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Shake, Rattle

and Rape?

3/28/2008 7:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned that Poison drummer Rikki Rockett had to bail on a gig tomorrow night at his local coffee shop because of the Mississippi warrant that's out for his arrest on sexual assault charges. Don't ya hate when that happens?!

He and his fiancee Melanie Martel, a singer, were scheduled to play at Rattlesnake Slim's, an intimate coffeehouse/music venue in Newhall, Calif., not far from where Rikki and Melanie live. But after the story about his warrant broke last night, Rikki called Slim's today and told them they wouldn't be able to make it "due to what's going on" and the crush of media that would follow.

When asked about his legal woes, we're told, Rikki said he couldn't talk about it "because of his lawyers."


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is there really no other stories to report on today?

Until this guy is CONVICTED...I won't believe that it's not just another get rich scheme by yet another woman who didn't get enough attention growing up and now doesn't want to work

2336 days ago

Tyra Banks    

He is sooo nasty. He's too ugly to be gay, though.

2336 days ago



2336 days ago

What's this?    

To #7 - HaHa

WTF is your comment suppossed to mean anyway? What does his color have to do with anything? And you have just offended those of us who are white or are rockers also by referring to "his kind" cuz he is both! I hope this is not true but the facts will eventually come out.

#7 - get your head out of your a**

2336 days ago


What an ugly man. He's scary enough to turn me straight. Puke.

2336 days ago


I followed the link to her Myspace page. She is really not that cute, not horrible looking but definately not a hottie. He's looks like a bloated transvestite. Brett Michaels and the rest of them aren't that great either. Bret looks like a total dirtbag these days and watching him in interviews he isn't exactly attracted to girls with any substance to them. Gross, all of them. I used to love Poison but these guys are just has beens now.

I feel bad for her though. If he is found guilty. Imagine having your fiancee convicted of rape. Poor girl.

2336 days ago

He's Boring now    

He better hope he can get a fair trial in MS. They dont take claims of rape lightly in that state and if found guilty he can expect a hard, hard sentence in a max. security state prison. Not a pretty picture for him, he will be raped beyond belief by many until he pays dearly for the priviledge of just one to own him.

If he didnt do it and its a duke la crosse thing---hopefully they can get to the bottom of it soon..but to have the feds waiting for him in LA from a flight from New Zealand to haul him back to MS usually means there is some substance to the charge.

If he did do it and is guilty may his cheeks get used to an abuse that over time he will have to learn to love for he will become a wife and woman with those looks in a MS state prison.

Sorry but true

2336 days ago


Ha Ha!

Hair metal is dead!

2336 days ago

After meeting Rikki on several occasions, I feel that this is so out of character for him. He is a gentle,kind and genuine person. He is active in protecting animals and their rights so this just does not add up. He cares about people and shows it when you talk with him. So lets not pass judgement until all the facts have weighed in. We are all human and lets start treating each with some respect and dignity.

2336 days ago


this guy is a FATSO! He's pretty old too!

2336 days ago


Dont you think you could be just a little less freakin junior high lockeroom when it comes to dealing with rape? Cmon, grow just a little.

2336 days ago


I'm smelling groupie gone bad ... ANY man who can get sex for free all over the nation does NOT need to rape anyone! Sorry ... I've been a rape victim, and he does not fit the profile! But the rest of you are free to judge - I'm so sure u will *insert rolling eyes here*

2336 days ago

Kikskin, Inc,    

For all those above this comment, SHAME ON YOU!! Get in the cage.... For those of us in Martial Arts, we believe in honor and respect until proven guilty!!

2336 days ago


Wow, love all the shallow comments about his looks and age...Shows just how many shallow people there are in the world that focus on just that alone...Last time I checked 46 was an old geezer either...I agree with somebody that posted earlier, until he's convicted I'll take this with a grain of salt...I've been around enough crazy groupies in my travels with bands to know many of them are freaking crazy and will stop at nothing to get attention from their favorite rockstar.

2336 days ago


For those of you with negative comments, SHAME ON YOU!!! Get in the cage... Those of us in Martial Arts believe in honor and respect until proven guilty...

2336 days ago
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