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Creep Alert -- Hulk's Date Is Brooke-alike

3/28/2008 11:55 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Talk about awkward -- paps confused Hulk Hogan's younger blonde date with his 19-year-old daughter. Daddy's little girl.

After hooking up with Brooke's friend in the past, this isn't exactly a step in the right direction.


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I think that girl deosnt look anything like his daughter. It looks like a nicer version of his soon to be ex-wife. As far as his troubles with the lawsuit......Sad to say but the victim in this case bares some responsibility for his own actions also. He wasnt a kid either. He was a passenger knowing that they were going to be street racing. That was choice number one choice number two was the fact he wasnt wearing his seatbelt. 2 Bad choices that he made. So that is going to be taken into account in any financial settlement. DOnt get me wrong Nick also made a poor choice of street racing and his family is going to have to shell out some money to the kid. As far as Hulk Hogan geos his wife left him so what the hell is he supposed to do crawl into a hole and die. And somehow I dont quite beleive that he had a affair with Brookes freind because that girl would already be on the cover of every newstand telling her story for the cash. Linda has always acted superior to Terry B. her animals always seemed to be more important to her then anything. Not to mention she was always encouraging Brooke to do sexy dance moves and wear skimpy stage attire.

2370 days ago

grow up    

he is sooo gross she has to be a hooker!

2370 days ago


This is totally sick. When he takes this young lady to bed, yugh and he looks at her its like sleeping with your own daughter. how disgusting is that

2370 days ago

Just Wondering    


2370 days ago


That poor girl must have some pretty low self esteem thinking she can't get any better than his shriveled up wonky.

2370 days ago


You have to wonder why, an attractive, young woman would want to date a OLD has been wrestler? Can you say money??

2370 days ago

this is nasty    

I'm with you no. 14. Good for him!!! I think he's a really cool guy. Linda needs too get herself togather. Wipe off all that god awful makeup, get a breast REDUCTION (the girls look nasty), get the weight off and get control of those awful kids.
You're too good for her Hulk.

2370 days ago

Tyra Banks    

HE is a nasty mo-fo.

2370 days ago


Well if i was that old with.. I d be hitting that to.....WAY TO GO HULKSTER......Now dont forget to take your vitiam VIAGRA

2370 days ago

jen newman    

i have said it before and I will say it again... isn't Hulk Hogan a little old to be continuing to wear that damn bandana on his head all the time?! He has never dressed his age in public and looks like a cartoon character!!! How camn anyone take him seriously? Talk about a mid-life crisis! The whole family is a joke and should be more concerned about the fact that their spoiled rotten son ruined the life of someone in his car. Their indifference is unreal! Hulk, grow up!

Jen N

2370 days ago


Well at least he is going after the same type of woman. Nothing like keeping it all in the family.

2370 days ago


I would bang her! Nice upgrade from trailer park queen Linda... It was worth every penny to get away from that skank!

2370 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

UUMMM . . . . yuck if she's as young, and a daughter-look-alike ! what's gone wrong w/hulk now ? . . .and focus more on ur bratty son , he almost killed someone while driving STUPID .

2370 days ago

Freddie Freelance    

C'mon, this is pathetically lazy reporting; this girl looks nothing like his Daughter, but as noted does look like his wife. When did the fact that your "reporters" don't know who they're stalking become news? It seems like you have a story like this every day now.

And the "friend" of Hulk's 19 year old Daughter that he supposedly hooked up with is 33. How many 19 Year Olds hang out with people in their mid-30s? When I was 19 the only 33 year old I'd hang out with was a drug connection.

2370 days ago



A man, thinking only with the little head... AGAIN????? What is this world coming to ????????

2370 days ago
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