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Obama -- Brad's the Hot One in the Family

3/28/2008 1:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The yentas of "The View" went all googly-eyed for Barack Obama on today's show, but it was Barbara Walters who really went there with Barack.

When asked about being Brad Pitt's ninth cousin, Obama said that Brad was the one who got the looks in the family -- Babwa disagreed, strongly. And then they had to go and talk about stuff like foreign policy and race relations and O-blah-blah-blah-ma ...


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I'd rather cut my balls off with a rusty spoon than vote for this con-artist or HillC.

Al Gore needs to jump in now and save the Nation.

2367 days ago


Barack HUSSIEN Obama Freakin Racist and American hate monger

2367 days ago

Fernando Valenzuela    

3. Barack HUSSIEN Obama Freakin Racist and American hate monger

Posted at 1:50PM on Mar 28th 2008 by Logan

Obama is the freakin racist and american hate monger?...geez talk about the pot calling the kettle black...and it's spelled HUSSEIN...

2367 days ago


Obama is so incredibly modest... he is sooooooooooo fine, modest, FINE, eloquent, FINE, distinguished, FINE, well spoken, fine, intellegent, FINE, Even the Barbster knows... God blessed him well.

I just wonder what makes him Racist??? What his pastor said or because his comment about his typical grandmammy making racists comments to him when he was a baby boy??? Sounds like Racism began with Granny...

OH WELL OBAMA is THE MAN regardless of anyone's OPINION...

2367 days ago


I can't wait until November.

2367 days ago


For the love of all that is holy! When will you racists understand that your sophmoric & idiotic messages do nothing to further your cause?? Instead, you only alert people to the high level of your ignorance. Try discussing issues, policies etc to turn people towards your beliefs. Oh wait, too much to expect from the stupid.

People say America is great because everyone is free to speak their mind. Key word people...MIND

2367 days ago


Off the skin- what about mclame & tale barer Hill??? Goes to show something wrong with everyone. And the real question is who can truly bring change and who has the decency (experienced or not, black or white) to do just that???
Get to the polls in November and watch what happens thereafter...

2367 days ago

Ha Ha    

I believe Obama haters are ignorant racists. Key word: ignorant. Open your minds, people. Do you think his parents had a crystal ball when they gave him that middle name? It's merely a coincidence.

Nobody's perfect, and I totally agree with #7. Well said!!!

2367 days ago

Flander Anapolis    

Racist? His mother is white, dad Kenyan. His church is from an organization that is 99% white. How can he be racist? BTW my mom says racists things, but I still love her and and not to blame for her words.

2367 days ago

Mrs. Pine    

I hate to agwee with Baba, but BO is hotter than BP.

2367 days ago


As if Walters is truly going to ask hard hitting questions. Obama has to preach to the choir. The rest of know he is nothing more than an empty suit.

2367 days ago

Allred Tree    

Sherri Shepherd hopefully hung herself today with her idiocy and will be gone from "The View" within two weeks. Her interrupting Obama's remarks about his thoughts on taxation were just stupid and not one bit funny (if she tries to use that as her excuse).

Sherri Shepherd is being paid an enormous amount of money that she does not deserve. When Obama said he would eliminate some tax breaks the very rich get, Sherri rudely interruped like the stupid oaf she is and told Barbara to look out because she was really going to have to pay up. Barbara had to tell her "that is one thing you know we don't discuss."

2367 days ago


He looks like a cabbage patch doll. He is sooo not attractive.

2367 days ago


jfp - AMEN!

2367 days ago

Area 51    

With Hillary and Obama tearing the Democratic party in half, McCain will win easily in November.

2367 days ago
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