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Nicole Kidman -- Meet Hot Pit

3/29/2008 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Does a belly full of baby make you sweat like a mutha?

Seems to, at least for Nicole Kidman, who got all wet at her hubby's concert in Australia.


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that is one scary looking beotch!!! never thought i would say this but it looks like Tom really did make an upgrade...

2309 days ago


I think she just got done having another one of her mental breakdowns. What a has been! And what is up with her teeth and gums - not to mention the hair loss!

2309 days ago


What's wrong with you people? You're pizzing and moaning about how you don't like this woman and act like you're mad you have to look at her picture. Talk to TMZ about it. They're the ones who seem to think a picture of Nicole sweating is newsworthy.'re like cows being led around with a ring in your nose! She's at a concert watching her husband, some pap pig flashes a camera in her face, and you're blaming and trashing her.

2309 days ago


whats wrong with her teeth? they are a little black and look like they're rotting!

2309 days ago


44. I'm sure none of you people sweat, you are all beautiful with no perfect you all must be. Piss off and get off her back. Didn't your mother teach you that if you have nothing good to say about someone it is best to keep your mouth shut???!!!! Guess what, it's hot here in Australia, plus there would have been a lot of people packed in to that concert. She is also pregnant.....ever heard of hormones? I can just imagine what you ill informed/uneducated twits say when the poor woman goes through menopause. Hormone changes make women sweat you arseholes.
PS Her baby bump is just the right size for her body structure. Just because she hasn't put on an unnecessary extra 20 KG's doesn't mean she is an alien....

#44: I think you should take your own advice, if you don't have anything good to say, keep your mouth shut!

2309 days ago


So what she sweats...And by the way, YES being pregnant will make you sweat more.

2309 days ago


Yes, TMZ, women sweat like hell when they are pregnant. One's hormones go crazy!! If your staff consist of anyone old enough to actually bear children, you would know better than make such a disrespectful statement.

2309 days ago


Nicole is sweating I don't think there's anything wrong with that. How can people talk about people they don't even know??? I think Nicole is an excellent actress and overjoyed with her pregnancy, I wish them both well. Be well

2309 days ago


Eeeeew but what about her teeth!!

2309 days ago


i never liked her, think shes ugly....never understoood the big fuss...

2309 days ago


Oh my! What happened to Nicole Kidman? She use to have such a classy image but she looks just nasty. The woman needs a break and to stay out of the press for a while. She seems desperate with marrying the alcoholic and all the talk about having a baby. She's getting on my nerves. I think she's trying to keep up with the elegant Cruises.

By the way, I've been pregnant 4 times and sweating was not a side effect.

2309 days ago


Deodorant, much? Gross.

2309 days ago


My daughter is expecting her second child and she is hot all the time when she is pregnant. She has no extra meat on her bones (about 100 pounds) so it's all hormones. Some women's bodies handle pregnancy better than others. Some lose hair or have problems with their skin and teeth, Perspiring is very common. Please be happy for the lady and leave her alone!

2309 days ago

baby boy?    

I LOVED BEWITCHED and still watch it all the time, She was so dam cute in that movie and should do more movies like that. I also wish she would sing with Keith and he would act with her, they have such great chemistry together.

2309 days ago

so cal via texas    

if you look at her in Days of Thunder and then now, she looks like two COMPLETELY different people. She has a serious problem that she has to have to so much cosmetic surgery done, actress or not. Watch- she will probable gain less than 20 lbs because she is more worried about what she looks like.

2309 days ago
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