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Robin Williams -- Shirt Happens

3/28/2008 3:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Robin Williams told us in NYC this morning that the very, um, symbolic heart-with-a-stake T-shirt he was wearing at the airport the other day -- just days after his wife filed for divorce -- wasn't a public declaration of despair.

He called it a "coincidence".


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That really is a coincidence. 1st!!!!!!!

2368 days ago


Well duh...............who didn't know it was a coincidence. C'mon TMZ, I know not even you believe your stuff.

2368 days ago


You guys are priceless. "Hey Robin, how do you feel about the divorce?" That is one dumb question.

2368 days ago


He looks like the guy from U2! Loser hahahahahahahah

2368 days ago


I love him. If he needs a shoulder..send him my way! :0)

2368 days ago


looks like a member of the ching-a-lings!! bronx rocks!!

2368 days ago

Over It Already    

You'll never figure it out will you TMZ? You guys are vultures - and that's stating it nicely. Here's guy who is headed for a divorce - not fun and there are children involved, but all of a sudden Robin Williams is on your hit list. This guy wouldn't have made your top ten stories if he would have gone in for a wax, but here you are, hovering over his despair. Jesus... you're amazing. Doesn't Paris Hilton have something more tramatic happening to her today? Like a varicose vein appearing or the beginnings of crow's feet happening? Leave RW alone.... he's the coolest guy there is and you should let him go through this without shoving your cameras in his face.

2368 days ago


She finally saw his act.

2368 days ago


Robin Williams and Bono do look a bit like each other...but more importantly, I agree with Maria(#8) - the karma that the people of TMZ are sure to bring down upon themselves is going to be huuuuge...very little shreds of humna decency left in the paparazzi, and TMZ seems proud of that. I wonder how they face themselves.

2368 days ago

Funny Answers    

Well Karma come around. He cheated with this women when she was supposed to be taking care of thier kids, instead she was taking care of him, physically. LoL.. Now it would be nice if she cheated on him. I like Robbin in movies but if he were a female, and cheated, left wife for someone else, that women would be a ho, i.e. Juilia, Angelina etc. But he is a man and men get away with this crap. Hope it hurts him. He hurt his wife and kids. haa haa haa

2368 days ago

Standards are badly needed.    

Well, Robin appearing on TMZ due to his impending divorce at least lets all interested ladies know that he's again available, so it's not ALL bad. Once he's done licking his wounds, it will be open season for gals who like his style. I find him to be an intelligent, funny, kind and dignified individual. That's coming from a happily married person who lives in another country, so there's nothing in it for me to say this.

2368 days ago


This guy has serious class not to grab your cameras and stomp them to death. Grow a heart, and if you need to ask questions don't be so cruel and disrespectful. No wonder so many celebs despise you guys.

2368 days ago

Paula Lee    

wow, does anyone remember that the current or soon to be ex-Mrs. William was once his children's Nanny?

2368 days ago

Kendall Moran    

I don't understand why these rich folks get warts or whatever they are removed from their faces. Robin Williams wife has one big one that u can see in every photo of her, it looks digusting. Sarah Jessica Parker also has one, I think she considers this a beauty mark, but it only adds to her look of which with her long chin and that wart thing. Come on celebrities you have the money get these things taken of off your faces. It kills me they want to be rail thin, but don't do anything about these big things that stand out so much its the thing that u look at the most and wonder why they still have it. Its not pretty and being in the public eye so much I would think u would get the thing removed. You would sure look better.

2368 days ago


Wow, that's low, guys. Quit bugging him, he doesn't want to talk to you guys.

2368 days ago
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