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Parents Slam J.Lo Over Posh Nursery

3/29/2008 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

People mag's spread on J.Lo and Marc Anthony's newborn twins has shocked some staffers at Parents magazine.

The peeved peeps posted an open memo to J.Lo citing numerous baby safety hazards. But TMZ spoke to Kimberlee at Boo Boo Busters, a child safety company, and they say J.Lo is totally in the right.

Where Parents criticizes the nursery for having canopies and bows on and around the cribs -- suffocation hazards -- Kimberlee Mitchell, owner and found of Boo Boo Busters, says that for newborn babies like J.Lo's, this is not a concern. She says, "When your baby starts sitting up, at around six months or so, that's when you remove any canopies or mobiles." Emme and Max are barely a month old.

The blog's memo also went so far as to berate Lopez for not having window guards on the nursery's windows. Perhaps window guards weren't very photogenic? After all, in one of the magazine's pictures, Jenny from the Block is pictured feeding her baby ... in an evening gown.

Next time Parents might want to wait to nail J.Lo and Marc Anthony until they're seen driving erratically while dangling the twins out a car window.


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i can't believe this even made a headline here...i can't believe these hollywood whatevers pimping their kids out. and the amt of money they get for doing it, it's a disgrace...if she didn't hit it big, she'd be out in a field picking cotton, background and all...which is why afflecks parents didn't want them to marry, lucky her! though still a disgrace!

2336 days ago

it takes a molester    

No matter what you say J.Lo ain't no Britney.

2336 days ago


On breast feeding maybe she was not able to breast feed, did anyone think of that? I tried for a week when I had my son, they even sent in nurses to try to show me different techniques didn't work I for whatever reason was not able to produce enough milk to even make a drop to my son. My cousin her daughter actually was allergic to her brest milk and had to have a specialized soy mixture. This was along time ago so don't even start with it is chemicals or the enviornment, Some women just can't do it.

The decorating is a bit over board, there are no fuzzy bunnies or teddy bears, and as that little boy gets older I am sure he is not going to appreciate all that junk.
Who in their right mind sits around in an evening gown or even feeds a baby formula in one? that was a bit over the top for me

2336 days ago


with all these nannies now, she should have plenty of time to lose that fat FAT azz exercising or something, wouldn't you say?

2336 days ago


Superbeanie52, Not everyone has to try breastfeading! What is wrong with the world today everyone has the right to chose. I have two lovely children neither were breastfed and they are smart and healthy. Also for the record there was a study recently that cloth diapers are actually worse for the environment. The study was in Britian it was even mentioned in last months parents magazine. Cloth diapers need to be laundered. The chemicals and excess water usage is far worse for the environment. There are biodegradeable dispopsable diapers on the market. You should stop being so narrow minded and realize everyone has the right to make their own decisions and do what is best for their own families.

2336 days ago

Joy 2 D World    

This nursery was not decorated for the babies, but for the parents. It is beautiful, though.

2336 days ago


With all the money she has spent, why not spend a little more on a lactation consultant to help her breastfeed? It is possible to produce enough milk to exclusively breastfeed twins and even triplets! This is what our bodies were designed to do. To say that she researched what was best and chose formula is not only ignorant, but dangerous. How many women will this influence? If she chooses not to breastfeed that is her choice, but making ignorant comments like that is unnecessary. Breasts were made for feeding babies. Human breastmilk is the perfect food for baby humans and cow's milk (what most formulas are based on) is the perfect food for calves.

2336 days ago


That blog clearly wants publicity. Obviously they staged the room for the photo shoot.

2336 days ago


Looking at her kids makes me so glad there is nothing wrong with mine.

2336 days ago


Awww, how sweet a nursery set up just for a photo op... now down the hall, there's the real nursery that looks like a nursery should look!! But no photogs allowed in there!

2336 days ago


to #115 thanks for making my point that the nursery is for SHOW and to IMPRESS only. JLo has no class and neither do you. You're no better than anyone else in here who reads TMZ.
And TARGET DOES rock! You could actually duplicate JLo's over-the-top nursery with all of their shabby chic line if you wanted to VS paying 200k for a SINGLE crib (sickening.)

Now get right on over to Bellini's for some shopping, you mental midget...

2336 days ago


j-lo doesn't care what is being said about her good or bad, all she cares about is that people are talking, which keeps her in the news...people should just quit commenting,

2336 days ago


To 155 and all the other ones who are complaining about her not breastfeeding....There may be a legitimate medical reason she's not either. You don't know what medications she may be on. Respect her right to chose even if you may not agree.

2336 days ago


in spite of her money, she is j-low class.
class has NOTHING to do with money.
people with no money find that concept very difficult to grasp.

2336 days ago


WHAT??!! Fire retardant in breast milk?! Get a grip and at least post a link where you read that ridiculous information! Anyway, yes, every mother has a choice to breastfeed or not but what gets me is the people who just chicken out--like Xtina having major abdominal surgery instead of a natural birth because she was afraid "she was going to tear" during the delivery. Well, DUH! Who the hell really thinks childbirth is going to be easy?!

2336 days ago
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