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Parents Slam J.Lo Over Posh Nursery

3/29/2008 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

People mag's spread on J.Lo and Marc Anthony's newborn twins has shocked some staffers at Parents magazine.

The peeved peeps posted an open memo to J.Lo citing numerous baby safety hazards. But TMZ spoke to Kimberlee at Boo Boo Busters, a child safety company, and they say J.Lo is totally in the right.

Where Parents criticizes the nursery for having canopies and bows on and around the cribs -- suffocation hazards -- Kimberlee Mitchell, owner and found of Boo Boo Busters, says that for newborn babies like J.Lo's, this is not a concern. She says, "When your baby starts sitting up, at around six months or so, that's when you remove any canopies or mobiles." Emme and Max are barely a month old.

The blog's memo also went so far as to berate Lopez for not having window guards on the nursery's windows. Perhaps window guards weren't very photogenic? After all, in one of the magazine's pictures, Jenny from the Block is pictured feeding her baby ... in an evening gown.

Next time Parents might want to wait to nail J.Lo and Marc Anthony until they're seen driving erratically while dangling the twins out a car window.


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Aunt Jeanne    

Her nursery reflects her love for these babies. Who is anyone to say what someone should or shouldn't do...but, of course, it would be nice if everyone had the ability to provide everything for their children. But, don't forget, it is the children who struggle for their own who will grow to know how to provide for themselves. You know what they say: Got bless the child that's got his/her own.

2307 days ago


Thanks right nursery74! Hey, little girls, you need to nurse through the pain! It is not going to get better if you just stop nursing. Breast feeding is the best thing for your child and you CAN get over the discomfort if you think about what's really important and stick with it. The shortest amount of time I nursed my 3 girls was 14 months and I am proud to say that I'm raising healthy, intelligent kids!

2307 days ago


She'll be sorry the first time one of the kids smacks their head into that wrought iron.

2307 days ago

Reality Chick    

Do you think her kids poop out of the same hole we all do?

2307 days ago


JLo is only a mother for the camera rest of the time I am sure her entourage of Nannies etc will be doing most of the work

2307 days ago


The only problem I have with the nursery is the cribs. Is that wrought iron? Hopefully, the babies will be out of them before they are standing as that could be dangerous if they slipped and hit their head on iron.

2307 days ago


I read that article and she said that she will not breastfeed and that she was not breastfed.
I think most moms try to breastfeed their new borns. It is so good for them, for nutrients and for the time spent bonding.

I guess since she won't be around, she will leave lots of bottles filled with formula for the nannies.
It is possible to breastfeed twins so don't even go there. You use a breast pump.
Maybe she could not find one that is gold encrusted.

2307 days ago


She has worked hard for her money? Ha ha.... I honestly do not get her. Just a so so performer. I do like Marc, though. He has a good voice. THe only thing I have seen her do as of the last few years is get dressed up and pose for pictures.

2307 days ago


Jlo's nursery...where too much money meets too little taste...

2307 days ago


i think it should come as no surprise the way she decorated look at how put together (and sometime over the top)she usually looks when hitting the red carpet & other events. i say do you mama!

oh and as a full-time career having mother of 3 healthy, active and intelligent children who didn't breastfeed for my personal health reasons it's awful that you would pass judgement on someone for choosing or not choosing to breastfeed.

2307 days ago


Number 29 I agree with your post. Get a life people and stop talking about someone you don't really know anything about. Also, if a women chooses to breastfeed or not, it is her choice and not yours. Mind what business you have and worry about your house, rooms, spouses, kids, breast, careers and who you are helping. Don't brother to reply back because I won't be checking for replies. You negative, racist, jealous people should be ashamed very ashame. Also, never wish bad for others because bad things may happen to you.

Shay, TASIPOTSHBMA (There are some ignorant people on this site hiding behind monitors all day)

2307 days ago


Agree with #35 above:The nursery looks very dangerous with the wrought iron bars. Not a cheerful look either. Whose bright ideas was the wrought iron?
It does not look SAFE for little babies and theire soft heads!

2307 days ago


some selfish has-been spent too much on a nursery. big deal.

2307 days ago


take care of your own kids... she doesn't need your help... get off your lazy asses and go check on YOUR children... do you even know where they are... tmz, get a life already...

2307 days ago


Haters are Jealous people. May Gos angles protect this family.

2307 days ago
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