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Parents Slam J.Lo Over Posh Nursery

3/29/2008 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

People mag's spread on J.Lo and Marc Anthony's newborn twins has shocked some staffers at Parents magazine.

The peeved peeps posted an open memo to J.Lo citing numerous baby safety hazards. But TMZ spoke to Kimberlee at Boo Boo Busters, a child safety company, and they say J.Lo is totally in the right.

Where Parents criticizes the nursery for having canopies and bows on and around the cribs -- suffocation hazards -- Kimberlee Mitchell, owner and found of Boo Boo Busters, says that for newborn babies like J.Lo's, this is not a concern. She says, "When your baby starts sitting up, at around six months or so, that's when you remove any canopies or mobiles." Emme and Max are barely a month old.

The blog's memo also went so far as to berate Lopez for not having window guards on the nursery's windows. Perhaps window guards weren't very photogenic? After all, in one of the magazine's pictures, Jenny from the Block is pictured feeding her baby ... in an evening gown.

Next time Parents might want to wait to nail J.Lo and Marc Anthony until they're seen driving erratically while dangling the twins out a car window.


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Why do u care what her nursery looks like? Why do you insist on passing judgement on something that is obviously none of ur business. OMG. It is amazing how full of hate most people seem to be. Did she take money out of ur mouth to do this? Do you think she decorated a friggin' nursery to please you people. It's all about personal choice. I truly wish all celebs would stop sharing their personal lives with us though their is such a thirst for it. But once they do, a bunch of idiots like those posting such hate and judgement rush in and cast dispersions. GET A LIFE EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU. OMG. Absolutely amazing.

2378 days ago


To the person bitching about her not's a personal choice and no one's damn business why she's not breastfeeding...Maybe she CAN'T. Get off your damn soap box.

2378 days ago


Jealousy rears it's ugly head.

2378 days ago


Just to add some sanity: I have been shopping for a portable crib for the last week, and I have seen some version of almost everything in JLo's nursery at places like JC Penney, Target, and WalMart. I'm sure she didn't buy her stuff at those stores, but my point is, anyone can do a nursery very close to JLo's if that is their taste and style. Why doesn't Parent Magazine do an article on "How To Have JLo's Nursery on an Affordable Budget?" And maybe the Parent staffers need to take a refresher course on 1) how babies change as they get older and 2) how to contain your jealousy when another magazine gets story rights instead of you. I'm just sayin.....................

2378 days ago



Are you joking? I nursed all three of mine - but it truly had nothing to do with the are funny. You make me laugh.

2378 days ago

Sarah Jones    

Am I the only one who noticed that her daughter looks just like her unattractive husband, Marc Anthony ?
I know I am being catty - but it is such a shame when the mother is so beautiful and she gives birth to
a baby who is the spitting image of her less than attractive father. That's exactly what happened to Tori Spelling!!!!
Money can't buy a decent face. JeLo looks ridiculous in her ball gown will the babies. Those babies are just props -
Just like Joan Crawford's kids were.

2378 days ago


I am sure jlo and marc could care less what you all think of her and her nursery. Just be happy for them, and worry about whats going on in your own lives.

2378 days ago


jlo gave birth so what .i meaan evry one gives birth its not such a biiiig deal come on people grow up(no offense)annnnny how how much did u pay 4 z pic?

2378 days ago


I don't care for JLo as an actor or singer. The nursery is opulent, to each their own. What gets me is her reason for NOT breastfeeding. "You read and do what's best for them." BREASTFEEDING IS BEST!!! If you didn't want to breastfeed, just say so.

2378 days ago


The crib bumpers are a hazard once the babies start rolling over but those can be taken out. The nursery looks beautiful and hopefully as the children grow up it will become a more child friendly room where they can play.

2378 days ago


people stop taliking about my babies .it is none of your buissness.please stop saying bad things about the nursery i like it .and my twins are the best things ever

2378 days ago


I think Jennifer can decorate her nursery any damn way she chooses. If I was as rich as her, I would probably go a little overboard, too. She has the money, so who cares? The nursery is gorgeous. She's worked really hard for a very long time and has earned her money. At least she is not some socialite who has never worked a day in her life and lives off her husband's money.

As far as her not breastfeeding.........I think it's wrong to attack her for choosing not to do so. It's a personal decision. My mother did not breastfeed, and I don't think she didn't because of selfishness. Please. Breastfeeding has come in and out of vogue and just happens to be the PC thing to do now. It may be healthier for the baby (and that is up for debate - I don't think her babies will be unhealthy due to drinking formula), but she had twins. My sister in law nursed her baby and was doing it almost constantly..can't imagine nursing twins.

2378 days ago


#27---you HOPE their babies get diabetes? Wow...that's really putting the interest of the child first, huh? Good for you for being a breastfeeding advocate, but really...wishing diabetes on a child?

2378 days ago


Well I couldn't breastfeed because of medical reasons. Does that make me less than a woman or a bad mother? Well NEWSFLASH -- My child did just fine on formula, in fact she didn't even catch her first cold until she was 18 months old. My friend breastfed her kids until they were 2 and those kids are ALWAYS sick. And my formula fed daughter is currently in the gifted program at her school and is healthy and happy as can be. The breastfeeding nazis definitely go overboard. Just mind your own damn business you screeching harpies.

2378 days ago


The excess hre is pathetic. I agree with some of the other comments...can we not help out the less fortunate? These adorable babies will grow up to have all the issues associated with too much, too soon. They will never know how the "real people" take care of their children. All these wealthy people with their assorted nannies and extras...give me a break! With people struggling daily and the economy the way it is, these two should be ashamed of this sort of publicity! They make a mockery out of parenting. Nice evening gowns and tuxes...what a joke.

2378 days ago
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