his jollies? Just because you have something pierced doesn't mean you want the world to see it! I'm sure this was difficult for her to pursue, but felt strongly enough to do so. And if "we" let the government or anyone else run roughshod over us...we will get what we deserve. This country was founded on civil rights and I'm afraid these days we are too eager to give them away. I think we can still be safe,without giving the idiots the keys to the bank vault!

2366 days ago


gloria allred is a skeezy lawyer but they shouldnt have made that chick do that

2365 days ago


I have a nipple ring, a tounge ring, a nose ring and a belly button ring and I've NEVER set off the metal detector with my piercings. I agree she shouldn't have been MADE to take them out, but I don't know if I believe that that's what set off the alarm in the first place!

2365 days ago

Nor Cal Reader    

To Katie-- Nipple, tongue, nose AND belly piercings? Yikes! Congrats on getting through metal detectors. Any problems with magnets? Actually everyone I know who has piercings (single or multiple) have never had any problems at airports or other security points. And every one of them I've asked have all said it's no problem taking them out if needed.

I think this lady has issues beyond what we're seeing. With Gloria involved, I would be VERY suspicious of the true motives here.

2365 days ago


I have my nipples pierced and I've never set off a metal detector. Stainless steel doesn't set off metal detectors. And what's the BFD if she had to take them out anyway? Just put 'em back in when you get off the plane. Spend $20 for bars instead of hoops, the balls screw on and off. DUH!

2357 days ago
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