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Destiny's Child

Bitch Fight

3/29/2008 3:11 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Destiny's Child is all growed up now, and apparently they've all gone on to get advanced degrees at the Diana Ross School of Bitchology.

So Kelly Rowland re-released her 2007 album this week, and then, somehow, a Beyonce song mysteriously appears on the Internet. Beyonce says it was a "leak." Then Michelle Williams gets in on the action, releasing pics of herself from an upcoming album. Coincidence, or is this your basic jack move?


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Kelly was always prettier. B's pretty but she requires too much upkeep. But the girls were never as pretty or talented as they were when they were a foursome. Back then beyonce wasn't the prettiest(Latoya or Kelly) and mos def didn't have the best body (that pretty little darker-skinned girl with the curly hair did). But the Knowles' couldn't have that. Anyway if Kelly's getting stepped over who else can you blame BUT Kelly? She could leave, seek new management--but she stays. Can't blame Matthew and Beyonce forever. Hell Kelly is what--27 or 28 yrs old? She needs to take the reigns of her career. Personally I don't think Kelly wants it bad enough...

2333 days ago


who cares

2397 days ago


what the hell is this story even about? poor choice

2397 days ago


kelly is the hottest one of the bunch and the other two know it.

2397 days ago


Next story please!!!

2397 days ago

dallas beauty    

yeah i agree, this story is boring. its no big deal and i dont even listen to their music anyway.

2397 days ago


i think ur got this wrong tmz theres o bitch fight it seems like u were the one tht went dia ross bitchology schooland school of gossip

2397 days ago


I would put NOTHING past Beyonce. It always has to be about her, me, me, me!

2397 days ago


TMZ is right- Destiny's Child purposely did all of that for publicity. Destiny's Child music sucks.
I like Kelly Rowland. Beyonce sucks.

2397 days ago

Tyra Banks    

It really MUST be a slow news day.

2397 days ago


I think Kelly is beautiful. She gets better all the time but even old photos of her are awesome.

2397 days ago

Winky Vitalic    

Beyonce is a fattie. Period. And she doesn't like that the other members of DC are better looking than she is. Why, she makes Miss Ross look positvely innocent! Hey B - try a diet and let the ore talented members of DC shine. You are boring us, dear!

Michelle and Kelly - keep on keepin'on - you both have the talent & looks if ONLY Beyonce would get her fat a** out of the way!

2397 days ago


Wow! Who cares about DC anyhoo?? I don't think you got it wrong TMZ. Beyonce just can't stand anyone getting a moment in the spotlight. Just like Aretha think she's the one and only Queen, Beyonce thinks she is the be all end all super stardom. Why else would she put our back to back bad acting in movies and cheesy cds? Her talent is marginal at best. Her beauty is airbrushed and painted on and she is uneducated to boot. She needs to step 2 da left. Best wishes to Michelle on her upcoming cd. It will be an uphill climb on a chart with real talent like Whitney, AKeys, Mariah, MJB, etc...

2397 days ago


Yes, I'd do all 3.

2397 days ago

LaDonya Armstrong    

Come one, can't we all just get along. Who cares one way or the other. A weave by any other name is still a weave!

2397 days ago
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