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Puts the Squeeze on

Man Nipples

3/28/2008 6:55 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nipplegate 2008 has broken out in Florida! Wrestlers John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton and Big Show are all proudly baring their nipple-free chests on a huge banner in downtown Orlando. Wait, what?

City officials met with some WWE suits to figure out how to keep the wrestling poster from looking "too provocative." The outcome - the WWE slammed, er, airbrushed the nipples into oblivion. Billboard malfunction!

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Mayor Buddy Dyer liked the nipple-free poster and added that there was some sort of city ordinance that banned public display of male nipples. For the love of Janet Jackson! But according to the city's press secretary no such ordinance exists.

Only one banner was targeted for nipple eradication. However, buses all over town are still cruising the streets baring the original posters of the wrestlers --male nipples and all. Flaunt 'em if you got 'em! For more sports stories, check out tmzsports.com!

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2408 days ago

Ed Cupler    

Buddy Dyer, indictment on charges of election fraud, man nipples, Democrat... figures.

2408 days ago


This ones too funny.

2408 days ago


The nipple thing is weird, lol........First off, wrestling is not fake. Do you ppl realize that these women and men are still physical inside the ring. Those bumps they take in the ring really do hurt, that match is not soft by a long shot, IT'S HARD. The physical part of it is real but the storyline is fake, it's like a soap opera. It's SPORTS meaning physical and ENTERTAINMENT meaning storylines, Sports Entertainment, do y'all get it, God, I hope so, if not, join a local wrestling training school AND BELIEVE ME that fake thing you believe will fly right out of the window and that's what it's going to take for alot of y'all to say it's not fake. Don't be hypocrits ppl, learn and learn hard before you judge cause you're just like every single one of their critics, you criticize them without knowing the facts and if you were in court over your hypocritical criticizing, you would be found guilty for not having legs to stand on with what you call facts. I thought I would post this since I saw alot of you calling wrestling fake and you probably started to believe that from here say.

2408 days ago


I have nipples Focker, can you milk me?

2408 days ago


Orlando should be ecstatic that they're hosting WM this year considering it is Ric Flair's lat match and they will be profiting from all the extra people traveling to the show spending money all over the city. Instead, they're air brushing MEN's nipples? This is the same city that hosts and advertises TNA Wrestling every week. Are all their posters and billboards airbrushed too?

Completely ridiculous. I am a female fan and never found the guy's nipples (esp. BIG SHOW's one nipple) provocative in any way.

The funny thing is, men walk around shirtless in Orlando all the time. I wonder if they will have to put tape on their nipples now.

2408 days ago

German duckie    

ROTFLMAO......only in America, the land of complete BIGOTEDNESS! Nipples...nipples...nipples! How NEUROTIC!

2408 days ago


Christy- wrestling is FAKE in that the outcomes are PREDETERMINED. Fakity fakity fake! This is not a debate I've had for real since I was like 8 and suffering from acute Hulkomania.

2407 days ago


Oh God, just when I thought I'd heard and seen just about EVERYTHING in this crazy "PC" country we live in now, THIS!

You know Florida...you MAY want to use some of your (obviously) WAY TOO MUCH FREE TIME on your hands to learn how to VOTE correctly instead of worrying about man nipples!

Please don't tell me that we're going to start "mandating" that nipples be removed from boy babies now when they're born just to please some moronic politician! Well, why not?

Is this some new righwing nut theory that children will be turned into "those evil gay people" because they happen to see nipples on a poster? Well after all, wasn't it Falwell or was it Robertson that declared one of the Tele-Tubbies was gay? Sounds to me like this nut in Florida is just one more homophobic idiot who evidently gets turned on by seeing these hunks period and the only thing he can do about it is airbrush their nipples!

This is insane! But so are most of the things (and people) in this country are anymore!

All the men would have been "busted" so-to-speak back in the 70's I guess for owning the famous Farah poster since hers weren't airbrushed out if this guy had been in charge unless of course as it seems, WOMEN'S nipples don't bother him!

I guess it's whatever floats your boat and now we know what floats this guy's boat apparently! Either he's threatened by man nipples or he's just one more self-righteous right-winger with nothing better to do!

IDIOT! Leave our WWE hunks and their bodies alone. We ladies love them and their nipples!

2407 days ago


Normally, the sight of John Cena bare chested would send millions of tingles throughout my body. Now, though, without his nipples, I strangely feel nothing. Congratulations city officials of Orlando, Florida, goal achieved!

2407 days ago


This is so stupid when has a man's nipples become such a issue for people maybe the Mayor Buddy Dryer finds offensive because he is probably fat and flabby and can not stand to look at his own self. Everyone knows even children that everyone have nipples OMG people what will be the issue next. I think the airbrush nipples look creepy. WHATEVER

2407 days ago


Hire Gloria Allred quick!

2407 days ago


That's hilarious! My company is working on some additional media for this event!!! You'll also see some nipilicious Buliding Projections if you're in Orlando. Look out for that at night on the Marriott Downtown!

2407 days ago


Florida Democrats in action. Don't worry about U.S. safety, just make sure nobody see a nipple.

2407 days ago


This is SO american !!!

This country has a SERIOUS problem with nudity and sexuality. America is sexualy confused, you are weirdos. No wonder why your country is the homeland of the pedophiles, you are very disturbed and perverted!

Censorship of men's nipples!!! COME ON ! ANYBODY HOME?

2407 days ago
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