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Ashley's Pimp Stinks Up Hollywood

3/29/2008 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So the biggest s**tstain on the planet -- Jason Itzler, Ashley Dupre's pimp, made the rounds in H-Wood last night, and it wasn't pretty.

He was in all his glory as he got rejected from Villa nightclub, along with a scuzzy P.I.T. As he held up a naked pic on his iPhone of a naked Ashley with a naked him, several women started berating him, asking what his poor Jewish father would think of him.

You just gotta see this. Seriously.


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who dat    

A little more about ashley

March 28, 2008 -- BEFORE the condoms in Ashley Dupre's life, there were condos. The Post's Braden Keil reports New York state's most infamous call girl answered calls as a receptionist at Corcoran Sunshine, a division of the Corcoran Group, in 2006. Sources say she worked at the Altair Lofts sales office in Chelsea for six memorable months. "She certainly wasn't shy," said one insider. "She was reprimanded a couple of times for having her skirts too short and her blouse too open." Dupre, later known as "Kirsten," also "shamelessly flirted" with men who popped in. Corcoran declined to comment.

2347 days ago

Grandmother Lohan    

Don't tell me I had the wrong idea.

2347 days ago

S. Racco    

people waste time on this because they have because they are sheep. no one wants to think about the war, because they would rather be watching this crap. why think about something devastating when u can watch a grown man shame his family name. it's more entertaining. it's not right, but that's just how it is. people luv scandal, because then they don't have to think about their own pathetic existence on this planet.

2347 days ago

S. Racco    

and to the dude who is using the name "Adolph H." when posting comments, what do u think ur clever. your not. your not. what are u like the 10 billionth coward racist to use that in order to prove how much of an anti-Semite they are. grow u. u tool-bag loser.

2347 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

what a mitch.

2347 days ago


Lets don't be quick to point the finger in judgment at these people. Lord knows that everyone has skeletons in their closet that they don't want anyone knowing. We all make mistakes and need forgiveness, Does that justify what she did and he is doing no it dosn't but everyone in life deserves a second chance at life. Lord knows if that was you or anyone in this room you wouldn't want to be crucified the way she is being right now.

As for TMZ calling this person a diaper stain well as the saying goes " Those who live in glass houses can't throw bricks"

Jesus loves you all

2347 days ago


How is this guy her pimp? I thought she worked for some madame, or am I getting these women crawling out of the woodwork confused?

2347 days ago


18? WHY! Your going to get deleted.

2347 days ago


He's the man. Make that money while you can. I'll buy it.

2347 days ago


To comment #13 - Amen to that brother, Amen !!!

2347 days ago


28 and 13? Why come here then?

2347 days ago


Finally a whore who knows she's a whore. You go girl. Milk it for all it's worth...literally...

2347 days ago


Hey K! Did you take a nap and are coming back ready to go? I noticed you been on a roll today. Slow down, it's still early.

2347 days ago


Can't see a whole lot of difference between him and the politicians and other sleazeballs working for the illegally installed gw bush. They all seem to end up doing business together one way or another and besides, pimping has been around for a very...very long time.

2347 days ago

tmz fan    

Need help? Contact the lawfirm of Dupre, Itzler, and Spitzer. Guaranteed results fast!

2347 days ago
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