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Ashley's Pimp Stinks Up Hollywood

3/29/2008 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So the biggest s**tstain on the planet -- Jason Itzler, Ashley Dupre's pimp, made the rounds in H-Wood last night, and it wasn't pretty.

He was in all his glory as he got rejected from Villa nightclub, along with a scuzzy P.I.T. As he held up a naked pic on his iPhone of a naked Ashley with a naked him, several women started berating him, asking what his poor Jewish father would think of him.

You just gotta see this. Seriously.


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Oh geez....

2366 days ago


What a botttom feeder................I think the only reason this guy is probably still alive, It Is Illegal to SHOOT Someone!

But, leave it to TMZ to dignify this looser!

2366 days ago


Super scuzzball. He has a right to do what he wants to do (*within the law), but I wouldn't want that weenie within 50 feet of my hotbox...

2366 days ago


he should be cleaning toilets in the nastiest new york state mens prison.

2366 days ago


Ashely Dupre is a whore, come on people ...this girl has been slutting around since she was a kid. People are buying her crapping ass music and praising her like some amazing women...she is a dirtball, and a disgusting human being! All players in this situation are, but to make it seem like she is innocent and a good person is beyond me!!

2366 days ago

Calgary chick    

I think its funny that the actual "whore" is lowest in votes for biggest whore...

2366 days ago

Tyra Banks    

What a douchebag. And who is that idiot with him?

2366 days ago


wow i guess TMZ banned my last email for some reason.why i dont know? im not racist or demeaning to other races or people like 75% of the people on here

2366 days ago


yo tmz. whas up. why, oh why are you given this guy his 15 min. what the hell is the matter with you.
wait, dont answer that. i already know. this is part of the problem and you are feeding the immoral
crap. i can just shake my head. i was under the impression you were hilighting celebs. whores and
pimps?????? you must not have much to report on.

2366 days ago


He is just nasty!!!!

2366 days ago

kevin g.    

As long as the "press' continues to make celebrities of such people, and as long as people SUPPORT the media coverage of trash journalism, these type of things will continue. While Dupre is far from innocent,I am sure that she felt what she did with Jason Itzler was privae. Now if he IS her pimp, why is he not being charged with encouraging prostitution ?

Meanwhile ,a war is going on, the enviorment is being destroyed, the world economy is ruined, and yet people still waste time with this....

2366 days ago


LOL! After that woman tried to set the douche straight, the guy with him said "In a year she will be blowin Barak Obama." Those guys are pigs! I liked the woman though.

2366 days ago

PAPA "T"    

I thought u guys wer talking about Ashley Simpson's Pimp!! LOL Actually-Jessica's the bigger Whore

2366 days ago


ignorance is bliss........

2366 days ago

Republican for Obama    

How long before she has her own reality TV show on MTV.....Searching for my next Pimp

2366 days ago
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