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Ashley's Pimp Stinks Up Hollywood

3/29/2008 3:32 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So the biggest s**tstain on the planet -- Jason Itzler, Ashley Dupre's pimp, made the rounds in H-Wood last night, and it wasn't pretty.

He was in all his glory as he got rejected from Villa nightclub, along with a scuzzy P.I.T. As he held up a naked pic on his iPhone of a naked Ashley with a naked him, several women started berating him, asking what his poor Jewish father would think of him.

You just gotta see this. Seriously.


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Ronchie Boy    

If I saw that guy, I would personally punch him in the face.

2396 days ago


who and who?


2396 days ago


skitzoid, tmi, and i am giving you a ticket for that vulgar comment.

2396 days ago


If TMZ can find him, why can't the cops? Hooking and Pimping is still a crime in most states. The picture of them naked just shows the ugly truth of the life of hookers. Look at what they have to open themselves up to.... Yuck. Poetic justice would be a life behind bars, a bar of soap and a big ugly roomate named Bubba with a butt fetish.

2396 days ago


a little news tip the guy has already gone to jail for 2 yrs because spitzer put him there.

2396 days ago


Pot meet Kettle.

2395 days ago

who dat    

Geraldo had a story about this woman today. Had a guy claiming to be almost engaged to her. If true, she has lousy taste in men. He looked like a goomba wannabee, with greased back hair and 80 IQ.

2395 days ago


She is as gross as she is, they are both STD infected pigs.

2395 days ago

who dat    

Did you catch the end..the other loser said in a year she would be blowing obama.

2395 days ago

Green Merkin    

Whoa, No one @ tmz should be caling Mr.Itzler a Doody stain.
get off your High Horse ...pot calling the kettle Black Indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And as for jim the anti-semite ......sir Elliot spitzer is a "j3w" as you so cryptically put it.

2395 days ago


After glancing at this article, I had to google who Ashley Dupre even is her pimp not getting into a night club interesting or worthy of...anything? Well, there went 5 min of my life I'm not getting back.

2395 days ago

yer mom's soo effin hot!!    

what? did someone break his poor little heart, and now he's too macho to cry about he releases his 'tears' in the form of a sex tape!? someone please put an end to these diseased recommendations from here .*ahem*

2395 days ago

Gina South Beach    

I dated JASON ITZLER in South Beach when he was an adorable 25yo multi-millionaire.
He was gorgeous incredibly charismatic and a really down to earth nice guy then AND
he's now like 40 and hotter than ever! So to all you HATERS who don't know him
personally & probably never will... stop being jealous and living your secret fantasy life
through JASON ITZLER. This is a great great sensitive wonderful guy who has huge balls
and is 100% always up for a good time! GO JASON!!!

2395 days ago


y is it that when a guy sleeps with alot of women hes called a stud or player but if a woman sleeps with alot of men shes a whore? this jason guy is a bottom feeder of the worst kind. how sorry is it to take a sexual encounter that u had with someone that u both expected to be kept private and broadcast it to the world? pay attention all u ladies. don't let ur man tape u havin sex or else u may be up here next!!!!

2395 days ago


Gina South Beach.... well then you obviously have some serious issues yourself! Hope he doesn't have a film with you in it, it could be splashed all over the world... but then again you'd probably like that you sick sleezzy SOB! Anyone that would stand up for him, should be locked in a Mental ward. Too bad for us you shared your story... waste of time...

2395 days ago
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