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Man Stabbed in Hollywood Club Ruckus

3/28/2008 9:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A violent fight broke out at a former Hollywood hotspot last night -- one guy was stabbed in the stomach and he's in critical condition.

It all went down at the nightclub Mood. Cops tell us the victim was stabbed inside the club and then made his way outside and collapsed in front of Geisha House, the restaurant owned by Mike "Boogie" Malin. Investors include Wilmer Valderrama and Ashton Kutcher. We're told the fight started when two men fought over a girl, and ended with one stabbing the other. Eight people have been taken in to the cop shop for questioning.

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Looks like a bunch of punks. I guess someone wasn't in such a great mood yesterday.

2400 days ago

kim suck    

8. Judging from the looks of the guys lined up on the wall this club doesn't look like it could be all that "exclusive". Looks more like a typical night at a club in South Central....

Posted at 10:35AM on Mar 28th 2008 by Masha


2400 days ago

kim suck    

looks like most of these guys are Rev. Al Sharpton's peeps!

2400 days ago


These lurid nighttime scenes in Los Angeles are getting too familiar -- Alcohol, drugs, passion, hate, violence, degredation, and all of this in a city that trembles continually with ominous shaking deep underground. Maybe it's time to catch on to the realities that surround the dissipations, and take some steps toward decency again.

2400 days ago


this kind of thing happens about 10 times EVERY SINGLE NIGHT IN LOS ANGELES !!!


TMZ IS L - A - M -E.

stop wasting your time and visit another gossip site.

2400 days ago


All I wanted was a bacon wrapped hot dog, but they wouldn't let me across the stupid yellow tape.
The guys getting arrested caused me to walk all the way around. Oh but it was good, so good.

2400 days ago


eww what kind of nightclub lets them go in dressed like street punks?
well duh that shoulda been a red flag right there in itself

2400 days ago


This story is all-too-typical given what Hollywood has become over the past 8 years or so - a too-trendy replacement for the Sunset Strip in the eyes of the assorted gang bangers and Inland Empire thug wannabes who travel too many miles at night to pollute our city with brute stupidity on top of the "Hollywood scene" stupidity that already existed here. This kind of thing does happen all the time - for example the stabbing death of Steve Clark last month outside of Safari Sam's. Steve was a good guy who unfortunately pissed off the wrong group of gang bangers who oozed their way into Hollywood that Saturday night to watch "Manic Hispanic" play a set at the club. Hollywood club owners need to be more discriminatory towards who they let into their establishments (First clue - shaved heads and wife beater shirts need not apply - as typically seen in the arrest picture above), and police need to step up the initiative to keep these lowlifes East and South where they belong. This does not need to be an open city for thugs!!!

2400 days ago


I am absolutely mortified at some of the comments people have made in regards to this incident. A 20 year old's life is hanging in the balance! Maybe if more of us thought about real life and real people and were less concerned with the "celebrities" this world would be a better place. The lack of compassion for a human life is extremely sad to me. I am sure that this person's family is in absolute devastation! I agree that the discretion on the part of the Club owners and Security is severely lacking! How are these people getting into these so called "exclusive" clubs!

And, didn't your mother ever tell you, "if you don't have anything nice to say............." COME ON!!

2400 days ago

someone who knows    

ok so can you guys be respectful? The guy who was stabbed was my friends brother. The guy who got stabbed was the girls boyfriend who didn't do anything.

2400 days ago

a close friend of the victim    

a 24 year old man stabbed and all you guys can say is so what. Really,this is a critical time for this mans life. He is still in Critical care. Please just pray for the family and don't bash the one who was hurt in the middle of this. His life is truly at a battle right now!

2399 days ago

someone's ma    

We know the victim. He 's an upstanding and wonderful youngman and in no way failitated with gangs.
Young people from Orange County don't understand the realilty of gang activity in LA.
In OC this would have been a simple verbal altercation.
Based on the injury, the person who did this knew what he was doing and was out to take a life.
How distrubing to want to inflict such an injury on someone you don't even know.
My heart goes out to this family and we pray for his recovery.

2398 days ago


it wasnt even over a girl and they got the wrong person i out the next day

2398 days ago


I am a personal friend of the family and the victim is the last person on earth who should ever deserve something so horrific. He is NOT a gang member and has no affiliation with any and is NOT Asian. The family is beyond greif stricken as any human with a heart would be. I for one am glad it was on TMZ so more attention can be brought to these problems at LA night clubs.

I also am completely mortified by those posting this incident is not news worthy. How would you feel if it was your family member of friend. Have some compassion.

Thank you TMZ. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family as he is still in critical condition.

2397 days ago


For anyone to say that this isn't a story worth telling just because it didn't happen to a celebrity is absolutely ludicris. Next time you think that this type of thing isn't "news worthy" think about it happening to your child or your brother or your friend and see if you think its worthy then.

2390 days ago
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