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That's a Whole Lotta Jack

3/27/2008 2:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Jack Nicholson frolicked on the beach in St. Barths on Wednesday in a sexy one-piece -- which showed off his buxom man-boobs!

Unlike many Hollywood bodies, the 70-year-old legend is a natural beauty.


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Hey TMZ, 7th grade called, they want their mentality level back!

You guys are immature *ssholes!

2364 days ago


Seriously dude, it's Jac k FRIGGING Nicholson! How can you hate on him?

2364 days ago

Never inked up!    

I just DARE one of you women to say he is still hot now! Or, that you would "do him still" { I'm getting sick }

OMG!!!!! I better NEVER hear the words sexy from any of you! It means your either way old and remember him when.....or you got a thing for old dudes and AARP! Bad just bad!

My eyes, my eyes.

2364 days ago

Granny Pants    

Jack is in the DO-ABLE Hall of Fame, any age, any time, anywhere.

2364 days ago

Sarah Jones    

Of course, you are so much kinder to Jack Nicholson than you were to Keeley Shea Smith or ANY woman
that is fat. You are so sexist when it comes to women. They have to be sticks but you sure give men
a free pass. You suck TMZ

2364 days ago


I guess I don't understand the low self esteem some young girls have then. It's like doin' yer grandpa...EWWWWW.!!!!!
I like him as an actor but puleeze put a shirt on dude. Some things should not be seen beachside, like size C manboobs, size 40 beergut and size 20 women in lycra!

2364 days ago


When I think of Jack. There's only one word to describe him. COOL! What a great actor. This is how actors should look like all natural. Enough with the plastic surgery or skinny people.

2364 days ago


hot! I'd like that fat blubbering saggy man on top of me demanding sex stuff from me with that crazy face from the shining. heeeeres johnny!

2364 days ago

what a b****    

Would you rather him be all Steroidal like Stallone?? The mans hilarious, leave him be.

2364 days ago


leave him alone, i am sure most of us will look just like him at his age!!!!

2364 days ago


It's time for him to hit the gym. He looks awful!

2363 days ago


NIce to see a celeb look normal! Way to go Jack...

2363 days ago

Granny Pants    

Dear Stop It: He is still hot now and I would do him.

2363 days ago


Jack Nicholson looks pretty damn good for his age, "man boobs" or not. I know that, in general, a site like TMZ is harmless fun for bored people to waste time with, but when TMZ decided to make fun of a beloved actor who happens to be a senior citizen, I had to wonder if the people of TMZ go home at night feeling proud of themselves, filled with the joy of a meaningful existence and a sense of purpose in life, their jobs consisting of sucking up to/shooting down famous people. Wow.

2356 days ago


Nothing against Jack, but I just don't see why so many people are sooooo nuts about him. Has he ever played anything but a dirty old man in a movie??? and a wise guy. Big deal. The most attractive thing about him by FAR is the size of his wallet.

2356 days ago
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