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Miley's New Cross to Bear -- the Paparazzi!

3/28/2008 1:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

With Britney back under control, Miley Cyrus is the new pap target -- one who loves hearts, peace signs and crosses. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

The Jesus-lovin' daughter of Billy Ray went to the Coffee Bean with her momma yesterday, where the Disney-fied princess even hugged a pap after he gave her a gift. She's just perfect -- for now!


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Amazing T!    

No one cares....

2307 days ago


I'm counting down the days til she's 18!!!!!!!!!!!!

2307 days ago


zzzzzzz is right

2307 days ago


How could Billy Rae produce such a good looking girl! I know look here:

2307 days ago

H B Rider    

This is funny...the girl is straight edge and the celeb-stalkers are after that? I love seeing the stalkers starve. Miley, give them NOTHING and they will go away just like they did with Spears and Lohan.

2307 days ago


I really dont understand why the public is so hell bent on "tainting" her! she is just a 15 year old teenager who happens to be a good role model for younger kids and preteens. i was lucky enough to take my 10 year old daughter to her concert, which was spectacular. the paparazzi just loves to torment and push every single celebrity to the breaking point. why cant everyone leave her alone, before she loses it too! although i am not a britny fan, i really feel sorry for her. not being able to walk out her door without a million flashbulbs in your face 24/7 must be pretty frustrating!

2307 days ago

J dub    

She must be sacrificed for the harvest.

2307 days ago


ya guys perfect for now..... until the souless paps find a way to ruin her life and not let her turn out normal (god forbid!!!!)

2307 days ago

whatever tha fu*!/rockergirl    

sorry, Miley is so much cooler than britney ! miley hasn't run off had a 20-hr marrige w/ a friend,had numerous useless breakdowns,miss court appearnces like they're nothin, shaves her head,having a total loser 4 ur babies daddy or runs in and out of gas stations like an idiot.

2307 days ago


Billy Ray, reign her in. Get the hell out of town if you can. Save her before it is too late. F/O to all the stalkers with cameras.

2307 days ago

Very Interesting    

Is it me or does this girl like she has the face of a horse? Just like Sarah Jessica Parker!

2307 days ago

What are you that Stupid?    

Billy you need to take your family back to TN where Miley can still do her show, but won't have to put of with so much pats hanging around. You don't need another Brit on your hands.

2307 days ago


Not everyone is a Britney or a Lindsey. Stop counting the days .. leave her alone.

2307 days ago


Miley, stay as sweet as you are. Even the paps know it. I loved the necklace and how cool of them to notice what her favorite symbols are. If anyone can handle them, she can....

2307 days ago


Oh gosh I'm scared for Miley Cyrus! She's so young and niave w/ the paps....could you (the paps) leave her alone please? Yeah I know, DUMB question! You can't wait to POUNCE!! I know you are just chomping at the bits for her to mess up so that you can exploit her and make her life a living hell!

2307 days ago
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